Anticipating Failure? Fox News is Already Gaslighting About Imaginary Election Fraud in 2024

The 2024 election cycle has barely begun. There has not yet been a single primary. Many expected candidates haven’t officially announced their plans. No debates have been scheduled. In fact, it hasn’t even been established if there will be debates or who will participate.

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However, the Republican National Committee has been preparing the field for an utterly useless debate season. For instance, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel has decreed that GOP presidential candidates will be prohibited from participating in the RNC’s debates if they agree to any debates sponsored by the non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates. She is also demanding that all candidates sign a pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee. And she actually believes that Donald Trump would honor such a pledge, which he has broken in the past.

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In light of this emerging melodrama, Fox News is leapfrogging the debates, primaries, and general election campaigning, and starting early to invalidate whatever the results of the 2024 election might be. Fox has apparently determined that there is no reason to wait until they’ve already lost next November before starting to whine about election fraud and stirring up future violent insurrections?

To that end, Fox News Senior Trump-fluffer, Maria Bartiromo, invited Newt Gingrich on her Sunday morning propaganda program to gaslight their viewers and set the stage for another effort to undermine democracy. Which led to the following exchange…

Bartiromo: Are the Republicans doing enough to ensure a free and fair election in 2024?
Gingrich: Well, I think it’s almost impossible, under current law, to ensure an accurate election. And I think the only Republican strategy in the long run is to pick issues and win by margins so big that they can’t steal them. If you have a very close election Democrats have a passion for stealing them.”

First of all, the assertion by Gingrich that current law makes it “almost impossible” to have an accurate election is based on nothing more than his reality-challenged imagination. He never bothers to cite which laws he’s referring to. And he is ignoring recent history wherein the allegations of election fraud in 2020 by Trump and his confederates (including Gingrich himself) were universally debunked in more than sixty court cases. They were never able to produce a shred of evidence that any voting irregularities occurred.

Gingrich also engages in textbook projection, wherein he accuses his foes of that for which he and his GOP cohorts are guilty. It is the Republican Party that has exhibited a “passion” for “stealing” close elections by filing frivolous lawsuits to invalidate legitimate votes and voters. And more often than not, it is the GOP that has been caught attempting to commit election fraud.

That said, Gingrich should be encouraged to promote a strategy for Republicans of picking issues with which they can win by big margins. Because he’s been so good at it before. Republicans continue to be convinced that harsh anti-abortion laws, racist immigration policies, pandering to corporations and the wealthy, befouling the planet, and manufactured outrages against buzzwords like CRT, DEI, and “wokism” are the key to their electoral triumphs going forward. Those would all be great subjects for the debates with Democrats next year If Trump doesn’t chicken out.

For his part, Trump has already questioned why he should be bothered with debating his nomination opponents. He is presenting himself as the inevitable victor whose “approval” is required before any debates can be scheduled. “I see that everybody is talking about the Republican Debates, but nobody got my approval,” Trump raged on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social.

Trump continued saying that, “When you’re leading by seemingly insurmountable numbers, and you have hostile Networks with angry, TRUMP & MAGA hating anchors asking the ‘questions,’ why subject yourself to being libeled and abused?” Which is just his way saying that he’s scared of debating and would rather continue libeling and abusing his foes from the safety of his website and his Mar-a-Lago bunker. Then, with the help of Fox News and flunkies like Gingrich, he can cry about the election being “rigged and stolen” from him again.

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5 thoughts on “Anticipating Failure? Fox News is Already Gaslighting About Imaginary Election Fraud in 2024

  1. Newt is a traitor pos!

  2. Always keeping in mind that an accusation from TruntLicking Traitors is ALWAYS a confession…..

  3. When is someone going to do what needs to be done and UNPLUG fox “news” forever and be done with them?

  4. Newt Gingrich, another mentally deranged, no good rotten son of a bitch from Georgia. I don’t know if he lived here in Georgia before politics, but i have talked to his sorry ass in person a long, long, time ago when i was about 20 years old, and he came to our company a few times to hand out his hand bills., From the time i met his despicable ass to now, he is an arrogant, narcissistic, greedy, self serving piece of crap. Georgia can sure produce some sorry politicians on the Fascist/ GQP side of the political spectrum. We do have 2 Democratic Senators in our Senate that are very good right now, but 99 percent of the ones that are Fascist GQP are downright horrible. I do mean they are low life, sub-human bad. Our Governor, Brian Kemp is one of them too…he is pro fascist too. And some people ask me why i want to move far away from here……….

    • I wonder about Georgia, also. I sometimes want to visit Marjorie Taylor Greene’s district to see if they are as crazy as she is. (They couldn’t have all crawled out from under a rock somewhere.) Off the topic maybe, but I wish our Justice System would take on speed and indict, convict Donald Trump of his many crimes. But, even so, in our political situation, I would still fear for our 2024 election.

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