Traitor Trump Posts Video of Putin Supporting Him and Attacking the ‘Rottenness’ of U.S. Politics

For most of his life Donald Trump has made it a practice of bragging about his relationships with notable people. Whether it was celebrities or athletes or politicians, Trump latched unto anyone who he thought could advance his status in society. It was mostly a futile and pathetic effort that only emphasized his own desperation and impotence.

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Nevertheless, Trump believed that such associations made him more popular and he pursued them relentlessly. It’s why he rebranded his failing reality TV game show “The Apprentice,” as “Celebrity Apprentice.” It’s why he couldn’t resist dining with the repugnant anti-Semite Kanye West. And it’s why he isn’t shy about expressing his admiration for brutal tyrants like Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, and even Adolf Hitler.

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Among the dictators who Trump idolizes is, of course, his BFF, Vladimir Putin. Trump is still grateful for Putin’s help getting him elected in 2016. He took Putin’s word over that of U.S. intelligence as to whether Russia interfered in that election. And he has never had a derogatory thing to say about the Russian despot. To the contrary, he praises him as “strong” and “brilliant.”

On Sunday Trump went further and posted a video to his failing social media scam, Truth Social, wherein Putin had some praise of his own for his flunky, Donald Trump. The praise comes in the form of criticism of President Biden. Trump seems to think that Putin taking shots at Biden helps him, even though it’s coming from an avowed enemy of America. In the clip Putin brought up the legal tribulations of Trump and offered his opinion about what he regarded as political persecution…

“As for Trump’s prosecution, what is going on in present circumstances is very good for us. Because it shows rottenness in the U.S. political system that can’t claim to teach others democracy. What happens to Trump is politically motivated prosecution of a political rival.”

It is jarring to hear Putin, who regularly has his rivals incarcerated or murdered, complaining about Trump being the victim of a “politically motivated prosecution.” It’s also 100% false. Putin is agreeing with Trump’s lies that the prosecutions by special counsel, Jack Smith, and state attorneys general are biased. He has no more proof of that than Trump or his Republican confederates do. But as far as Trump is concerned, it’s a vote of confidence from someone he respects and, in many ways, answers to. Although it should be troubling to the American people that Trump is leaning on Putin’s legal analysis for support.

It’s also important to remember that the 91 felony counts pending against Trump were issued by an independent Grand Jury comprised of citizen jurors, not a political agency. But Putin’s remarks conveniently include criticism of the U.S. political system that both he Trump are obsessed with denigrating. They both benefit by tearing down the American system and its values.

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By posting this video, Trump is promoting and agreeing with Putin’s attack on America’s administration of law. That is a profoundly un-American position for a former – and prospective future – president of the United States to take. It exposes his disloyalty to the nation and his allegiance to one of our most determined and hostile foes. That alone should disqualify Trump from holding any office of influence in the United States.

Unfortunately, if Trump’s cult followers, and the right-wing press, don’t see any problem with Trump quoting Hitler, they aren’t going to object to his embrace of Putin either. They are fellow travelers on a path to authoritarian fascism, and aren’t going to let a little thing like Democracy or the Constitution get in their way. So it’s up to the rest of us exercise our democratic rights to vote them out of every office in order to preserve our principles and freedom.


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4 thoughts on “Traitor Trump Posts Video of Putin Supporting Him and Attacking the ‘Rottenness’ of U.S. Politics

  1. This nightmare of a single individual, bragging about how he will dismantle the Constitution on Day one, if elected by the Electoral College’s denial of our Popular Vote, may never end. The fact that all of us, will be impacted by Putin’s puppet, again, as the puppet taunts, insults, and denys his complicity should scare the shit out of “Family Values Republicans”, yet it clearly does not. It is the 36 Republican Governors who have restricted Voting with a slew of Laws, outlined by ALEC, to manipulate the 2024 Election. They choose to follow in lockstep to Trump’s commands, for their obedience. They have chosen to be the Political Party that supports Vladimir Putin, who has Nuclear weapons aimed at their children, mothers, and babys, since they’ve forgotten History. They forgot General Patton’s attitude towards Russia, and Joe Stalin’s plans in Europe. Their fathers fought against Communists in Korea and Vietnam, and Republicans ignore it. Maybe they are too fucking ignorant and selfish. When will they understand their idiocy? It appears never…

  2. I think it was summed up succinctly years ago by a bunch of MAGA-capped bozos at a Trump rally proudly wearing t-shirts that proclaimed BETTER TO BE RUSSIAN THAN DEMOCRAT. There’s no antidote to that level of stupidity.

    • Can you imagine how Americans of Russian descent feel about this?

  3. I remember one guy wearing that T-shirt in the grocery store. I told him if he wanted to be Russian so much then he should go there and tell us a year or so later — if Putin let him — and tell us if it was the Utopia he was promised. That Russia was a country, not a political party. He looked a little sick after I’d told him that last.

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