GOP Senator Warns Fox News About the Lack of Aggressiveness and Gun Worship in Preschool Boys

The United States is unique among the world’s nations for the frequency and fatality of assaults with guns. The NRA-theists who dominate the Republican Party and right-wing media refuse to recognize the problem or take any reasonable measures to address it. And their willful neglect results in ever higher death tolls among Americans, and especially children.

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The near daily recurrence of mass shootings in America is a shameful stain on our nation’s character. It represents a surrender to the greedy gun industry and to the most extreme members of Congress who support it. The reasoning behind the GOP’s acquiescence to the chronic killings is pitifully weak. They argue that the root causes of gun violence are tangential issues such as mental health or video games. But those societal factors are present in every other nation that isn’t plagued with mass shootings.

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Never mind the slaughter of innocents and the grief thrust upon their loved ones. Republicans ignore the fact that majorities of the American people favor substantive, common sense gun reforms and regulations. That’s been established by virtuall every poll on the subject, including this one by Fox News…

Despite the overwhelming public support for reform, Fox News and the Republican Party stubbornly persist with their pro-gun biases. To that end, Fox News hack, Mark Levin, hosted GOP Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Insurrectionist) to advance their ludicrous agenda for weaponizing America’s youth.

Hawley: “You look at what our kids are taught in schools. From the time they go to preschool, for heavens sake. They’re taught that if they’re a boy, if they want to be aggressive, if they want to talk about guns — oh, that’s bad. They need to be medicated, they need to be quieted down. When they get a little older, they’re taught that manhood is inherently dangerous, that it contributes to climate change, that they need to renounce their masculinity. You see this ideology, it suffuses, permeates our media, our culture, all driven by the Left.

So in an environment wherein mostly young men are wantonly murdering people in their families, their neighborhoods, their schools, churches, shopping malls, etc., Hawley thinks that aggressiveness in preschool boys who talk about guns should be encouraged? That’s just plain sick.

Let’s not even get into Hawley’s bizarre assertions that boys are taught that manhood should be renounced because it contributes to climate change. In addition to being dangerous and nauseating, none of what Hawley said about schooling was true. It would be bad enough of Hawley were the only one embracing these views. But he isn’t…

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Hawley’s advocacy of aggressive, gun-obsessed children is precisely the sort of demented prescription that would exacerbate an already dire state of affairs. He is espousing a course that would only lead to more sorrow and loss. Republicans like Hawley not only fervently oppose any affirmative action to address this epidemic of senseless bloodshed, they openly favor actions to make matters worse.

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Consequently, this is not a problem that can be fixed by reasoned debate. There is an unholy bond between the gun industry and the Republican Party. Until that bond is broken, the United States will continue to suffer the most mass shootings of any nation on the planet. So the only effective path to change is to break that bond by voting out every Republican at every level of government.

The American people need to rise up against the non-representatives of the GOP who are thwarting their will. And with cretins like Hawley articulating heinous notions like those above, the opportunity to elect conscientious, compassionate leaders becomes all the more necessary – and possible.

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10 thoughts on “GOP Senator Warns Fox News About the Lack of Aggressiveness and Gun Worship in Preschool Boys

  1. Everything he is saying about school is total bullshit. Of course, Fox “News'” moronic, knuckle dragging viewers will believe everything that they hear on that propaganda outlet.

    • You are so right, Beachbum. Everything he said is total, BS. Is the Hawley SOB out of his tiny mind???? What is the hell has climate change have to do with all of this? I have never heard such nonsense in my life. And these are the mental institute inmates that are in our Senate and Congress. Looney tunes have gone ballistic. My 2 grandsons and my 3 grown sons never had any obsession with any firearms and they are doing very well, you stupid son of a bitch, Hawley. None of them, including myself own firearms and do not have a desire to own them, my oldest son who is 47 years old, won’t even touch any kind of rifle or gun. Their masculinity hasn’t suffered because of this either. That Hawley SOB is 2 bricks short of a load as the old saying goes. Hawley’s statement about manhood and climate change has to be about the most insane thing i have ever heard, i know all about climate change and what is causing it, i have never ever heard anyone say such an outrageous thing in my climate studies.

  2. Hawley’s an educated scumbag who’s simply following the MAGAt playbook of instilling fear and anger amongst his perceived base. How to most easily anger a poorly-educated none-too-bright follower/voter? Tell him that schools are underming his masculinity and that of his sons. How are they doing this? It doesn’t matter, they’re doing it, trust Josh. This is blatant cynicsm and a nihilistic hypocrisy endemic in GOP discourse, all with the goal of keeping its (shrinking) voter base angry enough to never think clearly about anything.

    • Makes me wonder if the ignorant GQP cult members even have the ability to ”think” for themselves?? It sure doesn’t seem that they can. The sheer number of these ignorant, gullible, uneducated cretins is astounding. Millions of them are that way. This has contributed to the dramatic downfall of the United States.

  3. I’m 70 yrs. old and live next to O’Hare airport. Gun violence is negligible outside the housing gang infested projects.
    Who needs guns?
    Armed Forces, National Guard, Police and Federal agencies.
    Also…ranchers, game wardens, some ” trained” security people and persons in certain hazardous occupations.
    Who should have automatic weapons?
    Armed Forces , SWAT teams and …NO ONE ELSE!

  4. Masculine, my balls! There’s many more lawmakers beside Josh who are all for guns Ted Cruz, as mentioned, is absolutely disgusting He has said on two occasions that I know of, “Heidi and I are praying for the victims” After the Uvalde shooting he went to an NRA meeting with Donald Trump in a matter of days Pray instead for your own negligence!Then, Governor Abbott expressed his desire to pray after another Texas shooting He thought it would help if he passed a mental health bill I don’t think he fooled many people with this farce!

  5. Sadly, the only way anything will change within the GOP/MAGA gun cult will be if the child of a Republican politician gets slaughtered in a school shooting.

  6. There is a number of people in America who have a handgun, for protection! Let’s hope they can get said gun from the secure place, required by law, before the criminal with his gun in his hand kills them!
    The relationship between the Republicans and te NRA should be stopped, the fox is in charge of the henhouse there.
    Sensible people should be seeking asylum from that country!

    • Count me one of them that is going to seek asylum from this nation if i can’t get into Canada through normal channels. More especially if those mental midgets called the Fascist/NAZI GQP takes over here in 2024, and if that orange ape Dictator cheats and wins the election in 2024. (Donald J TUMP) i for one WILL NOT abide by their authoritarian leadership or laws. The entire GQP are psychopathic, mentally incompetent criminals. All of them need to be locked away in cages and sent to Russia where they could kiss Putin’s nasty ass everyday.

      • I agree. Donald J Trump is developing into a PSYCHO. Just flip through Youtube too see his evolving facial expressions.

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