More Hypocrisy By Fox Nation: Flag Desecration

The Fox Nationalists are appalled at what they are calling flag desecration by the protesters on Wall Street:

Fox Nation

There is no information or context in the photo above that reveals anything about the incident and, therefore, it is impossible to ascribe motive or responsibility. It could be a reporter, or an opponent of the protesters, or a kid looking for a place to sit down. It could be that in the crowded park there is simply no place to walk and that someone might not have even seen the flag as they were trying to get from one place to another. However, here is another photo where it is unmistakable what is taking place and by whom:

Bush Flag Desecration

Fox was never the least bit disturbed by this overt disrespect for the flag by a sitting president. What’s more, at the link above Bush can also be seen signing a flag, which is also regarded as desecration. Sarah Palin has done that as well at her rallies.

The real desecration here is that done to journalism by an overtly dishonest “news” enterprise whose only purpose is to deceive and divide the American people. The folks at Fox must be so proud of their success in that endeavor.


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  1. A democracy is only as strong and independent as it’s Press.

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