AMERICA FIRST? Trump Reiterates His Enduring Trust for Putin Over American Intelligence Pros

It’s another Monday morning, and another day for Donald Trump to babble incoherently about whatever mind worm burrowed into his melon-head upon awakening in his Mar-a-Lago bunker. On this particular morning Trump awoke with memories of one of his most despicably anti-American episodes.

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In July of 2018, Trump held a press conference following a summit with his idol and mentor, Vladimir Putin. At one point a reporter asked Trump if he believed Putin’s denials that he had engaged in election interference during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump replied that his own national security team told that “they think it’s Russia,” but agreeing with Putin said that “I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

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For some unexplained reason, Trump brought up that press conference in a new post on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social. Trump whined

“Remember in Helsinki when a 3rd rate reporter asked me, essentially, who I trusted more, President Putin of Russia, or our ‘Intelligence’ lowlifes. My instinct at the time was that we had really bad people in the form of James Comey, McCabe (whose wife was being helped out by Crooked Hillary while Crooked was under investigation!), Brennan, Peter Strzok (whose wife is at the SEC) & his lover, Lisa Page. Now add McGonigal & other slime to the list. Who would you choose, Putin or these Misfits?”

Yes, Don, we remember. How could we forget when a president of the United States took the side of a dictatorial leader of a hostile foreign nation against our own intelligence professionals?

Trump’s posting was nothing more than another one of his tedious grievances aimed a bunch of people that he perceives as enemies. He still has no evidence that any of them acted in any way to harm him or his campaign. In fact, former FBI director James Comey may have been the single person most to blame for Trump winning the election due to his irresponsible release of derogatory and false allegations against Hillary Clinton. And [Charles] McGonigal was an associate of Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman and convicted felon who Trump pardoned.

Without any obvious trigger for this outburst, it is likely that Trump is just lashing out at the FBI because he’s scared witless about the investigations that are currently in progress. He is subject to probes related to his criminal actions prior to, during, and after the January 6th insurrection. He’s also being invested for his theft and hoarding of classified documents. And then there is the probe looking into his election interference and obstruction of justice, related to his intimidation of Georgia officials. And there is also a New York Grand Jury that has already indicted him for financial and tax fraud.

All in all, this – or any – morning can’t be too pleasant for the twice-impeached former reality TV game show host. And he isn’t even pretending to hide his anxieties. In the rabid flurry of 27 posts Monday morning – including 9 by a proud QAnon crackpot – one of them complained about his being held legally accountable for his crimes. And in that comment he favorably likened himself to mob boss, Al Capone:

“I believe that I have more lawyers working for me on this Corrupt Law Enforcement induced Bull…. than any human being in the history of our Country, including even the late great gangster, Alphonse Capone!”

At least Trump is now owning the community in which he chooses to live, and the comrades that he admires. You just have to wonder where on his list of Deplorables he ranks Capone, as compared to Putin.


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3 thoughts on “AMERICA FIRST? Trump Reiterates His Enduring Trust for Putin Over American Intelligence Pros

  1. At the same time we are trying to rid ourselves of Putin, Don the Con sees fit to once again profess his love for the man. Both of them are spawns of Hell.

    • I totally agree, i can add others that are spawns of hell, Kevin McCarthy, MTG, Max Gaetz, Laren Boebert, Steve Bannon, Ester Stone. and all of the MAGA creeps in the US Congress. These psychopaths are out to destroy the United States, there is no doubt about that and they will succeed if they are not stopped. AND to think, they are being paid large salaries from our own tax dollars… that is sickening beyond belief and they bitch about us drawing our Social Security, that is the one that really disgusts me to no end..

  2. Well, of course dump does. That’s what terrorists do.

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