Tucker Carlson Explains Why He’s in Moscow Sucking Up to His BFF Vladimir Putin

This week it was discovered that former Fox News Trump-fluffer, Tucker Carlson, is in Moscow, reportedly to interview the Russian dictator and MAGA hero, Vladimir Putin. It is not especially surprising that Carlson would travel to a country where journalists are routinely arrested or shoved out of windows. Although, that’s not something that he would have to worry about, because he can hardly be described as a journalist.

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Furthermore, Carlson is a slobbering sycophant of Putin and has not been shy about about saying so. So it’s unlikely that he would stir the Kremlin’s wrath while he’s there. In fact, Carlson has literally bragged about his support for Russia over America and its allies, saying “Why do I care about what’s going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia? And why shouldn’t I root for Russia, because I am.”

Now Carlson has posted a video wherein he seeks to explain the reasons for his pilgrimage to Putinland. True to form, it’s a self-serving four minutes of blatant lies and propaganda. The crux of his message (video below) asserts that…

“Two years into a war that’s reshaping the entire world, most Americans are not informed. They have no real idea what’s happening in this region. […] No one has told them the truth. Their media outlets are corrupt. They lie to their readers and viewers.”

That’s actually true, so long as Carlson is referring to himself and his flagrant dishonesty as revealed in his own communications that were disclosed during the Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit against Fox News. Those lies cost Fox News $787 million. In general, however, Carlson is just insulting the American people who he apparently believes are ignorant lemmings being led around by pseudo-journalists like himself. Which is also true, so long as he’s referring to Fox News viewers and Trump’s MAGA cult.

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Carlson then complains that American media reports on Ukraine have been “pep sessions” and propaganda for Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. Then he asserts that “not a single western journalist has bothered to interview the president of the other country involved in this conflict, Vladimir Putin.” That’s actually not true.

While Putin does not often make himself available to western media that he doesn’t control, there have been a few notable exceptions. For instance, NBC News interviewed Putin on June 14, 2021. Financial Times interviewed Putin on July 5, 2019. Megyn Kelly interviewed Putin, March 10, 2018.

The notion that Carlson is the guy to set the American people straight on Putin and his intentions in Ukraine, and more broadly, Eastern Europe and the World, is preposterous. While he yammers about propaganda in the Western press, he leaves out the fact that he is one of its foremost agents of “alternative facts.” And he wouldn’t be allowed entry to Russia, much less an interview with Putin, if they didn’t already know that it would be a pusillanimous puff piece. After all, that’s pretty much all Carlson has ever produced in the past. For example…

Fox News Senior Putin Apologist, Tucker Carlson, Pleads to Keep the Russian Dictator in Power
“We can force Vladimir Putin from office entirely […but…] Would the next Russian president be an improvement over Putin?” Do you suppose that Carlson would have used the same argument for keeping Hitler in power?

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Carlson demonstrates his habit of asking asinine questions: “Has Putin ever called me a racist? Has he threatened to get me fired for disagreeing with him? Has he shipped every middle-class job in my town to Russia? Did he manufacture a worldwide pandemic…” And he went on for several more minutes of that idiocy absolving Putin of any wrongdoing.

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“Why would we take Ukraine’s side? Why wouldn’t we have Russia’s side? I’m totally confused.”

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  1. Put Fucker Carlson on the no-fly list while he’s still there.

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