Trump Lashes Out at Georgia Prosecutor After New Evidence of His Election Fraud is Revealed

Nothing is a more reliable gauge of Donald Trump’s deteriorating mental state than his own rancid ravings on Truth Social, his floundering Twitter ripoff. Every posting is a marker of a new low for his paranoia, fear, malignant narcissism, and seething hatred of anything or anyone that is less than wholly worshipful.

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Last week Trump got a brutal smackdown by Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is presiding over his election fraud and coup attempt case in Washington, D.C. She warned him that any further “inflammatory statements” regarding the case, including those aimed at prosecutors and witnesses, would result in harsh consequences that “would force her to speed his trial on charges related to his bid to subvert the 2020 election.”

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Surprisingly, That admonition appears to have had some effect. Ever since the warning was given, Trump has totally refrained from the vile commentaries he had been disgorging. Don’t expect that to continue, however, as Trump’s notorious temper and infantile lack of self control is likely to reassert itself, resulting in more violations of the judge’s order.

In the meantime, things are heating up in Georgia, where Fani Willis, the District Attorney of Fulton County, is said to be preparing his fourth criminal indictment. A new report has uncovered evidence that Trump and his anti-democratic accomplices exchanged emails and texts wherein they discussed a scheme to breach voting systems as part of their effort to overturn the election. According To CNN…

“Sources tell CNN that Atlanta prosecutors have text messages and emails that directly connect members of Trump’s legal team [and Trump] to the 2021 breach of a voting system.”

As a result of these new developments, Trump is now lambasting Willis in the most unsavory manner. He is spreading vicious lies about her personal life, alleging that she “is being accused of having an ‘affair’ with a Gang Member of a group that she is prosecuting.” Of course, those accusations are entirely without any factual basis, and are being made by disreputable MAGA cultists. And since Trump can’t smear Judge Chutkan and special counsel Jack Smith anymore, he is now bashing Willis and the Georgia prosecution, saying that…

“The only Election Interference that took place in Fulton County, Georgia, was done by those that Rigged and Stole the Election, not by me, who simply complained that the Election was Rigged and Stolen. We have Massive and Conclusive Proof.”

For the record, Trump did not “simply complain” about the election being “Rigged and Stolen.” He pressured the governor of Georgia and other election officials to illegally “find” 11,780 more votes to put him over the top in the state. He also threatened them with prosecution if they declined to comply with his demands.

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What’s more, if Trump has “Massive and Conclusive Proof” of the election rigging he alleges, why has he kept it all to himself for nearly three years? And why didn’t he provide it in any of the sixty election fraud court cases that he lost? Why doesn’t he just release it now and clear his badly stained name, rather than whining impotently and throwing tantrums?

On Saturday, Trump was asked at an appearance in Iowa if he “defend[s] the actions by your allies in Georgia following the 2020 election?” This seems to be a reference to the CNN story about breaching voting systems in Georgia. Trump replied that…

“Many of the allies I don’t know because we have so many allies. So I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about.”

If you replace “allies” with “accomplices,” this answer would make more sense. Trump does have too many accomplices committing too many crimes to keep track of, poor guy. As his avenues to vindication seal up, his outbursts get ever more desperate and preposterous. And this is just the beginning as none of his trials have even commenced yet. Fasten you seat belts, America.

UPDATE: Trump resumed his attacks on Judge Chutkan, in violation of court orders to refrain from “inflammatory statements.”


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4 thoughts on “Trump Lashes Out at Georgia Prosecutor After New Evidence of His Election Fraud is Revealed

  1. Election fraud on a massive scale really needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It really doesn’t make any difference how wealthy the perpetrator is.

  2. I heard the threats that TUMP made by phone to the Georgia Secretary of State with my own ears, so he is just adding to the millions of lies this son of a bitch has already told. There is no way he can weasel his way out of this one. I just want to see this despicable SOB behind bars and be there until he rots away.

  3. The way Trump’ “accomplices” descended on different levels of authorities in Georgia, it’s a wonder these Georgian officials maintained their integrity. But they did. Looking for both the testimonies of these Georgians plus those who left dear leader Trump to tell the truth for once.

  4. Does Trump mean alleys? The ones where he dumps the bodies of his Supporters? Too cheap to pay for Mob clean ups.

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