Fox News Hypocritically Hypes Hostile Hecklers Who Attacked Jill Biden While She Was Dining

Two and a half weeks ago the biggest story on Fox News was that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had been “accosted” by protesters while he was dining at Morten’s Restaurant in Washington, D.C. Never mind that Kavanaugh never saw or heard the protesters, this exercise of the Constitution’s First Amendment rights was viewed by Fox News as an intolerable invasion of Kavanaugh’s privacy.

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Fox News characterized the entirely peaceful event as something akin to domestic terrorism. Their outrage endured for several days and was featured on every one of their primetime programs. Their White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, humiliated himself by wasting the time of the Press Secretary, and the real journalists in the briefing room, by badgering her with petty and repetition inquiries about incident.

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So you might think that Fox News would be furious about protesters harassing First Lady Jill Biden as she was getting ice cream at a shop in Connecticut. You would, however, be wrong. Fox reported this episode in a story saying that…

“First lady Jill Biden was heckled by unknown bystanders on Wednesday as she walked into a Connecticut ice cream shop. ‘Your husband is the worst President we ever had, you owe us gas money,’ a man shouted at Biden as she walked into the Arethusa Farms ice cream shop in New Haven.

“‘Thank you! Thank you for your support, thank you!’ Biden responded with a smile and a wave. A second heckler then shouted at Biden, ‘You suck!'”

The protesters were not only rude and offensive, they were pitifully ignorant, blaming President Biden for high gas prices that are international commodities controlled by market factors and corporations that have been enjoying record profits.

More to the point, Fox News never expressed the slightest concern that Dr. Biden was confronted while engaged in a private activity, similar to what Fox complained Kavanaugh was subjected to. However, there were some stark differences. For one, Biden was well aware of the boorish protesters. She, nevertheless, responded pleasantly and with good humor.

Another difference is that, unlike Kavanaugh, Biden is not a political decision maker, making her an inappropriate target for such abuse. Protesting a Supreme Court justice who recently made an unprecedented ruling that will lead to great harm for millions of Americans is justifiable. Screaming at the First Lady, not so much. Especially because Dr. Biden, a teacher, was in Connecticut to bring attention to the learning loss suffered by children as a result of coronavirus lockdowns.

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There is a distinct irony in the fact that Fox News considered the protests of Justice Kavanaugh an invasion of his privacy, considering that the concept of “privacy” in this context was the Constitutional right that Kavanaugh and his radically conservative colleagues took a way with their irrational decision reversing Roe vs Wade. And yet, Fox couldn’t find the same privacy argument to defend Biden on her ice cream outing.

The truth is that both Biden’s and Kavanaugh’s protesters were free to engage in peaceful demonstrations. The problem is that Fox News only has a problem with it when the subject is a right-winger. It’s the same prejudice that Fox exhibits in their support for the violent January 6th insurrectionists, who they portray as law-abiding tourists. Meanwhile, Fox’s Tucker Carlson maligns Stephen Colbert’s comedy players as the “real” insurrections when they were invited to interview members of Congress. Hypocrisy is almost too mild a term for this.

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UPDATE: Here is a video of the “protest” of Dr. Biden, where it appears that there was only one jerk protesting amid a bunch of unrelated bystanders.

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