Trump Toady Lies that Fox News ‘Destroyed CNN and MSNBC’ By Not Airing the January 6th Hearings

The brazenness with which Republicans lie is often an astonishing display of depraved dishonesty. There appears to be no bar too low for them to slither under when it comes to misrepresenting reality. As George Orwell wrote in “1984”: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.” The Cult of Trump could now add to that “Fox is news” and “Trump won!”

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Not that any more evidence is necessary to prove the point, but Trump toady, and CEO of Trump’s failing Twitter clone TRUTH Social, Devin Nunes, visited with Howard Kurtz, host of Fox News’ Media Buzz. During a segment about the decision by Fox News not air the House Select Committee hearings on the January 6th insurrection, Nunes unloaded a spectacularly false assertion about the television ratings for the telecast in the following exchange:

Kurtz: Let’s talk about the January 6th hearing Thursday night, primetime. You say it was totally partisan, and you could certainly make that case given that every member is anti-Trump. But let’s go beyond that. Does that mean the media shouldn’t cover it much? Does it mean they should dismiss videotaped depositions from the likes of Bill Barr, Jason Miller, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump?
Nunes: The way that I view it, Howie, is I think we have numbers now that are in, and you covered this. To put this in primetime, the numbers were way down. So I don’t understand how these big corporations – I know it was spread across some 20 different networks – when you compare Fox News which did not air that live, I mean just destroyed CNN and MSNBC in the ratings, right?
Kurtz: Networks like MSNBC did very well covering this hearing, Obviously, it would appeal to the liberal viewers of that network.

First of all, it’s important to note that Kurtz’s question improperly argued that the Committee is partisan because “every member is anti-Trump.” In fact, the Committee is bipartisan, by definition, because it includes members of both parties. There just happens to be bipartisan agreement that Trump is a liar who incited the storming of the Capitol.

More to the point, the claim by Nunes that Fox News “just destroyed CNN and MSNBC in the ratings” is flagrantly false. MSNBC far exceeded their usual audience, averaging 4.1 million viewers during the hearings. Fox News came in second with only 3 million, which is what they get on any ordinary night. So the same cult viewers tuned in to Fox just as they have been programmed to do.

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What’s more, Nunes says that the numbers were “way down” for the hearings. Actually, they were far higher than anything these news networks have achieved in many years. More than 20 million people watched live, and even more millions watched via streaming, or delayed on DVRs or recasts. It was nearly twice the audience of game three of the NBA Finals.

For his part, Kurtz meekly replied that “MSNBC did very well,” dismissing the fact that they won their time period and beat Fox News. He also belittled the ratings win as the result of MSNBC’s “appeal to the liberal viewers,” ignoring the rest of the TV audience across many networks. And furthermore, Kurtz has no idea what the ideological make up of the audience was. Many conservatives and other non-liberals likely tuned in specifically because Fox wasn’t airing it.

Finally, in addition to lying through his teeth, Nunes didn’t even come close to answering Kurtz’s question, which was whether or not the media should cover the hearings. Obviously Fox News doesn’t want to cover them because, in addition to revealing that they have been lying about Trump and the insurrection for the past year and half, their audience would also see that their biggest stars were accomplices to Trump’s crimes.

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You have to wonder why Nunes was interviewed on this program in the first place. He is not a member of Congress. He runs a Trump business enterprise/scam. And on that website people who posted the truth about the January 6th insurrection were banned. Kurtz never bothered to ask Nunes about that.

Trump also weighed in on the ratings for the hearings and, true to form, he attempted to gaslight his dimwitted cult disciples by claiming that the ratings were “really BAD…far lower than anticipated.” Which, as someone who worked on TV for fourteen years, he knows isn’t true, or he’s even more stupid than we thought. He also called the hearings a “Witch Hunt” because – well, everything he doesn’t like either a witch hunt or a hoax, isn’t it?

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8 thoughts on “Trump Toady Lies that Fox News ‘Destroyed CNN and MSNBC’ By Not Airing the January 6th Hearings

  1. Yes, everything that liar Trump knows is against him is either a “witch hunt” or a “hoax”. Another term he overuses, this time to describe himself and his sycophants. Patriot, patriot, patriot until it almost makes one sick. Such a limited vocabulary which is OK for Trump and his uneducated followers, most of whom are domestic terrorists who know nothing short of terrorism than to run around namecalling.

