Tucker Carlson of Fox News Unleashes Flagrantly Racist Attack on Black EPA Administrator

The Senior White Nationalist at Fox News is fulfilling the mission that he was hired for at the ultra-rightist propaganda network. Tucker Carlson has distinguished himself as the Fox News host most beloved by America’s hate groups and Klan members, and he isn’t the least bit shy about embracing that role.

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On Wednesday night’s episode of his White Power Hour, Carlson delivered another of his noxious screeds attacking people of color who had the audacity to excel professionally. You know, the uppity ones. This time his wrath was directed at Michael Regan, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. In Carlson’s perverse mindset Regan couldn’t possibly have the qualifications or intelligence to do the job. He thought the same thing about other recent Black appointees by President Biden.

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Carlson began by complaining that the just passed Inflation Reduction Act (which received zero votes from Republicans) was a farce. Despite it being heavily favored by majorities of the American people, Carlson overtly lied about it in order foment fear among his dimwitted viewers (video below). He raged that…

“The EPA alone gets more than $40 billion in this bill, including more than $30 billion for so-called disadvantaged communities. What are those? Well, they’re not really defined — people who voted for Joe Biden. So, what it really means is the EPA is going to spread more identity politics and race hate. Are you sick of that yet? The Biden White House is not sick of it. They’re all in.” […]

Carlson has a predictably knee-jerk animosity toward what he disparagingly calls “so-called disadvantaged communities.” Because anything that provides help for the disadvantaged is automatically evil in his beady eyes. What’s more, he assumes that “disadvantaged” means Black, and therefore it’s a race issue. Never mind that most low income Americans are White. Then Carlson goes on to say…

“So, who gets to define what disadvantaged is, a disadvantaged community? Well, that would be the EPA’s administrator, a guy called Michael Regan, This is a guy who’s in his late forties who has never had an actual job in his life, never worked for real business of any kind.” […]

For the record, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in earth and environmental science, and a masters in Public Administration, Regan worked for the EPA for ten years. That was followed by eight years at the Environmental Defense Fund. Then he was the secretary of the Department of Environmental Quality for the state of North Carolina for four years. That’s more than two decades of experience in the field prior to being named to head the EPA. Apparently that’s not enough for Carlson. At least if you’re Black.

In an effort to malign Regan, Carlson quoted remarks he made on The Daily Show where he promised that…

“Everything I do at EPA is through the lens of environmental justice, contracting, procurement, air quality, water quality, land management, starts with ‘Are we protecting the least among us, those who have lacked political representation and those who have not been at the table for decades’?”

In Carlson’s view that suggests that “this is about spreading race hate as virtually everything they do is.” Which is pure projection as the truth is that everything Carlson does is about spreading race hate. It is a fact, though, that the most harm from adverse environmental policies falls on the poor, who are, once again, mostly White.

However, the question of race shouldn’t enter into this discussion. Relieving the harm caused by the anti-environment right-wing is a goal that aims to benefit all Americans regardless of race or any other deliberately divisive factor. But Carlson and Fox News insist on making it a racial argument because that is what excites their audience. Which is not surprising considering what Carlson recently admitted with regard to race and politics…

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