IT’S A CULT! Lara Trump Tells ‘Anyone Who is Not On Board with Donald Trump’ to Leave the GOP

Just in case anyone was wondering who is in control of the Republican Party, the former reality TV game show host, and aspiring authoritarian dictator, Donald Trump, is making it abundantly clear that he is the divinely anointed master and all others must bend down and kiss his – let’s say ring.

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Donald Trump, QAnon, Dictator

As evidence of Trump’s commandeering of the GOP (Groveling Obedient Peons), he has proposed to put his daughter-in-lawlessness, Lara Trump, at the helm of the Republican National Committee (RNC). From there she can allocate the funds it receives in donations from corporations, wealthy benefactors, and brainwashed simpletons, to paying for her Sugardaddy-in-law’s lawyers and traveling salvation shows. In fact, that’s precisely what she promised to do…

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Never mind that the RNC is supposed to be a neutral enterprise that advances the prospects of all GOP candidates. In the Era of Trump there is only one mission. and that is to venerate Dear Leader Trump above everything and everyone else. Affirming that objective, Sister Lara appeared on the Trump-fluffing “news” website, “Real America’s Voice,” to declare that…

“I can assure you that there will be no funny business. Anyone who is not on board with seeing Donald Trump as the 47th president, and America-loving patriots all the way down the ticket being supported by the RNC, is welcome to leave. Because we are not playing games, and we have no time to waste. So we have to insure that every single penny of every dollar donated goes to the causes people care about.”

And make no mistake. In Trumpism the “causes that people care about” are all focused on exalting Trump. In other words, believe or be banished. No independent thought or fealty to heretics is permitted in the New Republican Ministry. That sort of disloyalty will be severely punished, and all apostates will be cast out. Rev. Trump said himself that any supporter of Nikki Haley will be permanently banned from the realm of MAGA.

Sister Lara went on to pitch herself for the leadership of the RNC, citing as her qualifications that “There is no one more loyal to Donald Trump.” It is in that spirit of compulsory devotion that Rev. Trump declared that the Republican Party has never been more united. He said that right after the first few GOP primaries where he lost 40% of his own party’s vote. And republicans in Congress are such a disjointed mess that they’ve gone through two Speakers and secured a modern record low for legislative productivity.

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But never fear, MAGA-naughts. The 2024 election is the bag for Trump. It is such an assured inevitability that Trump told his cult followers that he doesn’t even need their votes. So Trump supporters can just skip the whole election and go to the monster truck show instead. That’s a message that everyone – including Democrats – can get behind. See? Trump is uniting the country.


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