Kellyanne Conway Whines on Fox News that Biden Issued an Executive Action on Climate Change

The “hottest” story making the rounds in the media this week has been the record-breaking heatwave plaguing the world. The unprecedented temperatures are shutting down energy grids, melting infrastructure, and causing untold suffering and death. This extreme weather is directly attributable to Climate Change and requires immediate action on the part of world’s governments to stem further tragedies.

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Kellyanne Conway, Fox News

Meanwhile, Fox News continues to pretend that Climate Change doesn’t exist or isn’t a problem that requires attention. Instead, they are exploiting the crisis to shovel political dirt unto President Biden because he is actually taking steps to address the problem. On Wednesday Biden issued an executive action wherein he reiterated “that climate change is a clear and present danger to the United States [and that] Since Congress is not acting on this emergency, President Biden will.”

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That was all the impetus that Fox News needed to trigger their climate denialism and flurry of partisan political assaults. They invited Donald Trump’s former senior counselor and “Alternative Facts” disseminator, Kellyanne Conway, to deflect from the harsh reality that is afflicting millions of Americans. And she obediently set about on her nefarious mission. Rather than addressing the problem at hand, Conway launched an attack on Biden, saying that…

“If the president actually takes executive action, as he is threatening to do, it means he has subverted the process of our elected representatives who were put there by the people and instead, an unpopular president is basically acting alone. And it comes with tons of money that he can repurpose for these climate reasons that the vast, vast majority of Americans, all but a handful of Americans, do not think should be a top priority.”

There’s a lot of lying to unpack in that brief outburst. Let’s start with the fact that Biden is not “subvert[ing] the process” by exercising his authority to take executive action. It’s what he was elected to do. It would be far more accurate to criticize Republicans in Congress for obstructing the will of the majority of the people’s representatives.

For the record, Trump issued 894 executive actions during his one-term occupancy of the White House. 220 of those were executive orders. And 26 of those were issued after he lost the 2020 election. Among Trump’s first executive orders was to weaken Obamacare, shorten the environmental review process, and make an emergency declaration in order to fund his useless, vanity border wall. And all of his executive actions were made as “an unpopular president [who] is basically acting alone.”

With respect to Climate Change, Trump’s grasp was, and is, frighteningly ignorant. He regarded it as “hoax” created by China, and early in his term he removed the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accords.

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Conway was also flagrantly distorting the truth about the people’s support for taking action on Climate Change. Every poll shows that majorities of the American people want the government to do more to mitigate the harm being done to the environment. An extensive survey by the Pew Research Center found that…

“At a time when partisanship colors most views of policy, broad majorities of the public – including more than half of Republicans and overwhelming shares of Democrats – say they would favor a range of initiatives to reduce the impacts of climate change. […] 60% view climate change as a major threat to the well-being of the United States.”

And that…

“Most Americans also support tougher restrictions on power plant emissions (80%), taxing corporations based on the amount of carbon emissions they produce (73%) and tougher fuel-efficiency standards for automobiles and trucks (71%). […] half or more of Republicans say they would favor each of these policies.”

So once again the High Priestess of Alternative Facts is spreading bull manure that is both false and dangerous. And Fox News is the preferred platform for this propaganda. And while Conway is appalled that Biden is behaving responsibly and in accordance with the will of the people, don’t expect to see her express any objection to Trump’s blatant abuse of power that was contrary to the nation’s wishes.

That’s the Republican way. They routinely endeavor to force their unpopular agenda down the throats of the people they are hardly even pretending to represent. Just like gun reform and reproductive choice and voting rights, the GOP is the anti-democratic, pro-totalitarian party. Hopefully the people will elect better representatives this November.

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