Biden Slams Fox News’ Peter Doocy for Lying in Question About Talking Business with Hunter

These are eventful times for America with many critical issues involving politics, economics, culture, and more cluttering the news cycle. Donald Trump has three pending criminal indictments. Women’s and civil rights are being challenged. Russia continues to commit war crimes in Ukraine. And in the midst of all of this, Fox News has settled on what they regard as the most important matter facing the American people today.

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Fox News, Peter Doocy

It’s Hunter Biden! This so-called scandal tops the Fox News agenda every day. Never mind that Hunter is not now, and has never been, a political figure, and he holds no power in government or any other public sphere. Fox News is obsessed with him simply because of his last name and their determination to smear President Biden. If anything, this is evidence of the successful and squeaky clean performance of Biden and his administration

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So leave it to Fox News’ whiny White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, to demonstrate just how desperate Fox is to manufacture scandal where none exists. During Biden’s visit to New Mexico to promote the success of his Inflation Reduction Act, and to advance efforts to mitigate the climate crisis, Doocy interrupted the event to ask about Hunter with a question that was flagrantly dishonest. And Biden wasn’t havin’ it…

Doocy: There’s this testimony now where one of your son’s former business associates is claiming that you were on speakerphone a lot with them talking business?”
Biden: I never talked business with anybody! I knew you’d have a lousy question.
Doocy: Why is that a lousy question?
Biden: Because it’s not true!

That’s right. Doocy’s question was a blatant lie. And if he didn’t know it, he’s more stupid than he is dishonest. Which is really saying something.

For the record, the testimony that Doocy is referring to was that of Hunter’s business associate, Devon Archer, who recently testified before the highly partisan, Republican-led Oversight Committee. The committee chairman, James Comer, had promised that this hearing would produce bombshell evidence of President’ Biden’s alleged corruption. However, as is often the case, the hearing wound up proving that Biden never did anything illegal or unethical. According Democratic committee member Dan Goldman…

“The witness [Archer] stated unequivocally that there is no evidence in his possession or his knowledge that Joe Biden ever discussed business with Hunter Biden. Joe Biden never did anything on behalf of Hunter Biden’s business interests.”

Archer’s testimony was yet another embarrassment for Republicans who have been holding hearing after hearing, hoping to tarnish President Biden. Archer not only contradicted the GOP’s claims that Biden was involved in Hunter’s businesses, he also shot down Republican lies about the President pressuring Ukraine on Hunter’s behalf. According to the Washington Post

“Devon Archer’s testimony was hailed as a central breakthrough in implicating Joe Biden. Instead, it has a top ally of Hunter Biden stating under penalty of perjury that Joe Biden was not involved in Hunter Biden’s business and that Biden’s trip to Ukraine in 2015 was not centered on protecting Burisma at all.”

It’s no wonder why Biden was once moved to privately mutter under his breath that Doocy was a “stupid son of a bitch.” A hot mic picked it up and Biden later apologized to Doocy like a gentleman. But, sadly, even that admonition wasn’t enough to get Doocy to try to elevate his inquiries to a level that would at least avoid humiliation and ridicule.

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As for Fox News, they will continue to hype fake controversies and trivialities that they believe harm Biden’s reputation because they can’t find any legitimate things to criticize. So expect more stories from Fox about Biden the horror of eating ice cream or riding his bike. It’s what they do – and all they have.


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5 thoughts on “Biden Slams Fox News’ Peter Doocy for Lying in Question About Talking Business with Hunter

  1. I like the idiom used in a previous post by Mark NC to describe Peter Doocy, “son of a Doocy.” That’s more polite than “son of a bitch.”

  2. There is no low that these cesspool residents at Fox Spews and Fascist Rethuglicans will stoop to. I am happy that Pres. Biden told this son of a bitch Peter Doocy off. It is very amusing that the Fascist Rethugs continue to embarrass themselves with their sham BS about Pres. Biden and Hunter Biden. They will most likely keep fabricating more and more lying misinformation until this time next year or beyond. They sure aren’t good for anything else.

    • They all choose to ignore the Biden family, is also a Gold Star Family that lost their son, to the “WMD” No-Bid Profit War, along with so many more to die from exposures. That is why President Biden helped get the PCAT Act passed. NO Trumps ever served. I doubt many think Hunter was going to run for Office, so attacking him is just so punk. GOP Punks, acting out like punks….

      • They are PUNKS, the worst kind of PUNKS. I just read an article the New York Times wrote that said the DOJ have appointed a ”Special Counsel” to investigate Hunter Biden for his ”so called” criminal activities. Hunter Biden has never held any public office or been elected for office. What is the motive for this?? Joe Biden is NOT Hunter Biden, and makes me wonder how or why this is even legal? It’s Donald TUMP’S sorry piece of crap son Don Jr. that should be investigated for drug dealing and use of cocaine, money laundering and who knows what else.

  3. It has become an irrefutable fact that Republican presidential administrations are riddled with dishonesty, lying, subpoenas and indictments while Democratic administrations are squeaky clean. One can only assume that voters are taking note of this. The last three Republican administrations have racked up 142 indictments/88 convictions while the last three Democratic have 2/2 ( that doesn’t count Trump’s recent 72 or Biden’s 0.)

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