Even After Winning, Trump Has a Post-Primary Meltdown, Attacking Friends and Foes and Fox News

The psychotic disorders driving Donald Trump are progressing rapidly toward a total mental malfunction. And one of the signs of his deterioration is that he remains consumed with outrage and vitriol, even after events that would ordinarily lift a sane person’s spirits.

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Donald Trump, Wah

On Tuesday night Trump won the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary, beating Nikki Haley by eleven points. To be sure, that was a less than impressive achievement considering that he had predicted a thirty point margin of victory, and late polling showed ahead by eighteen points. But it was victory, nonetheless, in the same disappointing vein as his triumph the week before in Iowa.

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Not content to appreciate electoral success, Trump delivered a speech that was rife with rancor and lies. He declared that he won New Hampshire in the general elections of 2016 and 2020. He didn’t. And he exhibited the sort of bitterness one would expect from a loser, which by some analysis, he is. After all, he barely got to 50% in New Hampshire. And as reported by Politico, Donald Trump has a big problem ahead.” “Forty-three43 percent of Nikki Haley supporters said they would back President Joe Biden over Trump.”

So naturally, Trump sheltered in the safety of his failing social media scam, Truth Social, to vent his frustration at not being unilaterally declared King of America. He began by taking a shot at his former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, who now works for Fox News. She made the cardinal sin of pointing out that President Biden had “a fairly good night” in New Hampshire, and that exit polls found that “7 in 10 Nikki Haley voters said ‘I would not vote for Trump.'” Then she offered the following advice to her old boss…

“If I were Trump I’d sit back and I would exclusively focus on the general election. I’d take the posture of the presumptive nominee. I’d focus on, number one, uniting the party, and number two, getting the independents, which Nikki Haley won 55-39 percent.

That’s actually pretty good advice. But Trump wasn’t pleased by her presuming to give counsel to the all-knowing Messiah of MAGA. Especially after she made a couple of truthful observations about Biden and Haley. He snarled that…

“I don’t need any advice from RINO Kayleigh McEnany on Fox. Just had a GIANT VICTORY over a badly failing candidate, ‘Birdbrain,’ and she’s telling me what I can do better. Save your advice for Nikki!”

That’s how Trump responds to friendly suggestions from people who were loyal confederates. It is evidence of a deeply disturbed and despondent personality who knows that he is trouble both politically, and even more worrisome, legally.

But he wasn’t through raging. He posted another couple of comments that displayed his seething anger and cognitive collapse. In a 12:43 AM post he complained “Here at Haley HQ in Concord, they are playing CNN on the big Screen.” Heaven forbid! But just two minutes later he whined that “CNN & MSDNC TREATED MY BIG, DOUBLE DIGIT VICTORY OVER BIRDBRAIN, BETTER THAN FOX!” So apparently Trump was watching CNN as well. And he couldn’t resist an opportunity to lash out Fox News, despite their relentless promotion of him and his campaign.

These are not the commentaries of someone who is excited at being successful. They are the tirades of someone who is terrified of a future filled with suffering. And to top it off, Trump lapses into his all to common delusions of divinity. He re-posted a meme that heralded that “His Truth Is Marching On: Trump Emerges Victorious in New Hampshire.” That’s a lyric from the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” referencing the return of a vengeful god, and casting himself in the role of the deity whose disciples rejoice that “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

And the cult choir sings “Glory, glory, hallelujah,” with the hopes of exalting Dear Leader Trump and his overtly anti-American movement. While those who reside in the real world are ever more motivated to prove between now and next November that they will work diligently to preserve the democracy, civility, and liberty, that are the foundations of our republic. And you know that Trump hates the prospect of that.

UPDATE: Sean Hannity and his guests (Byron Donalds and Ari Fleischer) have the same advice for Trump as McEnany. Will Trump cancel them as RINOs too?


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2 thoughts on “Even After Winning, Trump Has a Post-Primary Meltdown, Attacking Friends and Foes and Fox News

  1. This guy left his brain somewhere else. Maybe outside the Fox building? Trump is NOT leader of the world just a candidate. He is NOT God (God knows better. He knows that politics is not the place for religion. And He knows that if you’re really anointed by Him, you don’t trumpet that to the world. You only do that if you’re lying and can’t believe people will believe you without trumpeting it to the world 24/7).

  2. Proof yet again that the KKKult of Drumpfy KKKlown will never die. We all know that Their God will lash out at “friend” or foe, worshiper or hater, with no advanced warning whatsoever, and still they will worship him.

    Their God mistakes Nikki Haley for Nancy Pelosi — still making accusations of what happened on January 6 — and within a day Traitor Poso was proud of his Master God for getting people to recognize Nancy’s “crimes.”

    Even KayLies will have a justification by tomorrow for Her God attacking her. Utterly insane.

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