Fox News Hires Trump Shill Kellyanne Conway, the Original Alternative Facts Dispenser

From the beginning of Donald Trump’s political misadventures, Fox News has been his de facto Ministry of Propaganda. This was true throughout his first campaign in 2016, when Fox News aired his every speech and rally in full without interruption. It was true throughout his occupation of the White House. And it remains true since his decisive loss to President Biden in 2020 that he still refuses to concede.

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Kellyanne Conway, Fox News

For more than six years Fox News has spent half of their airtime fawning over Trump. The other half was spent attacking his Democratic opponents and policies, and inventing fake scandals. So no one should be surprised that the ultra-rightist network is now bolstering their roster of Trump-fluffers by hiring his former White House Counselor, Kellyanne Conway.

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Conway, you may recall, coined the phrase “alternative facts” when while trying to make excuses for another in a long line of Trump lies. It was a milestone moment in the media for a White House official to essentially admit that the president was making stuff up. And that performance has now earned Conway a paid position at Fox News.

Conway is joining some of her former White House colleagues and Trump groupies at Fox. They include Trump’s former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who is now a co-host of “Outnumbered;” Larry Kudlow, who has own show on Fox Business; former Justice Department spokesperson, Kerri Kupec, who is Fox’s Washington, D.C. editor; Trump’s ex-Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, as a contributor.

The most glaringly unseemly recruitment is that of Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, wife of Eric. It’s bad enough that Fox News stuffs its schedule with Trump’s political associates, but bringing on his family to give her view of him and his political aspirations is about as twisted as any media enterprise can get. Republicans complained about Chris Cuomo hosting a program on CNN, but for most of that time he wasn’t covering his brother, Andrew, the governor of New York. After he started covering him, CNN fired him.

Conway is off to great start on Fox News. For instance, she maligned Democrats as being opposed to religion. According to Conway, voters…

“…see a Democratic Party that’s openly hostile to religion these days. They can’t even give their thoughts and prayers when there’s a tragedy. It’s only thoughts now.”

Most Democrats are, in fact, religious. Republicans, meanwhile, profess to be pious while supporting heretics like Trump who violate Christian principles such adultery, lying, and caring for the poor, the sick, and immigrants. And then there was this…

“The Democrats want this election to be about climate change. You heard the foolishness of the President today who somehow got bamboozled into standing next to Ron and Casey Desantis. Boy, that’s a problem for Joe Biden.”

Conway thinks that Democrats are hurting themselves by taking action to mitigate climate change. However, most Americans support the Democratic position on this issue. What’s more, Biden doesn’t have a “problem” because of his appearance with DeSantis. In fact, he campaigned on a platform of unity. It’s Republicans who condemn their own when they show even the slightest bit of collegiality with Democrats. And then there was this

“Whether it is student loan forgiveness or pardoning marijuana possession convictions, a bereft Biden tries hard to change the subject and get people who dislike him to dislike him a little bit less.”

To be clear, what Conway is objecting to here is that Biden is doing precisely what the majority of the American people want him to do. He is fulfilling his campaign promises. Since when is it a political liability to seek approval from the people you are there to serve?

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Those are just a few examples of the wit and wisdom that Conway was enlisted to provide. And from Fox’s perspective, she is already earning her pay. She is delivering on the Fox News mission of blatantly right-wing, partisan disinformation. It’s what Fox News was created for. So don’t be surprised when they hire Steve Bannon or Don Jr to anchor their nightly news.

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  1. Wonder where TUMP recruits these hags (Kellyanne Conway and Kayleigh McEney ) from? The local house of ill repute? Those 2 would be right at home with Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Traitor Goon. They can lie and spew hate and disinformation with the rest of TUMP’s liars and the cult of liars formerly known as the Rethuglican Party. How anyone with any common sense could believe these lying, corrupt, criminals is a big mystery to me.

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