James Carville Whales on CNN’s GOP Pundit and Republicans Who Worship Putin

One of the most bizarre perversions of rational policy making in the era of Donald Trump has been the embrace by Trump, and his tainted Republican Party, of Russia and its murderous dictator, Vladimir Putin. From the outset of Trump’s occupation of the White House he was taking Putin’s side against the U.S.

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The reasons for Trump’s reverence of Putin likely include his feelings of indebtedness for Putin’s helping him to win the 2016 election, and his craving for the sort of financial rewards that Putin could lavish upon him during and after his term in office.

That’s what accounts for Trump telling the world that he believed Putin over his own American intelligence agencies about Russian interference in U.S. elections. It would also account for Trump serving Russia’s geopolitical interests by attacking and weakening NATO, scrapping the Iran nuclear pact, and supporting Brexit and the dissolution of the E.U. And then there is also Trump’s constant praise for Putin as a “strong leader” and a “genius,” while he maligned the U.S. and President Biden.

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On Saturday one of CNN’s Republican pundits, Scott Jennings, was asked about the recent announcement by OPEC that they intended to cut oil production in order to increase the price. Jennings responded by predictably blaming it on Biden and, just like Trump, accusing him of being weak. Whereupon, CNN’s liberal analyst James Carville laid into him with some logic and actual facts…

“You know who doesn’t think Biden is weak? Vladimir Putin. The Republican hero of the United States. The man that the Republican Party worships is getting the crap kicked out of him right now with U.S. Support and a Joe Biden-led coalition. If they want to love the Saudis that’s their business. The United States is making a successful stand in what, in my opinion, is the most successful foreign policy initiative since World War II.”

Indeed, Ukraine is executing a successful defense against the invasion by Russia. They have repelled Russian forces and they are retaking regions that Russia had occupied. And the military assistance from the U.S. and other allies has been critical to that success. That assistance has been opposed by Trump and many Republicans who criticize Biden for providing it. Biden’s critics must be even more troubled because it is working so well.

In the meantime, Trump is still siding with Putin and making preposterous claims that Russia would never have invaded Ukraine if he were still president. Although, that could be seen as true if you acknowledge that Russia wouldn’t have needed to invade because Trump would have handed Putin everything he wanted to annex the entire country.

Even worse, Trump is now claiming that the U.S. is responsible for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. His “Blame America First” theory is that the U.S. “taunted” Putin into invading:

The fact that Republicans have adopted Trump’s pro-Russia positions and his traitorous affinity for Putin tells us that the GOP is now a party wallowing in the cultism of Trump. They can no longer be depended on to pursue the interests of the U.S. And the cult disciples that are following Trump and his disfigured GOP (Grovelers Over Putin) are likewise lost to Trump’s anti-democratic aspirations for a Putin-style dictatorship.

This makes the upcoming midterm election more important than any in decades. So be sure to vote, and to get as many democracy-loving patriots as you can to vote with you. Because if Republicans manage to eke out a victory, it may be the last time you get to vote in free election.

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2 thoughts on “James Carville Whales on CNN’s GOP Pundit and Republicans Who Worship Putin

  1. Joe Biden is weak???? Donald TUMP is the one that is WEAK, And he says there wouldn’t have been a war between Russia and Ukraine if he was still president? First of all, TUMP wasn’t a President, he was a weak kneed, shit spouting Dictator., Why is all his lying ass Rethug cronies are always asking for his delusional advice??? This vile smelling bag of trash TUMP wants a Dictatorship for the USA, then why don’t the son of a bitch go live in Russia with his hero Putin where a Dictatorship is already established? Take all of his stupid, delusional, gullible, ignorant followers with him and rid the United States of this stinking filth. I am sick and tired of these trouble makers causing so much hate and division here. All Rethuglicans and their voters are nothing but low life scum that don’t belong here.. Go to Russia, you shit spewing Rethuglicans and all of you can kiss Putin’s ass every day, you assholes!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, and be sure to vote straight Democratic. Just to be sure nothing is missed.

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