Fox News is OUTRAGED Because Biden Dares to Say He is ‘Optimistic About America’s Future’

It must be getting harder and harder for Fox News to come up with new and more appalling manufactured scandals every day to malign President Biden and the Democratic Party. Particularly when Donald Trump and the Republicans are saying and doing truly awful and/or idiotic things that steal the media spotlight.

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While Biden is focused squarely on improving the lives of the American people, The Trumpian GOP is stumbling over their own cloven hooves trying to polish rotten apples like House Squeaker Kevin McCarthy, QAnon quack Marjorie Taylor Green, and pathological liar George Santos. And it can’t help the right-wing ranters that Trump is still out there yammering about all the “witch hunts” he is suffering through, and how he lost the 2020 presidential election, and how much he adores his mentor, Vladimir Putin.

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Consequently, Fox News is anxiously scraping the bottom of the barrel for dirt to fling at Democrats. And this week they scrounged a doozy of an alleged misdeed on Biden’s part. They caught him saying out loud that “I’ve never been more optimistic about America’s future.” Oh my heavens. He must be impeached at once!

That atrocious outburst spurred Fox News to produce a story that was entirely based on Biden’s unconscionable faith in our country. It’s headline blared “Biden slammed after giving his ‘word as a Biden’ that America’s future looks great: ‘We’re screwed'” Of course the “slamming” that Fox reported was all from Republican officials and random right-wing Twitter trolls. Their “fair and balanced” coverage ranged all the way from conservative crackpot to ultra-fringe lunatic.

What’s more, this wasn’t just a one-off assault against Biden’s unbridled patriotism. A week ago Fox News did exactly the same story triggered by a similar tweet by the President.

The story that Fox News did in response to that uncalled for positivity sported a headline that read “Biden’s tweet about his optimism for America prompts immediate backlash: ‘Jesus take the wheel'” And once again, the entirety of the story was cluttered with “backlashing” from wingnut righties on Twitter whose criticisms centered mostly on infantile insults and misinformation.

For the record, Biden has good reason to be optimistic about America’s future. He has presided over two years of historic progress during difficult times. His achievements include both legislative and executive initiatives on the issues that matter most to the American people: job creation, civil and human rights, healthcare, energy and climate, international alliances, guns, COVID, and more.

That’s precisely what is enraging Fox News and the Republican right. The last thing they want is for America and Americans to prosper while a Democrat is in the White House. Hence their steadfast devotion to obstructing everything that Biden and Democrats in Congress are doing.

The GOP is countering Democratic optimism with Republican hopelessness. And they are pursuing petty and vengeful policies in their new role as the majority party in the House of Representatives. However, in the end, that’s going to hurt Republicans and it will just be more reason for Democrats to be optimistic.

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  1. I have an idea, ABOLISH the Rethuglican party. Send all of these horrific mentally challenged horrible creatures to Siberia and let them freeze to death along with their masters Putin and TUMP. These creatures are worthless and cry and scream every time a Democrat does good deeds. I am so damn tired of their antics that it makes me want to pull my grey hair out. They are so engrossed with hate and jealousy that they are a danger to everyone that don’t yield to their insane and outrageous beliefs. My sister-in-law is one of these fanatics and i avoid her like i would if she had a bad case of the Bubonic Plague. She is one deluded, insane bit**ch. She even starts crying when her daughter calls her out about Rethugs and TUMP. Her daughter is a dedicated Democrat. These MAGA’s have gone over the edge with their outrageous and insane beliefs. I hate and despise all of them…They do not belong here in the United States.

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