  2. FauxNotNews is still here?! (Sigh)
    Do all of our news networks have talking heads anchoring shows, who are also pres. advisors at same time? (Co-conspirators & advisors?)

    FauxSpews has same problem that 98% of GOP now have. Big fat liars telling the Big Lie for past17 mos. or so — knowing it was a lie all along (1 of so many!). Misplaced loyalties, hoping to reap personal benefits from backing Trump’s lies. No loyalty to our Country, or their constituents. Don’t care about truth, elections, Constitution, or indeed, our democracy & right to vote.
    Loyalty to a demented & sickening liar who has zero respect for the USA. Loyalty to their own quest to hold & maintain power to rule over us. Loyal to their donors & big money $$$.
    Who would’ve ever guessed that unlimited large amts of money – dark money – mostly kept secret for big donors only… Who could’ve guessed all that money flowing into campaigns & accounts of politicians, would complete the corruption of those politicians, now owned by their biggest donors?! …who prefer to be kept secret from the rest of us peasants!?!

    • Does this insanity never ever end??????? And i thought the outrageousness of the lies couldn’t get any worse, but now they have. The Rethuglican party has become ” The Fictional Fascist Nazi Party” I am just totally fed up with their delusions and fraudulent actions. They all belong in a ”Funny Farm” with birds. flowers, and basket weavers. Please someone, come and take them away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are hopelessly insane.

      • The place you describe sounds far too peaceful for the likes of them! They’d wreak havoc, bring chaos, anger & intolerance with them. And, the lies + grifting would have everyone upset & stressed out in short order!
        Probably insist they have a right to bring their weapons with ’em, “for protection”.
        Birds & butterflies would fly away fast as they could…! 1 look from ugly mugs (like that Carlson look on face) & flowers would instantly shrivel up & die right then & there…! Rethugs’ attitude would destroy & take over the serenity & hope, relative calm of those places. Everybody be ‘kung fu fighting’ within 24hrs of Rethug arrival.

        Ever see movie, “Escape From New York”, with Kurt Russell? I always thought it was a good idea ~ to put killers, lifers, LWOPs on an island out at sea {not in NY} & let them run the place themselves. Each would find where they fit in amongst the other violent criminals & create their own unique ‘society’ with rules & consequences. Leaders would naturally stand-out & rise up. That kind of thing would be good now, for all the brainwashed, numb-minded & criminal elements that still support Trump, lie for him & want to rule over everyone else. FauxSpews would be their only TV network… & reality would never break thru the brain fog if that!
        They could make their own laws, & enforce them, or not. Lie their asses off – we won’t care what they do….just DO NOT leave the island! Ever! We will shoot you on sight! Take your guns, your lies & your hate with you. And every single Rethug who likes, supports & believes Trump & all his BS, get a 1-way ticket to the island paradise…”will be wild!” Right?!
        They can run it however they want; make their own laws, rights, etc. Dictator or democracy. Guns aplenty. No more taxes, Medicare, or SSI benefits.
        Only 2 things:
        ~ No one may leave the island, except short fishing trips on dinghys, offshore to catch food. (Shoot on sight if try & come back here!)
        ~ No big weapons of war allowed in island! Please, feel free to take all your personal guns with you; you’ll need them for your own protection. Just what you’re clamoring for…create your own country, flag, laws, money exchange; make Trump your king — hell, name it after him! No libs, no elections, no real news & no truths required. Trump rallies every weekend ~ a dream come true for the Trumpites who hate the rest of us. They can live their way on their own island — have at it!
        I’m sure they can work it all out amongst themselves. Grifters & cons & haters…they understand each other. Single-party rule & no free press. Good luck! But remember, you may not leave the island — no bringing that shit around here. We will shoot you on sight!
        Should you have crops fail, or similar dire straits, let us know thru a 3rd Party, or attach a note to hurricane’s tail… We will do our best to airdrop some food (& paper towels) to ya’…& will “keep you in our thoughts & prayers”.
        The USA & The DSA.
        A peaceful parting of the ways?!

