In Desperation, Tucker Carlson of Fox News Resorts to Viciously Maligning Jill Biden

The mission of Fox News, as stated by its CEO, Lachlan Murdoch, is to oppose President Biden and the Democrats. “That’s what our job is now with the Biden administration,” he recently told a Morgan Stanley investor conference. But that apparently isn’t going very well.

Fox News. Tucker Carlson

Fox News is continuing to struggle to make a coherent case against Biden. Consequently, they’ve been resorting to lame, contrived “scandals” like whether or not he wears a face mask, or blaming him for a sauce shortage at Chick-fil-A, or mocking the romance in his marriage. And yet, despite devoting all of their antagonistic resources to it, they just can’t seem to shake his broad-based popularity.

The most stridently offensive perpetrator of unadulterated bullpucky on Fox News is without question Tucker Carlson. He has been wallowing in the muddiest of swamps with hysterical and dangerous conspiracy crackpottery (It’s too absurd to even call them “theories”). For instance…

Having had zero success tarnishing Joe Biden’s public image, Carlson has decided to go after his wife, Jill Biden. In a deranged diatribe on Thursday night, Carlson gathered up his most cretinous scowls and insolent demeanor to launch a flurry of unvarnished contempt at the First Lady (video below). Complaining about a recent profile in Vogue Magazine, he ranted that…

“Dr. Jill is a doctor, first and foremost. In one scene from the Vogue piece, Dr. Jill cradles the arms of nervous women who get the jab. ‘Look at me,’ she coos reassuringly. ‘It doesn’t hurt.’ That’s right. It’s only Kool-Aid. Drink the whole cup. As Dr. Jill puts it with her signature modesty, you try to lift up other people.”

This is typical of the vile misogyny that Carlson, and the rest of the Fox News hate mongers, regularly dish out at any strong, intelligent, and admirable woman. He is belittling her for having attained a doctorate in education. Then implies that her concern for others somehow associates her with a murderous Christian cult. Carlson continued, pouring on the sarcasm…

“Who is this amazing woman? This servant, saint, humanitarian genius medical missionary who somehow has managed to stay beguilingly sexy at 69? What did America do to deserve her? Well thankfully, Vogue answers that question. Dr. Jill, the magazine declares, is a, quote, ‘joy multiplier.’ She multiplies joy. That’s what she does! It’s who she is. And by the way, Dr. Jill also shot an 18 on the golf course last week. Played the whole round in 22 minutes between vaccinations and international treaty signings. It was a typical day for Dr. Jill.”

The irony of Carlson painting Dr. Biden as an object of idolatry is too rich for words. No one has elevated her to anything resembling the figure of adoration that Carlson is insinuating. And there has been nothing remotely similar to the divine status that has been conferred on Donald Trump by his worshipful devotees. Carlson himself is among the most adulatory disciples of the Cult of Trump. And Fox News is cult’s Ministry of Disinformation. But Carlson still wasn’t through…

“Back in North Korea, they must have read the latest issue of Vogue with their jaws open. A ‘joy multiplier’? A ‘joy brigade’ sure. But “joy multiplier’? That might be too far even for the Kim family. North Korea may be a hermit kingdom, but even they’re not that stupid.”

It’s clear that Carlson has fallen over the edge of sanity. He’s now comparing Vogue Magazine to the government controlled propaganda of North Korea. Does he stay up late to figure out these preposterous departures from reality?

Even worse, his reference to Dr. Biden being part of the “joy brigade” is nauseating in the extreme. His not-so-thinly-veiled reference is to the Nazi “Joy Division” that was comprised of young Jewish women in concentration camps who were forced to be sex slaves for German soldiers.

Carlson is demonstrating that he is a disgusting piece of allegedly human trash. He’s a coward who attacks the President’s wife because he’s too stupid to come up with a coherent criticism of the President. And his insults are among the most repulsive imaginable. Nevertheless, Fox News continues to support him, his program, and his noxious views. And their viewers eat it up like good cultists.

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6 thoughts on “In Desperation, Tucker Carlson of Fox News Resorts to Viciously Maligning Jill Biden

  1. Amazing that FuKKKer gets away with this. If anyone had attacked Melanoma the way he attacks Joe Biden, he would now be demanding that he be drawn and quartered.

    Of course, FuKKKer can’t really say anything nice about the prostitute His Beloved God married (and allegedly raped beforehand), and clearly he is too stupid to even TRY to understand Jill Biden’s specialties.

  2. Why do people consider anything Tucker Carlson says? Sometime in September, 2020, Fox News won a court case by ‘persuasively’ arguing that no ‘reasonable viewer’ takes Tucker Carlson seriously. Why give any credence to anything he says?

  3. What turns malcontents like Carlson into the beasts they are [pardon the insult to all beasts]? Was he beaten as a child? Or otherwise mistreated? Or did he develop into his current cretinous composition all by his lonesome? Somebody, somewhere, please. He badly needs an intervention to dry up his poison pen.

    • Marjorie, if you want a peek into how mega-rich families can warp their spoiled children, look no further than May Trump’s book “Too Much & Never Enough.”

  4. WHY AREN’T you people going after Carlson’s wife BIG TIME?

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