Trump Goes on Psycho-Rant Accusing Fox News of Sabotaging Him with Bad Pictures and Polls

The fits of hysteria by Donald Trump are coming with more frequency and fury as he sinks deeper into the legal quagmire that he created for himself. With four criminal indictments and 91 felony counts pending, Trump appears to be succumbing to the realization that his worst nightmares are now his reality.

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Donald Trump, Fox News

In this distemperate state of mind, Trump is lashing out in every direction, including at those who are his allies and loyal defenders. Consequently, his Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) is taking a barrage of assaults despite their overwhelming adoration of Dear Leader Trump and their constant apologia for his heinous acts and rhetoric. Not that attacking Fox News is just a recent occurence for him…

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On Thursday morning Trump posted a series of scolds on his failing social media sham, Truth Social, aimed at the ultra-MAGA “news” network. He was clearly upset at them for being less than worshipful, and he was going to let them know about it. He led off with a post saying that…

“FoxNews is going all out, just as they did in 2016, to figure who in this very large, but failing, Republican field, can beat your favorite President, Donald John Trump. They use only the most negative polls.”

Trump has apparently noticed that there is a large field of challengers for the Republican nomination for president. They include governors and senators, and even his former VP, Mike Pence (who is beginning to turn on as well). That fact alone indicates that the party principals’ level of respect and/or fear is fading. Trump went on to whine that…

“Why doesn’t Fox and Friends show all of the Polls where I am beating Biden, by a lot. They just won’t do it! Also, they purposely show the absolutely worst pictures of me, especially the big ‘orange’ one with my chin pulled way back. They think they are getting away with something, they’re not. Just like 2016 all over again…And then they want me to debate!”

Trump’s is typically preoccupied with perceptions of him and matters that weigh on his massive yet fragile ego, rather than anything that concerns the American people. So he is outraged that Fox News would air pictures or polls that portrayed him as the loser that he is. Fox News can’t help it if he looks ridiculous in his orange face paint, or that he is losing to President Biden in most polls. It appears that Trump’s ire was triggered by the following segments on Fox News…

For the record, Biden is ahead of Trump 44% to 41% in the latest Fox News poll. In fact, Contrary to Trump’s lies, in the twenty most recent polls, from early July to the present, Trump leads Biden in only two of them. Meanwhile, Trump has been hammering his former Attorney General, Bill Barr, who has lately been affirming the validity of the charges against Trump.

“Why does FoxNews constantly put on slow thinking and lethargic Bill Barr, who didn’t have the courage or stamina to fight the Radical Left lunatics […] Unless FoxNews starts putting the RIGHT people on, their Ratings will never recover.”

It was thoughtful of Trump to offer advice to Fox on how they can improve their ratings. Never mind that it was Trump and his election fraud lies that cost Fox nearly a billion dollars in the defamation lawsuit settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.

Trump also offered some advice to the the GOP, saying that “Republicans must get tougher and smarter, FAST!” By which he means they must be more sycophantic and extremist in their defense of Trump. Which is why they lost in 2020, 2022, and are trailing for 2024. So if the past is any indication, it would be highly advantageous for Fox News and Republicans to take Trump’s advice to heart. Advantageous, that is, for Democrats.


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9 thoughts on “Trump Goes on Psycho-Rant Accusing Fox News of Sabotaging Him with Bad Pictures and Polls

  1. Personally – except for the fact that I find his ugly mug distasteful – I think the best photos to publish of Trump are the least flattering ones we can find. There’s a real interesting one that is based on a picture that appeared on the front page of Der Tagesspiegel (The Daily Mirror) of Berlin. It shows a stack of newspapers with Trump’s face just above the fold with his open mount repeated to the bottom of the stack making it look like he’s trying to swallow a horse (he’d die, of course). I would have uploaded it to share with readers here, but I don’t know how to embed graphics in a News Corpse comment.

    • Typo apology – “mouth”, not “mount”.

  2. Since his mirrors must be broken, he really does not know how he looks. He trusts everyone to be fair to him, since he’s a charming, kind, caring, sort of pathetic daily Liar. It is his “best face”, far better then anyone else’s , he says. Why doesn’t it always come across as such? Cameras must be out of focus, or refuse to focus. He reminds people of Mussolini with his posturing on camera, at time screaming like “Little Kim” of North Korea, too! Maybe the damned half-ass TV show he was on for way too long, impacted his sense of self worth? He fell in love with himself, but knows he will back stab himself, when he can…… It is his only value.

  3. Is it possible that trump could beat all his raps on the basis of insanity?

    • Trump doesn’t suffer from insanity; he enjoys every minute of it.

  4. “the big orange picture with my chin pulled way back” shows him to be the freak that he is. I was getting so tired of Youtube pictures of him posing proudly like royalty.

  5. My suggestion for a good photo for TUMP would be to go to a zoo and take a picture of an Orangutan or a baboon would most closely look like him. Make sure the animals are grinning with those big nasty teeth they have. That would be a perfect likeness of TUMP. In TUMP’s mind, he thinks he is the most perfect human in the world. He is full of himself. Sickening!!!

  6. Trump, Fox is doing the right thing — for them. You cost them how many billion with the Dominion and Smartmatic lawsuits? Did the shareholders lawsuits begin yet? By law, Fox’s loyalties are with their shareholders first. Since Fox is using their money and it has a right to be beneficial TO THE SHAREHOLDERS. Not to you. So you are costing them — MONEY. Big money, and it’s coming out of YOUR pocket, not someone who can’t afford to send you something.

    • TUMP is crying and ranting about Fox Spews, ”Sabotaging him with bad pictures and polls?” First of all, i thought all of his pictures were bad and his polling has never been good against Democrats, so this time Fox Spews is actually doing the right thing for a change. TUMP’s face looks like it’s covered with a concoction of rust scraped off of rusty steel, and orange paint. His old Twittler photo really is ”rusty looking”. For awhile, when i would see that photo, i would say to myself, ”There’s old Rust Face” and the caption on his Twittler thing read, @The real Donald TUMP. There is nothing ”real” about this phony asshat. His entire life has been a living lie..

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