Peter Doocy of Fox News is APPALLED that Biden is Working to Free American Hostages in Gaza

The war being waged in the Middle East between Hamas terrorists and Israel continues to produce horrific casualties for innocent civilians on both sides. The Biden administration has been staunchly supportive of the right of our allies in Israel to defend themselves, as well as the welfare of Palestinians in the line of fire and those displaced by the conflict.

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In the meantime, Republicans in Congress have lowered themselves to politicizing the issue by conditioning critical aid to Israel and Gaza civilians on a callously political handout to America’s ultra rich and corporations. The GOP scheme pairs the aid to a cut in funding for the IRS, which would result not only in allowing wealthy tax cheats to get away with their crimes, but also a $26 billion increase in the nation’s budget deficit.

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With all of that roiling the political environment in Washington, Fox News White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, sought to contribute his unique brand of bias and deflection during a press briefing on Thursday morning. The predictably partisan narrative stuffed into his loaded questions resulted in the following exchange with John Kirby, the spokesman for the National Security Council…

Doocy: Talking about getting Americans out of Gaza, President Biden said “I want to thank our partners in the region and particularly Qatar.” The leader of Hamas lives in Qatar. So why is President Biden thanking them for anything?
Kirby: Oh jeez, Peter! Let’s take a step back and look at this.
Doocy: This is the group that killed Americans and kidnapped Americans within the last month.
Kirby: Peter, Qatar has been helpful in getting those Americans out. I’m sure that you would agree with me, and everyone at your network would agree, that getting American hostages out is a good thing. And Qatar is a key player in that regard. Qatar has lines of communication with Hamas that almost nobody else has.

Now, I’m not saying we support Hamas. Of course we don’t. They’re a terrorist organization. And Israel has an absolute right to go after them. But Qatar has lines of communication that not everybody else has, and it would be irresponsible – in fact I would expect that you and everyone else in here would be going after me if we weren’t doing everything that we could, and having every possible conversation we can have, to get Americans that are held hostage back home with their families. If we weren’t doing that it would be diplomatic malpractice.

First of all, Kirby is mistaken if he believes that Doocy and “everyone at [his] network” agree that freeing American hostages takes priority over their partisan political objectives. As evidenced by their conditional aid to Israel, Republicans are far more fixated on providing aid to their privileged domestic donors than to the victims of foreign wars.

Furthermore, Doocy is exhibiting his famously biased and ignorant perspective on current affairs by failing to grasp that American and Israeli hostages are not going to be released without the help of Qataris who have open lines of communications with Hamas. Trying to bully Qatar into going after Hamas personnel would not advance the goal of freeing Americans. And there will be plenty of time to pursue Hamas after the hostages are safe.

Nevertheless, Doocy persisted with his line of questioning, provoking Kirby to reiterate that “We are working with Qatar to get our people out and to help get aid in. That’s our priority right now.” Kirby also noted that the U.S. helping Israel to go after the terrorists. Which, as previously noted, is something that Republicans in Congress are working against with their conditional aid to Israel. Maybe Doocy should ask Republicans about that.


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