Trump The Clown Performs His Infamous Biden Imitation for His Adoring and Glassy-Eyed Cult Fans

The alleged appeal of Donald Trump has always been his ability to amuse a profoundly undiscriminating sector of the electorate that finds infantile jokes and rampant profanity to be entertaining. He long ago admitted that he loves the poorly educated and aims his rancid rhetoric directly at them. It’s a skillset that he developed while hosting a reality TV game show as his preparation for the presidency.

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Donald Trump, Pennywise

Throughout his occupation of the White House, and well into his current campaign to return thereto, Trump has performed a like circus clown for his dazzled audience of devotees. He does this primarily to keep them distracted from the fact that he lacks any of the requisite experience or intellect to function as a political leader. He couldn’t care less about governing, because he’s too consumed with enriching and exalting himself. Or trying to avoid civil and criminal liability for his multitude of crimes.

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On Saturday Trump delivered a speech to his cult followers in Nevada. It was just another rehashing of the same tedious talking points he has been disgorging for months (years). However, he did offer an allegedly comedic diversion to the delight of his disciples. In the middle of his routine raging, Trump lashed out at President Biden saying that…

“His speeches last for about 3 minutes cause you know his gasoline sort of runs out a little bit. It’s a little bit like an electric car, isn’t it. It doesn’t go far. It doesn’t go far. It’s got a couple of problems. It doesn’t go far. No, but I finished his speech. I did this great imitation. You know he always points like, huh. And then he walks in a different direction. But I did it He goes like, huh.”

Trump is, of course, lying. Biden often speaks for an hour or more. And without resorting to name-calling or disseminating disinformation about cars – or the economy, or the border, or healthcare, or Russia, or civil rights, or pretty much everything else Trump talks about. The truth is that it’s Trump’s attention span that runs out of gas after about three minutes, and he has to change the channel to Fox News and order another bucket of KFC.

Trump then staged what he says is his “great imitation” of Biden. That consists of Trump turning his back on the audience and walking into the wall behind him. What could be funnier? And what could be more blatantly projection by someone who is actually in a severe cognitive decline? It’s so obvious that even Biden noticed his mixing up of Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi

Trump later brought up what he regards as one of his proudest moments – supposedly passing a test to detect early onset dementia. But it wasn’t enough for him to brag about his own imaginary mental acuity, he also had to disparage his own supporters…

And still they eat it up. That’s how cults work. The followers believe only what Dear Leader tells them, even if it’s how stupid they are. Which only makes it more imperative that the rest of us work furiously to insure that Biden beats Trump again in November. The alternative would be four more years of asinine posturing and clown acts.


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8 thoughts on “Trump The Clown Performs His Infamous Biden Imitation for His Adoring and Glassy-Eyed Cult Fans

  1. If we do not defeat him in November, I fear that we are in for more than just 4 more years of that clown! He will attempt to have himself declared “President for Life”! He has said as much himself when he stated that he will be dictator on day one!

    • And no one in his/their right mind (they don’t even have to be in their right mind) gives up that kind of power. It’s like crack — extremely addictive. Butt even his adoring and glassy eyed fans are starting to notice he’s not all there.

    • David – I think we’re going to win. He really can’t tell the difference between Obama and Biden, Pelosi and Haley, he even gets world leaders and their countries mixed up. Once he said he was going to Britain to visit “King Henry and Anne” He meant King Charles and Camilla. His fans are really starting to notice he isn’t all there, that something is very definitely wrong, they are leaving his rallies while he’s still talking and he’s having to book smaller venues so he can keep up the sold-out rally image. Smaller venues like high school gymnasiums and ballrooms. He’s been told by his faithful (on Truth Social yet!) ‘You’re mentally disabled, unfit for the Presidency. We don’t want you.” When I heard that I had to rerun the clip to make sure I’d heard correctly.

      • I agree with you, Marsha, and I truly hope that enough of his supporters come to their senses to make a difference in November. We do not just need to win, it has got to be a huge landslide!

        • Sorry to have to disagree.
          We don’t need a “huge landslide”, as nice as that would seem.
          What we “NEED” is a clear majority vote, which is achievable. Along with that if we also get a clean sweep with clear majorities of the House and Senate, it will be a wonderful thing.
          Then, when the Democrats behave well and continue working for the citizenry, ass they have been, another four years of a solid economy will prove the point that Republicans aren’t patriotic and aren’t interested in doing a good job of governing, which is what being elected is supposed to be about.

          • What I meant by that is that it has to be more than the 10 million or so vote margin. It has to be so large that it is absolutely irrefutable! The same goes for the Electoral College.

          • The Democrats have been behaving and working for the citizenry, and the GOP is taking all the credit. If anything doesn’t work, it’s “Let’s blame the Democrats” That has got to stop. That’s IF there’s another election, and Trump doesn’t follow through on declaring himself Dictator for Life (short though it will be).

  2. Let’s face it: This monster really needs to be committed. It’s reached that stage now. What can we do to ensure this?

    While the Trump Worshiping Traitors scream that BIDEN needs to be committed. Damn all Traitors!

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