Tucker Carlson Actually Tells the Truth: White Supremacists = Trump Supporters

One of the most extraordinary things about how the right-wing communicates is how often they reveal the ugliest truths about themselves. Sometimes it’s inadvertent, sometimes it’s deliberate because they have no shame and, in fact, are actually proud of their noxious beliefs.

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This chronic compulsion of conservatives to out themselves is frequently demonstrated by the Fox News Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson. His sermons on the racist “white replacement theory” are a regular part of his nightly televised Klan rallies. At least that’s when he isn’t dening that white supremacy even exists.

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On Monday night’s episode of the Fox News White Power Hour, Carlson was all atwitter over the recent FBI search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bunker, where he had stashed numerous boxes of national security materials that he stole before being evicted from the White House.

In an interminably long rant that was ostensibly about the FBI search, Carlson expressed his outrage at what he calls “acts of aggression and hostility aimed at Americans,” by the Biden administration. He began by insisting that the search was not “a legitimate act of law enforcement,” and that the official explanations “make no sense at all.” However, those explanations were complete and simple to understand for anyone who isn’t willfully dimwitted: Trump was unlawfully in possession of classified documents that he denied having and refused to return. What actually makes no sense are the myriad excuses Trump and his media mouthpieces have floated for his unlawful hoarding of those documents.

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In the course of Carlson’s harangue he revealed something about himself and all of the glassy-eyed disciples of the Cult of Trump. He confessed that…

“No American president has ever explicitly declared war on his own population. And yet, for the Biden administration it’s a near weekly occurrence. Here’s Joe Biden and his Attorney General Merrick Garland telling you that white supremacists – in other words Trump supporters, because that’s what they mean when they say ‘white supremacists,’ a term they have yet to define – white supremacists, Trump voters, are the single greatest terror threat the United States faces.”

Well, that was awfully considerate of Carlson to admit that “white supremacist” is just another way of saying “Trump supporter.” Not that most Americans haven’t already known that. Certainly the words and actions of Trump and his followers have affirmed it repeatedly. But it’s nice to have the most notorious racist spokesperson on Fox News explicitly confirm it.

For the record, what Carlson was referring to when he offered up comments by President Biden and Attorney General Garland were these quotes…

President Biden: According to the United States intelligence community, domestic terrorism from White supremacists is the most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland.


Merrick Garland: In the FBI’s view, the top domestic violent extremist threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocated for the superiority of the White race.

Those were both statements of fact that have been validated by domestic terrorism officials at the FBI during the Trump administration and under the supervision of an FBI director that Trump appointed. Apparently Carlson believes that the FBI, and Trump himself, are part of the “Deep State.”

Carlson’s commentary also alleged that “No American president has ever explicitly declared war on his own population.” Which makes one wonder where Carlson has been for the past six years. Donald Trump has done nothing but declare war on the American people. He has maligned them as radicals, communists, and traitors, determined to destroy the country. And he has leveled those charges against Democrats and Republicans alike.

What’s more, Carlson has literally accused the media of being “the enemy of the people.” And he, along with his Trumpified GOP, have disparaged every American institution from Congress, to academia, to medicine, to law, to religion, to entertainment, to family, to philanthropy, to business. They are all suspect as subversives for not showing sufficient adoration to Dear Leader Trump.

Yet somehow Carlson manages to manufacture an argument that casts Democrats as the villains. It’s par for the course for a professional propagandist so devoted to lying that Fox News successfully defended him in a lawsuit by saying that that there couldn’t be any defamation because “no reasonable person” would believe anything he says. Sadly, there are too many unreasonable persons soaking up Carlson’s slime.

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  1. That last sentence in this article says it all, especially the word ”slime” all of the TUMP cult is composed of slime and the imbeciles that vote for them. It’s the specific kind of slime that they are, good old slime that exists in the bottom of septic tanks all over the world. Carlson Tucker is the worst of all as he spews enough of it to keep a sewage facility going year around.

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