Trump Posts Video Confirming that He Illegally Bought a Gun that His Campaign Denies He Bought

It is becoming more clear every day that Donald Trump is a serial criminal who is intent on committing multiple felonies at every opportunity. He considers himself to be above the law and immune to any form of accountability.

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Donald Trump illegally buys a gun.

Consequently, it should come as no surprise that Trump once again violated federal statutes in broad daylight – in fact on video – during a visit to a gun shop in South Carolina. The proprietors showed Trump a Glock handgun that had his face engraved on it. And as affirmation of his malignant narcissism, Trump immediately exclaimed that he wanted to buy it. Perhaps he would use it to shoot someone on 5th Avenue to prove his contention that his glassy-eyed cult followers would still support him.

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Soon after the video of Trump’s sidearm shopping spree hit the Internet, people began pointing out that it would be illegal for Trump to buy or receive a gun due to the fact that he currently has four pending criminal indictments on 91 felony charges. That prompted Trump’s handlers in his campaign to quickly delete the video and deny that any purchase actually took place.

Okay then. Problem solved.

Well, except that on Tuesday morning Trump contributed his own commentary on the subject. And as he so often does, he just matters worse for himself by effectively confessing to the crime that his campaign spokesman had so feverishly tried to clean up. Trump re-posted a comment and video wherein he admits that he did indeed buy the gun – and is proud of it…

“MY PRESIDENT Trump just bought a Golden Glock before his rally in South Carolina after being arrested 4 TIMES in a year. LIKE A BOSS!!!”

Notice that Trump’s post was “re-truthed from Q,” a favorite source for Trump and his flock. It explicitly states that “Trump just bought a Golden Glock…after being arrested” So there is no way that Trump can pretend that he didn’t understand what the post said. He knew that there was some controversy over whether he had violated the law to buy the gun, and yet he posted this confirmation anyway. “LIKE A BOSS!!!”

The more Trump talks, the more he incriminates himself. So in the words of former President Obama, “Please proceed.”

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UPDATE: Special Counsel Jack Smith is paying attention to Trump’s relentless efforts to incriminate himself…

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  1. I just wish that they would arrest that SOB! Put him behind bars until his trial(s)!

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