On Fox News Jessica Tarlov Summarizes the Success of Bidenomics that the Media Refuses to Cover

The record of the first three years of President Biden’s administration has been remarkably productive. Even with tight margins in the Congress, Biden was able to get legislation through that boosted the economy, expanded healthcare, mitigated climate change, created jobs, and much more. All while reducing the deficit.

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By contrast, Republicans focused squarely on matters of such profound importance as personal political vendettas, fighting among themselves, and running defense for Dear Leader Donald Trump. They held countless hearings on whether to impeach Biden for crimes they couldn’t name or provide any evidence for. In their spare time they threatened to throw the nation into economic turmoil by failing to raise the debt ceiling or pass the appropriations bills necessary for the government to function.

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Despite the successes of Biden and the Democrats, they are not getting the credit they deserve for their efforts. That’s largely due to the failure of the media to report accurately about the abundant good news. They seem determined to distort reality in favor the Republicans, either because of their inherent conservative biases, or their belief that close races and conflict – even if it’s manufactured – make for better ratings.

This week, however, a bit of truth slipped through the filters in the most unlikely of places, Fox News. Jessica Tarlov, the designated liberal who alone faces four snarling conservatives on Fox’s “The Five,” was given a brief opportunity to present the case for the Democrats. And even though it was introduced with a snide dismissal by wingnut Tom Shillue, sitting in for the execrable Greg Gutfeld, it was the sort of factual summation that every news network should be reporting…

Shillue: Where do we go from here? Twenty seconds to defend the indefensible.
Tarlov: We go right back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because we do have good economic news, but the media doesn’t want to cover it. He is correct. He shouldn’t just say you’re looking at the wrong thing. They need to communicate this better.

But we got revised third quarter GDP growth up to 4.9 percent. Unheard of. Consumer confidence went up 14 percent. Largest jump in a decade. Inflation is running at an annualized rate below Powell’s target, which is why he’s talking about a rate cut. Personal income is up. Grocery and energy prices down last month.

In the Quinnipiac poll – this part of it is really important – they did a forward-looking question, what do you think 2024 is going to be like? 48 percent said the economy is going to be better, and 62 percent think that they are going to be better off in the next year. When is the election? November 2024. Democrats, make your case. There is a case to be made.

The initial subject of the segment was Fox’s complaint that Biden made a polite request that the media report honestly about the economy. Fox’s on-screen graphics exposed their biases reading “Biden Scolds Media Over Economy” and “Biden Snaps at Media.” In reality, he good naturedly encouraged them to “Take a look” at the economy and to “Start reporting it the right way.”

Perhaps they could use as a model the way they reported economic issues during the Trump years. Here’s an example from 2017 when Trump was bragging about his abysmal record and received zero pushback from the press…

With the economy performing far better today than when Trump occupied the White House, the media continues to downplay the positive stories that the public needs to make their electoral decisions next year. Consequently, Biden is having trouble getting his approval ratings up. But this election is important for reasons that exceed the economy.

Today the nation is literally facing a choice between preserving our democracy or succumbing to the authoritarianism openly promised by Trump and the Republicans. So any aid and comfort that the media gives to Trump et al, makes them complicit with their march toward dictatorship. That’s an editorial path that the press really needs to reconsider.


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One thought on “On Fox News Jessica Tarlov Summarizes the Success of Bidenomics that the Media Refuses to Cover

  1. Knowing most Americans do not know any more politically that what’s gathered in the mindless void in front of a television, polls seem to be nothing more than a record how successful the criminal capitalist that have hijacked the news media are in keeping the masses as stupid as possible.

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