DARK BRANDON STRIKES AGAIN: Biden Drops Proof of Trump’s Mental Meltdowns on Truth Social

The ongoing Republican effort to smear President Biden as too old to serve is a transparently phony exercise in projection in order to distract the American people from Donald Trump’s tenuous grasp on reality. And it also reveals that the GOP has no substantive criticisms of the President, whose first term has been historically productive.

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Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

Leading the way in the GOP’s malicious maligning of Biden is, of course, the chief MAGA-loid and cult messiah himself, Dear Leader Trump. Never mind that Trump’s mental acuity has been suspect for years. While Biden has made some mistakes when speaking, they were generally minor mispronunciations and verbal glitches that didn’t reflect on his intellect or ability to comprehend complex matters of state. Trump’s “mistakes,” however, are of a much more troubling nature. They expose his incoherency on issues, his racism and fear mongering, his vengefulness, and his sheer idiocy.

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On Thursday Trump took to his failing social media scam, Truth Social, to renew his tedious and hollow attacks on Biden. He posted a comment that said…

“Crooked Joe Biden must take a Cognitive Test. Maybe that way we would be able to find out why he makes such terrible decisions. I took two of them, and ACED them both (no mistakes!). All Presidents, or people wanting to become President, should mandatorily take this test!”

Biden’s cognitive health is evident in his accomplishments. He has presided over a booming economy, unprecedented job creation, and a legislative agenda that includes progress on climate and the environment, healthcare, gun reforms, tax equity, infrastructure, manufacturing, and more. Meanwhile, Trump has been spending his days in court defending himself against dozens of civil and criminal charges.

Furthermore, Trump’s bragging about having “aced” two cognitive tests is pure bullpucky. He took tests that asked him to identify a camel and count backwards, and he thinks that establishes him as a candidate for Mensa membership.

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What’s more, Trump’s demand that cognitive tests be mandatory is contrary to what the Constitution defines as requirements to serve as president. Not that Trump has ever cared about the Constitution. If he did he would observe what the 14th Amendment says about insurrectionists and withdraw from the race. He has even called for termination of parts of the Constitution that he doesn’t like.

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Trump’s latest attack on Biden came on the same day that Biden posted a video mocking Trump’s failing mental state. The video contained examples of Trump mixing up the names of people, which he later tried to pretend was deliberate.

For good measure, the Biden-Harris campaign posted the same video on Trump’s Truth Social. So they are putting his flawed persona right in their faces. Not that his cult followers will be moved by actual proof that he is severely debilitated. They seem to like him better that way.

Their adoration wasn’t diminished when he bragged about grabbing women by the p***y, or when he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, or when he was found liable for defamation and rape, or when dined with a professed Nazi at Mar-a-Lago, or when he “encouraged” Vladimir Putin to attack our NATO allies, or when he exalted himself as akin to the messiah. So why would a severe mental handicap bother them now?


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One thought on “DARK BRANDON STRIKES AGAIN: Biden Drops Proof of Trump’s Mental Meltdowns on Truth Social

  1. Trump better hope the Supremes don’t give him presidential immunity. He’s much better off facing the rather benign Justice Department than a POed Dark Brandon.

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