Trump and Fox News are So Scared Of Biden, They’re Switching in Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama

The legendary Democratic campaign consultant, James Carville, immortalized the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid,” in order to impress upon his staff the importance of focusing on pocketbook issues to deliver votes. In most elections, people generally support the candidate that they believe has the best agenda for boosting their financial well being.

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Donald Trump, Snowflakes

The 2024 presidential election may not hew as closely to that principle as prior elections. The emergence of Donald Trump has introduced some rather unique considerations that skew the strategic landscape in today’s politics. For instance, it’s the first election wherein a major party nominee is facing 91 felony criminal charges, has already been held civilly liable for defamation and rape, and is promising to reign as a dictator.

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That said, the economy will still be a significant factor on the minds of voters as they make their choices for president. And the fact that the economy is presently firing on all cylinders presents a real problem for Trump and his mouthpieces at Fox News. The last thing they want is to run against Bidenomics as it is creating jobs, lowering inflation, lifting wages, and boosting the prospects of American business.

Consequently, when Fox News’ Senior Trump-fluffer, Maria Bartiromo, interviewed Trump for her Sunday morning program, she made a point of deflecting from Biden to two other notable persons who have made it clear that they are not running for president: Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama. And Trump was all to happy to take the bait…

Bartiromo: You’ve said that you don’t even think [Biden] is who you’re going to face off in November.
Trump: Personally, I don’t think so.
Bartiromo: Well, Gavin Newsom is right out of central casting. How are you going to do up against Gavin Newsom?
Trump: I tell you what. Because he’s so much bullsh*t. He want’s to say how wonderful…it’s doing horribly. His state is doing horribly. You look at the homeless problem. You look at the people that are leaving. You have companies that are leaving. They’re all leaving for other locations. I think Gavin’s easy because California is a disaster. He has been a horrible governor.
Bartiromo: What if it’s Michelle Obama? How are you going to do against Michelle Obama?
Trump: You have to see. Look, I’ve seen polls where she doesn’t do well. She may do well. But I’ve seen polls where I beat her easily. I beat her by a lot. I had four great years.

This segment could not have been a bigger waste of time. Newsom and Obama have been crystal clear that they aren’t considering any campaign for the White House. Trump’s opinion that Biden won’t be his opponent is based solely on his fear that he is likely to lose to him again, just like he did in 2020. So Newsom and Obama are convenient deflections from that recurring fate of humiliation and defeat.

Naturally, Trump insists that he can easily beat Newsom or Obama. He childishly maligns them as he does any opponent that threatens him. And his confidence that he would prevail is a product of his massive, yet fragile ego. You can rest assured that he has never seen a poll showing that he would beat either one of them. But he has surely seen evidence of the booming Biden economy.

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What’s more, his assertion that he had “four great years” is contrary to reality. He presided over the worst pandemic in a century. And his ignorance, incompetence, and even deliberate neglect, resulted in far more dire consequences than would have been suffered if an able administrator were in charge.

His term also had the worst record on job creation since the the Great Depression. Plus, he raised taxes for the working class, and lowered them for corporations and the wealthy. He put justices in place who set women’s rights back fifty years. And he sucked up to our foreign enemies while alienating our allies.

In short, Trump had four disastrous years that left the nation poorer, more in debt, sicker, and more divided than ever. Then he left the White House kicking and screaming about election fraud, stole classified documents and lied about it, tried to instigate a violent insurrection, and sought to strongarm state officials into altering election results.

That record makes him vulnerable to Biden, Newsom, Obama, or any other challenger. At this point he would lose to SpongeBob SquarePants. American voters are not about to turn over the country to a criminal crybaby with authoritarian aspirations.


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