Donald Trump: Presidential Candidates Under Felony Indictment Have ‘No Right to Be Running’

The inbred hypocrisy of Donald Trump and his MAGA flavored Republican Party is an unmistakable feature that they have exhibited for years. It has actually become a tool that they employ shamelessly in the dissemination of their flagrantly dishonest propaganda.

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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

Trump himself is the foremost dispenser of this prefab hypocrisy. He excels at making public statements that are diametrically opposed to his prior statements, even when they were merely minutes apart. It’s such an obvious diversion from reality that it’s possible it isn’t hypocrisy at all, but a more serious mental deficiency.

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For much of the past few months, Trump has been immersed in anxiety over the multitude of crimes he has committed and the legal accountably that he is now facing. He has been been indicted twice on than 60 felony counts ranging from falsifying business records, to obstruction of justice, to violations of the Espionage Act due to his theft and hoarding of classified documents.

Regarding those documents, Trump has floated numerous hypocritical explanations for keeping them at his Mar-a-Lago home/hotel. He has variously claimed that they don’t exist, that they were declassified with his mind, that they were planted by the FBI, and that they actually belong to him. Clearly, it isn’t possible for all of those excuses to be true. But as the Hypocrite in Chief, Trump doesn’t care.

Now that Trump is an indicted suspect in dozens of felonious acts, he is lashing out at law enforcement and prosecutors, many of whom he appointed. And the fact that he’s a criminal defendant doesn’t seem to be an impediment to his campaign. In fact, he brags that his polling goes up with each new charge.

However, that was not always his opinion of presidential candidates under investigation. Reporters at CNN recently reached back to Trump’s 2016 campaign when he was running against Hillary Clinton and was calling on the feds to “lock her up.” What they found were Trump’s feelings about that state of affairs, at least at that time, were markedly different…

“Trump made the comments nearly seven years ago about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“’We could very well have a sitting president under felony indictment and ultimately a criminal trial,’ Trump said during a November 5, 2016, campaign rally in Reno, Nevada, reviewed by CNN’s KFile. ‘It would grind government to a halt.'”

[And that…]

“If [Hillary Clinton] were to win, it would create an unprecedented Constitutional crisis that would cripple the operations of our government. She is likely to be under investigation for many years, and also it will probably end up – in my opinion – in a criminal trial. […]. She has no right to be running.”

There are significant differences between the probes of Clinton and Trump. For one, there was never any credible evidence of Clinton having committed a crime. Consequently, she was never indicted. She was, in fact, eventually exonerated in full. Trump, on the other hand, has been indicted on 60+ felony counts. And there is voluminous evidence in both material documents and testimony from Trump associates, including his former attorneys.

So if Trump were interested in showing some principled consistency in his views, he would immediately drop out of the race. After all, he is “likely to be under investigation for many years,” which would “cripple the operations of our government,” and “grind government to a halt.” But consistent with his practice of Olympic-grade hypocrisy, we should not expect Trump to hold himself to the standards he imposes on others. In his mind he is immune from any judgment or punishment because everything he does is “perfect.”

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11 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Presidential Candidates Under Felony Indictment Have ‘No Right to Be Running’

  1. Double standard/hypocrisy is an understatement.! He talks about another candidate “no business running while under investigation” yet he does the same hing with impunity. Not just one indictment either — he’s got NJ, NY, GA and DC as well as FL. In his own words, he has no business running for office.

  2. It is amazing to me that his MAGA cult don’t see the hypocrisy. I also can’t believe that they don’t understand that every excuse that he has used for having the documents contradicts itself. Well, that is why it is called a cult. His followers are gone and they are not coming back.

    • Sadly he still has his cult followers. They are as demented as he is.

  3. I have read reviews that state Trump is a mentally sick man.

    • Is that ever the truth!

    • I have known that for awhile now. He should have already been committed to an insane asylum years ago. Put him in a padded cell with some baby toys to play with. Make sure his bottle is warm with sour milk in it. Then one of the attendants can rock him to sleep and make sure his diaper has not been changed. Give him a pacifier made out of a nipple from a female hog. This would be TUMP’s home until the day he croaks. TUMP is one pathetic, pitiful excuse for a living being.

  4. I wish the DOJ would hurry up and put that SOB behind bars!
    Also congress needs to find their collective backbone and invoke
    the 14th Amendment, and bar him from holding any public office.
    I read somewhere that a person can only run for president
    twice. If that is true, then trump has already had his two runs for
    president, as he won the first one, and lost the second one.

  5. WTF is wrong with these anti-American dips**ts, to STILL support this dumb fcker, dump? Can’t they see, he does NOT give 2 wet, steamy s**ts about them or this country? He’s NOT going to do anything for you or this country. An example, do you all really think if you had a bathroom emergency, he’d let you IN his club to use the restroom? He would not and laugh at the accident you had. How sad are these dumbfcks that STILL worship their orange lord, master and savior, dumpy boy.

    • These hicks that worship their GOD Donald TUMP can’t be reasoned with. They are so ignorant they don’t know right from wrong. They actually think TUMP can’t possibly do anything wrong. This is a BIG problem in all of Northwest GA where i live. They are the primary reason that a goon got elected to Congress, (MTG). They loves their AR 15 assualt rifles and buy them for their little children. They actually think TUMP loves them. They are in a rude awakening . TUMP wouldn’t urinate on them if they were on fire…It is truly disturbing that there are so many people like this here.

      • And despite your cockamamie neighbors (hope they aren’t next door) in Northwest GA, Biden won Georgia. First time in 30 yrs. that a Democrat won Georgia. Of course, Trump called Georgia anyway begging Georgia “to find votes.” I just found out Trump did the same in Arizona. Both phone calls a failure, of course.

        • How awful. I can see his obituary, “He kissed the ground Trump walks on.”

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