Trump’s Raging Fear is on Vivid Display as He Hurls Infantile Insults at New York Prosecutor

The surest sign that Donald Trump is being kept awake nights with agonizing anxiety over his precarious prosecutorial problems are the late night comments he posts on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social. And on Friday he was raging until after midnight about what a pathetic victim he is of the “Radical Left Democrats” that he also regards as incompetent.

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Donald Trump Circling the Drain

The demonstrative fear that Trump exudes is evident in how his plaintive whining becomes increasingly frenzied and steeped in childish cheap shots. He throws tantrums aimed at his perceived persecutors that he seems to think will cause them to scurry off and leave him alone. How he comes to that conclusion is a mystery. But it is clearly driven by his malignant narcissism and it is nothing new.

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Friday’s fury was likely triggered by the news that Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, has been interviewing Trump insiders such as his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, and his White House Counselor, Kellyanne Conway.

Trumps knows what they know and is obviously concerned that the D.A. will soon know it too. Consequently, he lashed out frantically online in a flurry of late night tirades, beginning with some particularly personal attacks…

“The Racist Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, who is presiding over one of the most dangerous and violent cities in the U.S., and doing NOTHING about it, is being pushed relentlessly by the Radical Left Democrats, the Fake News Media, and the Department of ‘Injustice,’ to bring charges against me for the now ancient ‘no affair’ story of Stormy ‘Horseface’ Danials, where there is no crime and charges have NEVER been brought on such a case before. In the meantime, Hunter & Joe Biden skate!”

There’s a lot to unpack in that barrage of bullshittery. First of all, Trump routinely accuses black prosecutors like Bragg of being racist. He has done it repeatedly when complaining about New York Attorney General Leticia James. Although his harangues have only succeeded in getting him and his lawyers sanctioned for millions of dollars for filing frivolous claims.

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Trump also likes to deflect from his own legal peril by accusing prosecutors of trying to “get Trump” instead of addressing other violent crimes. Setting aside that that’s a terrible reason to let him off the hook, Trump is apparently unaware that the D.A.’s office is staffed by hundreds of lawyers who are fully engaged in public safety matters.

Trump’s downplaying of the case against him is a lame attempt to slither out of accountability. The case is neither “ancient” – it involves hush money payments made in 2015 – nor about an “affair.” Trump’s interaction with Stormy Daniels was a one-time sex-for-hire arrangement. However, the charges Trump is facing are related to his payment of $130,000.00 to buy her silence as he was preparing to run for president.

What’s more, Trump’s impotent insult of Daniels suggests that he paid thousands of dollars for sex to a woman he regards as having a “horseface.” Is that some sort of obscure fetish he has? Is he revealing his latent bestiality?

However, Trump was just getting started. His late night rampage continued with a post accusing Bragg of being backed by George Soros, because that’s the goto criticism of every MAGA defendant. He then segued to attacking Cohen again, and reprising his complaint that Bragg is ignoring New York crime.

And if that wasn’t enough, Trump was still awake an hour later, posting another comment whining that the D.A. was “threatening and harassing many people that work for me.” Also known as deposing witnesses. Then he closed by calling the Grand Jury the “modern day Gestapo,” that is practicing a “Soviet style of ‘Justice’ [that] is going to take down the U.S.A.”

Of course, the only thing that this prosecution has the capability of bringing down is Trump and his crime syndicate. And he’s well aware of that. It’s why he’s so frightened that he’s unable to sleep. And it’s why he reached out in desperation to his former White House flunky, Kellyanne Conway in the last of his comments.

Trump congratulated Conway on her divorce from her husband George, because Trump regards failed marriages as occasions to celebrate. Mr. Conway is frequent Trump critic, and Trump’s insufferable pettiness produced his complaint that he is a “wacko” and an “extremely unattractive loser.” Which is another example of Trump accusing others of what he knows himself to be.

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  1. Christ, he is such a child. It still astounds me that anyone can actually follow this petulant baby.

    • Maybe he needs his diaper changed, or it’s getting close to bottle time. Mommie must of forgot to give him his bottle of Orange crush. It is a fact that mature adults in the GQP Congress is almost zero. Most all of the ”so called” adults in the GQP have failed to reach adulthood with the way they act. Spoiled brat children in adult bodies is what they are.

  2. As for TUMP calling Stormy Danials ”Horseface” i thought at first he was refering to Marjorie Traitor Goon, as she really does look like a horse in the face, or maybe even a mule.

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