Trump is So Afraid of DA Fani Willis He is Frantically Pushing Phony Efforts to Impeach Her

The legal tribulations of Donald Trump are becoming more distressing to him every day as he realizes the trouble he’s in for having been an incorrigible criminal and an aspiring authoritarian. His 91 felony counts amassed in four criminal indictments is weighing heavily on his diseased psyche that can’t handle a reality wherein he is not the Supreme Ruler.

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Donald Trump Sweating

The most recent indictment of Trump may be the most harrowing of all. It charges him with violations of the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations). Conviction on some of these charges carry mandatory prison sentences. And Fani Willis, the District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, where a Grand Jury of citizens delivered the indictment, has abundant evidence to find Trump guilty. That may explain why he has lashed out her with repulsive and dishonest slander.

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On Monday Trump took to his failing social media sham, Truth Social, to attack Willis. Which he has been doing repeatedly for months. He seems to think, in his demented state, that this sort of vicious harassment advances his case. He’s going to be sorely disappointed. But in the meantime, he persists in his impotent bullying, posting threats that bear no perceivable effect other than than affirming his ignorance and fear…

“Governor Kemp of Georgia is fighting hard against the Impeachment of the crooked, incompetent, & highly partisan D.A. of Fulton County, Fani Willis, […] She should be impeached for many reasons, not just the Witch Hunt (I did nothing wrong!).”

Clearly Trump is obsessed with eliminating Willis. Which is peculiar considering that he regards her as “incompetent.” You would think that a defendant would prefer an incompetent prosecutor. Especially a defendant who says that he has “Massive and Conclusive Proof” of his innocence. In fact, Trump recently said that he would hold a press conference to reveal his “Irrefutable REPORT” of election fraud that would result in “a complete EXONERATION!”

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Trump later canceled his press conference on the advice of his attorneys, who were surely worried that he would just further incriminate himself. And no one believes that he has any exculpatory evidence anyway. If he did, why did he wait nearly three years to pretend to present, even though he never presented it in more than sixty court cases, or innumerable television appearances, or at any of his cult rallies?

What’s more Trump’s whining about Willis came along with a link to a story on Fox News (which he has a bizarre love/hate relationship with) that actually reported the weakness of his claims that Willis should be removed from the case or impeached….

“Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s office says the state senator [Colton Moore] seeking to impeach the prosecutor handling the Georgia case against former President Donald Trump has not provided evidence that he has the necessary support to call a special session.”

So even Fox News is reporting that the Republican governor and legislature of Georgia haven’t met the necessary requirements to oust Willis. The article reported that Moore was taking this action because of his baseless, hyperbolic view that “America is under attack,” rather than for any coherent reasons related to alleged improprieties. Kemp’s senior advisor, Cody Hall, replied with a stinging rebuke, saying…

“Where have I heard special session, changing decades-old law, and overturning constitutional precedent before? Oh right, prior to Republicans losing two Senate runoffs in January of 2021. What are people hoping to learn in the second kick of the election-losing mule?”

It’s more like 5,000th “kick of the election-losing mule” But what do you expect from the leader of sick cult that actually believes that Trump tells them the truth more than “conservative media figures, religious leaders, and even their own friends and family.”

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3 thoughts on “Trump is So Afraid of DA Fani Willis He is Frantically Pushing Phony Efforts to Impeach Her

  1. Impeach, Impeach, Impeach… every time a Democrat or a Judge, or hell, anyone else that opposes TUMP or some other Fascist/NAZI Rethug, these incredibly ignorant, feeble minded cretins start yelling, Impeach them for upholding the laws of the United States.. TUMP is GOD to them, and he just can’t be held responsible for his horrific wrong doings,. The Cultists will attempt to riot and destroy anything in their path, and also incite violence against anyone that tries to stop them. All of these MAGAT Cultists need to be rounded up and put in cages like animals in a Zoo. These sub-human asshats in our Fascist/NAZI Rethuglican Congress are wanting to impeach President Biden only to take revenge on Democrats, that is the ONLY reason they want that. They have ZERO evidence against him for impeachment. These blowhards are worthless and are causing so much mayhem and getting paid to do this with our tax dollars to appease their GOD and KING of the Universe Donald TUMP. They are a disgusting disgrace to the United States and the entire world.

  2. This man is just another criminal. The fact that he made it to POTUS makes him dangerous. All of his threats against the government of the United States and its officials make him doubly dangerous. He has been warned, but when will he be called to task? He needs to be stopped. It’s getting hard not to believe those who say, “Nothing will be done because he was President.” WAS President.

    • Judy, that was a great comment. I am also one believing nothing will be done to this horrific law breaking bastard. TUMP has already went against the Judge’s warnings several times, and STILL nothing is being done. He is still out free to continue spewing threats and lies, just because he was DICTATOR. I am about to give up on all of this, it seems evident this bloated excrement bag is truly above the law and the United States is all but gone. Here in Georgia now, the DA that indicted TUMP is being threatened with impeachment by some TUMP ass sucker State Senators for upholding the law. I am sick and tired of this insanity and i am going to start my plan to leave for Canada sooner than i expected. It looks like the USA is about to become a third world nation. I want NO part of it anymore.

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