  3. Hi, Sunny B I never have seen the film ” Escape from New York” i think i will look it up on my ”FreeVee streaming thing and see if i can find it on there. I would like to see that. That last sentence i made in my previous comment was from this crazy song they played long ago back in the late 1960’s named: ”They’re coming to take me away” the song was about a guy that went crazy when his wife left him. He sang: ” They coming to take me away, ha ha, they coming to take me away, ha, ha, they coming to take me away, ha,ha, ho, ho, hee, hee, ha, ha, to the funny farm with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket weavers…. THEY COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY!!! ” the song had sirens blaring in the background while the guy was saying all of that and drums beating away in the background… That song really gave me the creeps even though i was only 12 years old. It was being played on all of the Rock stations in the Atlanta, GA area at the time. That song would be a good thing to play about Donald TUMP, with all the insane BS going on with the Rethugs, it would correctly describe their situation, They are TRULY in need of being in an Insane Asylum. This insanity with them has gotten out of hand. By the way, that song i was referring to still gives me the creeps to hear it, my grown son played it on his phone the other day and i told him to shut it off…. NOW!

  4. That song would’ve creeped me out at age 12 for sure! The added noisy chaos, sirens & such, on top of the weird laughing…yikes! Plus, I took things very literally as a big kid. Would’ve been asking where they took him & if he’s ok. (Crazy kid! Gave my folks an ‘interesting time’ parenting me . LOL)
    Now, well into (thru) adulthood (63), I still find that as much as I love music, once in a while, something just “hits a nerve” I didn’t know I had.
    About 10+ yrs ago, Metallica came out with a music video called, “And 1 For All”. I’m not s fan, don’t know the song, but will NEVER forget that video — gave me nightmares for weeks after! (Still won’t/can’t ever watch it again.) Husband says the film footage they used that freaked me out so bad is from an old movie, “Johnny Get Your Gun”. Never had such a visceral reaction as I did to that video ~ not sure why? I was freakin’ weirded-out & thought I’d be ok if got used to it. “Hell no!”
    Never before, or since, have I had such a reaction to something, like that. It became “a thing” in family, where I”d say, “I don’t wanna’ be a Metallica video!!” Only Kris & I really know what I’m talking about.
    MANY years after video, began to have mini-strokes & found out only have 1 of 2 carotid arteries left — the other is totally occluded, inoperable by time they found it. By Grace of God, am not paralyzed. Body made little adaptations to help get blood flow to my brain. So far, so good…body is sick & screwed up, but my favorite part is intact, there are changes I can notice. But, I keep brain busy learning stuff & testing it; play games like Wordle, crossword, etc, daily ~ do what I can, which isn’t much, but still hanging in there! Only have 1/2 of remaining catotid artery left, as of last month ~ Drs not going to do anything about it!?!
    They say that 1 day, a blood clot will travel to brain or heart & cut-off blood flow. If heart, ya’ die (better than alternate). If brain, could end up …..ready? ….. like that guy in “Metallica video!” To me, a fate worse than death!
    [Cue Twilight Zone music]
    ~>> And ya’ know what? Even then, I’d still be smarter than the cult of Trump voters!! LOL

  5. Is there nothing they can do to repair your carotid arteries? They can’t take a blood vessel out of your leg or somewhere else like they do with heart bypass surgery? I had a triple bypass surgery back in 2014 and they took a whole blood vein out of my right leg to bypass my clogged coronary heart arteries. They checked my carotid arteries in my neck with ultrasound and they were completely clear. I will have to take heart meds and blood thinners for the rest of my life. The doctors also told me to take one half of and aspirin a day too. I have had migraine headache spells since i was 9 years old and still do every once in a while. Some of the symptoms of those spells are, blinding, strobing zig-zag lights and blank spots in my vision, severe confusion, unable to speak and mixing up words and i can’t read at times just like i never learned to read. These are some of the symptoms of mini strokes. It scares the hell outta me as my grandmother died from a massive stroke. I try not to get too upset about the cult of TUMP because of my ailments, it could be dangerous to our health. But it’s hard not to get upset about people that are insane psychopaths trying to take over and completely ruin our Nation. I fear for the future with these insane TUMP and Rethugs and their evil cult.

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