LOCK HIM UP: After Guilty Verdicts, Poll Finds that More Americans Say Trump Should Go To Prison

Even before Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 counts of felony falsification of business records (in his so-called “Hush Money” case), he and his MAGA media minions were salivating over the prospect of his conviction. That’s right. They were convinced that it would result in some sort of alternative universe backlash and that his popularity would skyrocket.

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Donald Trump, Prison

Never mind that at the same time that Trump was supposedly happily embracing the legal catastrophe he faced, he was also engaged in daily diatribes against the court, the judge, the prosecutors, the witnesses, the jurors, the Department of Justice, and the Biden administration. All of whom he sought to blame for his circumstances that he portrayed as both awesome and abominable.

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However, a new poll was released after the verdict was handed down that may conflict with Trump’s delusional appraisal of his situation. And the findings are not merely that Trump is guilty, but that he deserves his next term be one that is behind bars. As it turns out, the nation’s voters may not be as anxious to board the Trump train as he thinks…

“In the wake of former President Donald Trump’s felony conviction last week for falsifying business records to hide a hush money payment to a porn star, President Biden (46%) now leads his Republican rival (44%) in a two-way race for the White House for the first time since October 2023, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll” [and also that] “more Americans think Trump should get a prison sentence (43%) than think he should not (40%).”

Uh-oh! A plurality of the American people think that Trump should be sent to the Big House, not the White House. And it’s even worse than it seems. While the 43-40 split may not appear to be a significant difference, many of the 40% who did not agree that Trump should go to prison still believe that he committed a serious crime, that he should be held accountable, and that the verdict was fair…

[More people – a 51% majority] think the New York jury reached the ‘right verdict’ in Trump’s hush money case than think the verdict was ‘wrong’ (30%). Likewise, more Americans than ever (54%) now believe Trump committed the crime for which he was on trial.” [Also] “Overall, 52% say Trump’s conviction was a ‘fair outcome meant to hold him accountable for his own actions’; just 35% who say it was ‘an unfair outcome meant to damage him politically.'”

So Trump still maintains his base – and ceiling – of cult disciples at about 30%. Everyone else thinks he’s guilty and that some sort of punishment would be appropriate to hold him accountable. And that’s just with regard to the just concluded case in Manhattan. It doesn’t take into consideration the three other indictments he’s facing in Washington, D.C. (for inciting an insurrection), in Florida (for stealing and lying about classified documents), and in Georgia (for election interference).

Trump apologists on Fox News and elsewhere are at a loss for any rational explanations to arrive at some form of exoneration for him. They all sing from the same hymnal that their Dear Leader is a victim of nefarious forces bent on destroying him and America. For example, Jonathan Turley, the Trump-fluffing law professor who frequently waxes idiotic on Fox News, had this to say…

“It would be absurd to sentence him to jail. He is an elderly first offender. Non-violent crime. In a very controversial prosecution.”

First of all, the only thing controversial about Trump’s prosecution is that he has become the first former president to ever be convicted of felony crimes. The jury voted unanimously 34 times to convict him. Apparently it wasn’t controversial to the people who saw all of the evidence and swore to uphold the law.

Secondly, many first offenders are sentenced to prison. And that includes Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer. And Cohen’s conviction and sentence were for crimes related to the very same ones that Trump was convicted for and, in fact, initiated.

Finally, Turley’s assertion that Trump shouldn’t get a prison sentence because he is “elderly” is especially telling. If Trump is unfit to serve time for crimes he committed, how can Turley – or any voter – regard him as fit to serve in the White House?

In the meantime, Trump is continuing behave as if he’s daring the judge to incarcerate him. In a speech to his cult followers at a Las Vegas rally on Sunday, Trump spoke out in defense of his fellow criminals that assaulted Congress on January 6, 2021. He said that…

“Those J6 warriors. They were warriors, But they were really more than anything else — they’re victims.”

Just as a reminder, we’re talking about violent mobs that put 140+ police officers in the hospital, battered down doors, broke windows, vandalized the seat of American democracy, and threatened the lives of members of Congress and their staffs. And Trump has variously described them as FBI operatives, Antifa agitators, and hostages. But now he says that they were “warriors.”

Which makes them, in fact, an army of insurrectionists who had declared war on the United States with an invasion of its government facilities. And it was all at the direction of now-convicted felon Donald Trump. So do you think he should be sentenced to prison? That shouldn’t be a controversial question for most Americans.


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One thought on “LOCK HIM UP: After Guilty Verdicts, Poll Finds that More Americans Say Trump Should Go To Prison

  1. I just wish that the DOJ would get on with the pending trials in Washington DC, and Florida before the election in November! It seem to me that they are slow walking these cases! Just today, after less than a month the jury in the Hunter Biden case has started deliberations. It sure looks like they fast tracked that trial! And we have to wait until mid July for Trump to be sentenced! I think that he should get at least 20 years in prison.

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