Egomaniacal Trump Whines that Criminal Investigations of Him Make America’s Enemies Happy

It’s often said that the wheels of justice turn slowly. That’s especially true with regard to Donald Trump. It’s partly true because Trump has proven to be adept at delays and deflections, and partly true because prosecuting a former U.S. president is an unprecedented act, although warranted considering the unprecedented criminal behavior of Trump.

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Donald Trump, Snowflakes

Justice’s wheels, however, may be approaching a destination. The Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, has invited Trump to give testimony in the “hush money” case wherein he is accused of breaching campaign finance laws by paying porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000.00 to buy her silence. That invitation is considered to be an indication that charges are likely to be filed soon. Consequently, Trump is ramping up his fear-driven attacks and pitifully infantile insults.

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In a midnight post on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, Trump appeared in a sinisterly dim lit video to express his dread of the legal tribulations that await him. It was a typically demented commentary that affirmed his seething anxiety and hostility. Trump raged that…

“Our country has become the investigation capital of the world. Actually, that’s all we do. And it’s only good for our many enemies, our enemies that are laughing at us all over the world. They could not be happier as they brilliantly plot our demise and destruction. We have to get back to making America great again.”

Notably missing from Trump’s rant were any details of the investigation he’s so disturbed about, nor any declaration of his innocence. And consistent with his acute case of malignant narcissism, Trump thinks that any adversity for him is actually an attack on America. If there’s any truth to the claim about “our enemies that are laughing at us,” it’s clearly brought on by the orange-faced, ferret-headed, clown that can’t form a coherent thought.

Trump may be right that our enemies “could not be happier…as they plot our demise.” However, what is making them happy is not Trump’s legal problems. It is the prospect of another Trump occupation of the White House, or at least the division he creates in American politics that weakens us internally.

Just prior to Trump’s posting of this video, he unleashed a barrage of comments that further expose his foreboding of the future. For instance…

“The Democrats are using their Prosecutors to try and steal another Presidential Election […] Will be a lot tougher for them to Cheat and Rigg the Election.”

That’s right, “Rigg!” Also, after two years and 60 court cases, Trump hasn’t produced a shred of evidence of a stolen election.

“Racist, George Soros backed D.A., Alvin Bragg, is relying on the testimony of a convicted felon, disbarred lawyer, with zero credibility.”

Bragg is Black, and the lawyer whose testimony he is disparaging is Michael Cohen, who was his lawyer for many years.

“I did absolutely nothing wrong, I never had an affair with Stormy Daniels, nor would I have wanted to […] This is a political Witch-Hunt.”

No one has accused him of having an affair, just paying for sex with campaign funds. Which is definitely wrong.

“I, and hundreds of millions of the American People who are backing me […] are the victims.”

First of all, Trump never had hundreds of millions of supporters. Only 74 million people voted for him in 2020, and most of those were Republicans voting against Biden. Secondly, as much as he likes to rope them in, none of his remaining cult followers are the victims of his legal troubles. He alone is responsible for his own criminal conduct.

Trump’s outbursts reveal that he is clearly consumed with fright and is descending into full-on panic. He knows what he did, and he knows that prosecutors know it. Many of his former associates have testified already. And this Manhattan D.A.’s case is just the beginning. There are also cases pending in New York State, Georgia, Florida, and Washington, D.C. So expect more videos like the one above as he sinks into ever deeper states of hysteria.

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7 thoughts on “Egomaniacal Trump Whines that Criminal Investigations of Him Make America’s Enemies Happy

  1. The Hair Furor likes to portray himself as such a tough guy, but in reality, he is just a scared little boy. He is a pathetic, whinny, little baby. Most of this country is sick of hearing from him. The day we never have to think of this pathetic excuse for a human being, will be a great day for this country.

  2. Crybaby TUMP brought all of this on himself and now he is really scared shitless…..his babbling, ranting, and raving has reached a fever pitch. I want to see him in an orange jumpsuit that matches his orange face and orange hair. I wonder who will get the job of changing his diaper when he is in prison??? Who ever it is, they better wear a hazmat suit and gas mask. I can only imagine the horrible stench that they will have to endure..

  3. What agitates me to no end in all this is that Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen had to pay the price for following his boss’s instructions for the payoff to Stormy Daniels from campaign funds plus another affair with a Playboy Bunny. And what did Trump do? Smeared Cohen all over twitter, like he does with everyone else he feels is giving him problems. In all my years, I have never read about anyone else so lame as that piece of crap.

    • That goes to show how evil, arrogant, and narcissistic TUMP really is. It also proves that he is always hell-bent on getting revenge on anyone that speaks the truth about his crime ridden ass. The really ugly thing about all of this is, he has never been held accountable for any of his numerous crimes, yet…. I want to see the traitorous bastard go down, and go down hard.. Life without parole would be a satisfactory sentence for this leader of domestic terrorism and treason. Rot in prison, Donald TUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey, Don! Is that whom YOU call our “enemies” or our actual enemies? Because if the former, they’re all laughing at you, and if the latter, none of them will lift a finger to protect you.

    See you in prison, Traitor.

    • Well said, Kali. I desperately want to see him ROT in prison, he deserves it.

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