LOL: Donald Trump Jr is Peddling Mail-Order Meat in a Pathetic Reprise of Trump Steaks Debacle

Fifteen years ago Donald Trump suffered another in his seemingly endless stream of humiliating bankruptcies. His “tRump Steaks” went belly up when they couldn’t move them at either Sharper Image or QVC. Trump’s notorious record for catastrophic business failures encompasses such infamous fiascos as casinos (four of them), airlines, games, vodka, universities, and even fraudulent charities.

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Donald Trump Jr

Undaunted, Trump spawn Donnie Jr has embarked on another swing at beating his meat in public. If there’s one thing you can say for the Trump family, it’s that they are persistently free range grifters. It isn’t enough that Trump is pushing his failing social media scam on his dimwitted followers. Now, in honor of Father’s Day, Junior is reaching out to get his own daddy’s attention by beefing up his business flank:

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Two things are notable right off the bat. First of all, the alleged meat is never seen in this commercial. You just have to take Donnie’s word for it that it’s not from an actual bat. Secondly, his use of the phrase “MAGAKING” to trigger the free grift is a reminder of Daddy Trump’s tyrannical and cult like aspirations. Fortunately for the Trump clan, their glassy-eyed disciples will follow the herd and consume whatever a Trump is selling. Including the cow pie deserts that come with the daily special. And for good measure, the company Donnie is fronting for has had its accreditation from the Better Business Bureau revoked.

So get yer doggies rollin’ folks. This is the only mail-in offer that Trump supports, and it won’t last long. Especially since these thawing steaks have already been in cold storage since the 2007 downfall of the original Trump Bar-B-QAnon. And don’t forget… They have the Bill Barr seal of approval…

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One thought on “LOL: Donald Trump Jr is Peddling Mail-Order Meat in a Pathetic Reprise of Trump Steaks Debacle

  1. Just the term “Mail-order meat” is enuff to turn my stomach! Food poisoning by mail anyone? It doesn’t even sound palatable.
    “Come on over for dinner ~ I’m cooking up some mail-order meat 2nite.” (Yum-yum?)

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