Dotard J. Trump is ‘Pleased to Share’ a Report Filled with Already Debunked Election Fraud Lies

As the January 6 anniversary of the violent insurrection that Donald Trump incited approaches, Trump is still yammering that he believes it was a justified action by “patriots” who were angry that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged and stolen” from Trump. Even though he has never produced any evidence to support his utterly unfounded allegations.

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Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

Trump’s tedious obsession with the election he lost to President Biden remains uppermost on his mind despite the fact that he has lost more than 60 court cases contesting the results, and virtually everyone of his own administration’s advisors on election matters told him that there were no irregularities. They include his FBI director, Chris Wray, his DHS chief of cybersecurity, Chris Krebs, and his Attorney General, Bill Barr, who called such claims “bullsh*t.” The only people standing by Trump’s “Big Lie” are Ultra MAGA Republicans, biased right-wing media, and Vladimir Putin…

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On Tuesday morning Trump took to his failing social media scam, Truth Social, to present another of his parlays into pure propaganda regarding his humiliating defeat in 2020. This episode consisted of three posts wherein he linked to what he called a “fully verified” report entitled “SUMMARY OF ELECTION FRAUD IN THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN THE SWING STATES,” about which he said…

Page One: “I am pleased to share a Report that is fully verified […] and compiled by the most highly qualified Election Experts in the Country.”

It will surprise no one to learn that the report was neither verified, nor compiled by experts. In fact, there were no authors identified, nor any organization taking responsibility for compiling it. It was a completely anonymous pile of rubbish. And most of it was old and had been completely debunked long ago.

Many of the claims in the 32 page document were attributed to notoriously untrustworthy, Trump-fluffing fringe characters like the Gateway Pundit, Just the News, the Epoch Times, Georgia Star News, and random videos from the rightist YouTube ripoff, Rumble. Trump continued…

Page Two: Remember, I was not campaigning – The 2020 Election was LONG OVER. What I was doing is bringing to light the fact that the Election was, without question, Rigged and Stolen. As President, and Commander-in-Chief, it was my duty to do so! […] Therefore I am entitled to Total Immunity.”

Wrong again! First of all, Trump was bringing nothing to light. Certainly not any proof of election fraud. Secondly, it is not the “duty” of the president to assess or reform the administration of elections. The Constitution places all of that within the jurisdiction of the states.

Trump falsely claimed that “I would have been in violation of my Oath of Office, and the Take Care Clause, which requires the President to ‘take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.'” Nope! The “Take Care” clause refers to Federal laws. None of which applied to the matters that Trump was unlawfully injecting himself into. By Trump’s definition he would be responsible for every state law from murder to jaywalking.

What’s more, Trump is clinging again to his perverse interpretation of “presidential immunity,” that he seems to think absolves him of any accountability for committing any crime. If he were right, that would give Biden the power to rig the next election, or even to treat Trump the way that Putin treats his political opponents, who seem to keep falling out of windows. And Trump continued further…

Page Three: Please study these numbers carefully […] Because the Democrats are already trying to [use] the DOJ, FBI, and local Attorney Generals and D.A.’s to go after Crooked Joe Biden’s Political Opponent – ME.”

No amount of studying will make Trump’s numbers worthy of consideration. They come from well known discredited sources, and have been proven to lack any connection to reality. And despite his desperate and repeated attempts, Trump has never been able to associate Biden or other Democrats with the prosecutors who are trying his cases. The indictments were all brought by citizens sitting on Grand Juries.

Trump is starting the new year the same way he ended the last one: With delusions of election fraud, mired in persecution and victimhood, and fraught with fear of what the future holds for him as result of his unconstrained criminal activities. That bucket of psychoses is going to be at the heart of his presidential campaign straight through until November, if he makes it that long without winding up in a prison or an asylum.


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3 thoughts on “Dotard J. Trump is ‘Pleased to Share’ a Report Filled with Already Debunked Election Fraud Lies

  1. I like the picture of Trump in a straitjacket. It’s so apropos. He riles up his MAGA base so they’ll stop the election (I’ve had to call the police on guys waving rifles and wearing camo and threatening voters two elections running now) or certification of votes. Just can’t take being a loser. So, he’ll grab at any idea to remain in power. Even illegal ones (they’re the kind he likes best).

  2. And, of course, God Moronikus never STOPPED campaigning. That is his ONLY maneuver since he believes that if he becomes “President” again, that will solve all his problems.

    Newsflash: A) He’s never going to be President again, and B) no, it will NOT solve his problems.

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