Putin Toady Tucker Carlson is Now Calling Jon Stewart ‘A Tool of the Regime in a Sinister Way’

The bitter feud that has long been simmering between Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, and fetid fish stick heir, Tucker Carlson, is heating up in the wake of Carlson’s latest bootlicking “interview” of Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin. And that increase in temperature isn’t helping to stem the stench of Tucker’s treasonous tendencies.

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Three weeks ago Carlson jetted off to Russia for a visit with Putin, his hero and role model for American totalitarianism. The resulting discussion could not have been more or a PR coup for Putin if it had been scripted by a Kremlin press agent. Which it very well might have been. Carlson never challenged Putin’s blatant lies and self-serving distortions of reality. But then why would anyone expect him to? Carlson has literally bragged about his support for Russia over America, saying “Why shouldn’t I root for Russia, because I am.”

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Carlson followed up his Putin-fluffing interview with a VIP tour of Moscow’s glorious grocery stores and subway stations. He gushed with wide-eyed praise for them as being far superior to anything in the U.S. That led to another brutal smackdown by Stewart who mocked Carlson as the sort of “useful idiot” that Russia relies on to advance their propaganda.

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So naturally, Carlson decided to fight back this week, defending himself as a patriot, saying that “I’m an American. I’m like a decent person. I just want to be able to walk to the grocery store without being murdered.” Which he apparently thinks Americans can’t do. And he might want to ask all the dead or imprisoned Russians about the risks of being a Putin critic.

But Carlson was just getting started. He then lashed out at Stewart, saying that he was “trying to prepare the population for accepting a lot less. He is really a tool of the regime in a sinister way, always has been.” Of course, the “regime” that Carlson is talking about is American democracy, not the Russian dictatorship that Carlson is such an obvious tool of.

To the contrary, in his role as a political satirist Stewart has been a constant critic of government and its enablers. He has never sucked up to the powerful the way that Carlson does to Putin. What Carlson is really whining about is that Stewart criticized him. And like Trump, and other malignant narcissists, Carlson could not abide that. Which led to another ridiculous stab at defending himself and pretending that he doesn’t worship Putin…

“The idea that I would be flacking for Putin when my relatives fought in the Revolutionary War…Like, I’m as American as you could be. It’s like crazy to me.”

First of all, assuming that Carlson is telling the truth about his distant relatives (which is a risky assumption), national loyalty isn’t handed down from generation to generation. Secondly, Carlson doesn’t say which side his relatives were allegedly fighting for. And given his predisposition toward monarchical tyranny, they may very well have been fighting for the British.

Finally, the idea that Carlson is a flack for Putin is anything but crazy. It’s been proven by his own words and behavior for years. And even worse, the Republican Party, following Trump’s lead, has also succumbed to the will of Putin and Russia. The MAGA right-wing today is firmly in Putin’s camp.


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3 thoughts on “Putin Toady Tucker Carlson is Now Calling Jon Stewart ‘A Tool of the Regime in a Sinister Way’

  1. Noted this before: The Party that was once terrified of Russia taking our precious bodily fluids now willingly give those fluids to their Master Putin.

    Remember how Jack Posobiec opened the CPAC last week:

    Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely. We didn’t get all the way there on January 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it and replace it with this, right here.”

    So, Traitor Poso proves once and for all that:

    — CPAC is a terrorist organization, and Traitor Poso admitted it.
    — Traitor Poso acknowledged that January 6 was a terrorist attack on our country.
    — Traitor Poso admits the Traitors’ sole purpose is to overthrow and get rid of our democracy.
    — CPAC terrorists want to destroy our country.

    And, of course, they have fully embraced Vladimir Putin as their willing Master.

    While the Traitors are spewing lies about open borders and non-existent “invasions,” we are ignoring the terrorists in our OWN country who have declared war, already participated in or at least fully supported a coup against our government, and take pride in admitting they want to “overthrow” and “get rid of” our democracy.


  2. I suppose no one is more qualified to identify a tool of a regime than Tucker.

    • That’s true. And his bragging about what his ancestors did and they’re an old family (well, so is mine!) — I probably had ancestors in the Civil War, both sides. I know I had an ancestor who kept a general store in Salem, MA in 1692. This entire country was founded by immigrants. The Pilgrams fled Great Britain to get rid of taxes and a king. Immigrants. This country has English, German, Scots, Chinese, Japanese, Eastern Europeans and many other countries. So, Tucker, please STFU and go back to Russia — PERMANENTLY.

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