MAGA: Make American’s Golden-Years Awful – Trump Advocates Cutting Social Security – Again

The debate over entitlements has a long history that reveals one of the most defining differences between the Democratic and Republican parties. Democrats were responsible for implementing broadly popular programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. And they still support them. Most Republicans staunchly opposed them from the beginning, and still seek to diminish or terminate them.

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Donald Trump has been all over the map on this issue, generally based on whether his variable positions benefit him at the time. More often than not he has sided with right-wingers who are against these programs. But occasionally – when it suits his interests – he will claim to be a supporter.

For instance, Trump criticized Ron DeSantis for proposing cuts to entitlements. Even though they were some of the very same cuts that Trump has proposed. To be clear, Trump was not supporting entitlements. He was attacking DeSantis. And his opposition goes all the way back to his first campaign…

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On Monday morning Trump was interviewed by rightist shill, Joe Kernan, on CNBC. Kernan raised the subject of entitlements with a blatantly leading question and attempted to get a coherent response from Trump. Which is always a loser’s mission. The exchange confirmed Trump’s commitment to undermining the programs that ensure quality of life for America’s seniors.

Kernan: Have you changed your outlook on how to handle entitlements? Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. It seems like something has to be done. Or else we’re gonna be stuck at 120% of debt to GDP forever.
Trump: So first of all, there is a lot you can do in terms of entitlements, in terms of cutting. And in terms of, also, the theft and bad management of entitlements. Tremendous bad management of entitlements.

Kernan’s question has his bias built into it. He is more concerned about deficits than human lives. As for Trump, his answer is his latest embrace of a policy aimed at cutting benefits for entitlement programs. Then he adds that he would also address waste, something he obviously had no interest in doing for the four years that he previously occupied the White House.

This would be a good time to point out that entitlement programs are not welfare. They are paid into by the eventual recipients, and they are not included in budget deficit calculations. Although, their funds are often used to offset those deficits.

It is also important to note that – as both Kernan and Trump agree – there are things that can and should be done. But cutting isn’t among them. Neither of them mention that contributions to the Social Security Trust Fund are capped for high income taxpayers. If that cap were raised it would eliminate any threat of underfunding for decades to come.

It would be foolish to ignore Trump’s knee-jerk reaction to inquiries about entitlements. Despite what he might say in certain venues in order to pander to voters, he is squarely opposed to them and yearns to slash them. He has tried before, and his GOP confederates in Congress are determined to send him legislation to do so, if given the opportunity. And this is not just an issue for seniors. It is an issue for anyone who hopes to someday be a senior, and to anyone with elderly parents or other family.

This interview is just the most recent affirmation of Trump’s anti-entitlement crusade. And along with cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy, it will be a core part of the Trump/MAGA agenda.

It’s comforting to note that President Biden, in his State of the Union address last week, vowed to stop anyone in Congress who tries to cut these programs. Which is just another of the many reasons to work furiously for his reelection. And to that end, his campaign just released a video showing the past attempts by Trump to rob America’s seniors and future seniors…


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