REALLY? Tucker Carlson Claims the NSA Scared Him Off From Interviewing His Hero, Vladimir Putin

It really seems like a day can’t go by by without Fox News Senior Propaganda Dispenser, Tucker Carlson, making ever more ludicrous claims that serve only to exalt himself or the foremost objects of his affection, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. It must be exhausting having to come up with such asininity day after day.

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Fox News, Tucker Carlson

This week Carlson had an especially strong incentive to spread his BS. He desperately needed to deflect from a couple of recent stories that cast a spotlight on his utter lack of principles.

First there was the public disclosure – via the billion dollar defamation lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems against Fox News – of his internal communications with his colleagues following the January 6th insurrection. Those communications exposed him and his fellow Foxies lying to their viewers, advancing baseless assertions of election fraud, while privately conceding that there was none. Even worse, he revealed his true feelings about Trump, saying that “I hate him passionately,” and “can’t wait…to [be] able to ignore” him. [Update: Trump finally posted a weak response to Carlson hating him, saying that “He doesn’t hate me, or at least, not anymore!”]

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Secondly, Carlson made a pitifully unsuccessful attempt to portray the January 6th insurrection as nothing more than peaceful tourists on a sightseeing tour. He presented what he regarded as video evidence (acquired exclusively from House Squeaker, Keven McCarthy) that assertions of a violent insurrection were false because part of the time there were people observed just wandering around. Never mind that they were already criminals for having broken through police barriers, doors, and windows, in order to trespass and try to block Congress from certifying the election.

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With those humiliations haunting him, Carlson appeared on the ultra-rightist Fullsend podcast in order to rescue his floundering reputation (video below). In the course of that appearance, Carlson spun a preposterous story of intrigue involving his attempt to interview Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin that was allegedly scotched by the National Security Agency (NSA). He began by stating that he was “hiding my plan to go interview Putin, because it’s an interview.” Then, when asked how he knew that the NSA had interfered, he said that it was “Because they admitted it. I got a call from somebody in Washington – who would know. Just trust me”

Carlson then recounted a tale of a mysterious figure who asked him about his planned trip to Russia and appeared to know all the details. This shocked Carlson because he said that he hadn’t told anybody, including his wife. His source told him that the NSA had “pulled his texts.” Whereupon, Carlson said that “I was immediately intimidated,” and he called off the interview, which he said he was “embarrassed to admit.”

If any of this is true – a highly specious assumption – it is no wonder that he’s embarrassed. The whole story is profoundly stupid. First of all, Carlson says his reason for hiding his plan to interview Putin was because “it’s an interview.” Which isn’t actually a reason. Then Carlson introduces his source as “somebody in Washington – who would know,” and asks us to trust him on that. This, coming from a known liar who was just revealed to have been lying to his audience for years about 2020 election fraud, and his “passionate” hatred for Trump, who he’s been fawning over every night on his program.

Furthermore, why would Carlson be so astonished that the NSA was monitoring the communications of a Putin associate in Russia? That’s their job. It would be worrisome if they didn’t know about Carlson’s prospective interview.

Finally, why on Earth would he cancel the interview just because the NSA knew about it? Did he think that he could travel to Russia and meet with Putin without American intelligence being aware of it? Any legitimate reporter, who had nothing to hide, would still conduct their interview and proudly air it as a journalistic coup.

Carlson, however, may have had much to hide, considering his long adulation for, and support of, Putin. He has taken Putin’s side on the war in Ukraine. He has heralded Putin as a strong, Christian leader. He has argued that Russia should be treated as an ally. He has positioned himself as staunchly pro-Putin and anti-American.

Consequently, any meeting that he has with Putin should be regarded as suspicious and potentially harmful to U.S. interests. He is no more trustworthy in that respect than Putin’s fanboy, Donald Trump.

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  1. Carlson Tucker is just another MAGA traitor that sucks up to Putin just like he sucks up to TUMP. I hate and despise these treasonous assholes. If he loves Dictators, i just wish the son of a bitch would go to Russia so he could interview that rotten bastard Vladimer Putin every damn day. While he is at it, take TUMP and that tramp Marjorie Traitor Goon with him to Russia and ban them from coming back to the United States forever.. They would fit in perfectly with the Russian style of Dictatorship.

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