Fox News Recklessly and Purposefully Puts the Life of an Indiana Abortion Doctor at Risk

Last week a heart wrenching news story broke about a ten year old girl in Ohio who was raped and became pregnant. Making the ordeal that she and her family were facing even more traumatic, the family had to take the girl to Indiana because law in Ohio would force her to carry the baby of the rapist to term.

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Fox News, Bullshit Factory

True to form, Fox News falsely asserted that the story of of the girl was fake. Tucker Carlson flatly said it was “not true.” Jesse Watters interviewed the Indiana attorney general who said that he’s investigating the Indiana doctor for unspecified misconduct. Pedophile-enabler, Rep. Jim Jordan, tweeted (and later deleted) that the story was “Another lie.” Fox’s view across the board was was that the story was a hoax aimed at “promoting” abortion and criticizing the recent Supreme Court decision that reversed Roe vs Wade.

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This week the alleged rapist was apprehended and pleaded guilty. Consequently Fox News shifted their coverage to feature assertions about the suspect’s immigration status, and attacks on the Indiana OB-GYN to whom the girl was referred.

In both cases they demonstrate that they are fixated only on the politics of the issue and have zero concern about the welfare of the child. They issued no apologies or retractions for any of the prior claims that the story as fake. Even worse, Fox News has now been identifying the doctor by name and photo, a reckless act that could put her life at risk.

There is a long history of violence against doctors and reproductive healthcare clinics. Reporting by Fox News has certainly contributed to these horrific statistics. Fox knows this, and yet they still engage in this sort of irresponsible and dangerous so-called journalism. Forbes reports that it’s getting worse…

“Abortion providers have been subject to thousands of criminal incidents since abortion became legalized in the 1970s, according to the National Abortion Federation, including 11 murders, 42 bombings, 196 arsons and 491 assaults since 1977.”

Indeed, it will get worse if Fox News gets its way. Their coverage of the issue is inciting radical right-wingers to commit more crimes, just as their coverage of Trump’s “Big Lie” does. And they are pushing those hostile themes even as they falsely accuse Democrats of promoting violence.

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Democrats need to expose the callousness of Fox News and the Republican Party’s intent to encourage violent opposition to the rights of women and families. And a good start was made when Rep. Eric Swalwell righteously dressed down Jim Jordan, who was among those vilifying both the ten year old victim and her doctor…

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