Trump’s Promise to Free January 6 Insurrectionists is a Recruiting Plan for the Next Insurrection

The 2024 campaign platform for Donald Trump has been conspicuously devoid of any rational substance. From the outset he has been singularly focused on his “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged and stolen” from him; that migrants were “invading” America in order commit crimes and vote for Democrats; and that “retribution” must be dealt out to his enemies in politics and the press.

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None of those issues are of the least bit of interest to most American voters. They aren’t even representative of what matters to Republicans, such as banning all abortions and granting human status to frozen embryos; more tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy; arming every citizen with AR-15s; and always, clamping down on any media that isn’t sufficiently worshipful.

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This week Trump added a new plank to his perverse platform. It’s closely related to his election denialism, but hits more specifically on a select faction of his cult followers. Trump promised in a comment posted to his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, to free the January 6th insurrections that he incited…

“My first acts as your next President will be to Close the Border, DRILL, BABY, DRILL, and Free the January 6 Hostages being wrongfully imprisoned!”

Let’s set aside Trump’s nonsense about closing the border (which he never did when he was occupying the White House), and his incessant chanting about drilling for oil (when the U.S. is currently producing more oil than ever, and more than any other country). Trump’s pledge to release violent prisoners (about 1,400 of them), many of whom pleaded guilty (about 800), is a direct assault on the concept of “law and order.” It is also an insult to the police officers who were attacked that day.

What’s more, Trump’s use of the term “hostages” is an additional offense to the victims in law enforcement and the members of Congress, and their staffs, who were the targets of the StormTrumpers. Hostages are innocent persons being held for ransom by criminals or terrorists. The January 6th insurrectionists were convicted by juries for having committed crimes against America. Some of them were specifically convicted of seditious conspiracy and sentenced to terms of 10, 15, 20 years or more.

There is an enormous difference between Trump’s offensive rhetoric of “hostages,” and the savagery of the rioters he now wants to forgive. But mercy is not what’s really on his mind. Trump couldn’t care less about the well warranted misfortune of the January 6th insurrectionists. If he did, he could have issued pardons before his term ended on January 20th. The fact that he didn’t do so is evidence of his insincerity.

So why is Trump making these brash declarations three years later? Perhaps because he wants his MAGA armies to believe that he has their backs when the next insurrection is waged. By pretending that he’s concerned about the January 6th troops, he is giving assurances to future traitors that they will not suffer any consequences if they engage in similar lawlessness. Trump is, in fact, recruiting the next wave of insurrectionists.

That’s why Trump’s embrace of these criminals, no matter how disingenuous, must be seen as more than just an expression of support and a call for fresh fighters. It is Trump’s declaration of war. It’s a red flag to Americans who value our nation’s principles and want to preserve them. And it’s proof of Trump’s terrorist intentions. He must never be permitted to prevail.


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One thought on “Trump’s Promise to Free January 6 Insurrectionists is a Recruiting Plan for the Next Insurrection

  1. NOT a surprise. Traitors HAVE to stick together, you know.

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