POOR BABY: Trump Insists He’s a ‘Legitimate Person’ Who is ‘Under Siege’ in a ‘Banana Republic’

This week the Wall Street Journal published an article with a brazenly biased headline saying that “Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping.” The article featured quotes and baseless allegations that were almost exclusively by partisan Republicans known for their tendency to shamelessly lie to malign President Biden.

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CNN’s Oliver Darcy delivered a detailed and damning dissection of the Journal’s purely political hit piece. They could have covered Trump, a candidate showing actual signs of a degenerating grip on reality, but no. That would have meant being honest journalists, which is contrary to their corporate mission.

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After breaking down the numerous journalistic flaws in the Journal’s “reporting,” Darcy asked “Where are the stories about Trump’s former inner circle raising questions about his mental fitness?” Those stories could have included actual on-the-record sources that know Trump well, such as his former communications director, Alyssa Farah Griffin, or his former U.N. ambassador, Nikki Haley. Darcy also wrote that…

“Republicans accusing their political foe of lacking the mental fitness to hold office is nothing surprising. Such accusations are made every night on Fox News. And Donald Trump, who at 77 years old has also shown plenty of signs of waning mental faculties, including repeatedly falling asleep at his own high-stakes hush money trial, has made the accusation a centerpiece of his campaign. In other words, these accusations from the right aren’t exactly news.”

It may be too much to expect that a Rupert Murdoch rag like the WSJ would actually produce fair coverage of the candidates in this year’s presidential election. Although, Democrats hardly need any help from right-wing propagandists to demonstrate the mental unfitness of Trump. He does that exceptionally well all by himself. Virtually every word that comes out of his mouth is evidence of his acute cognitive decline.

A perfect example of this occurred on Wednesday during an interview of Trump by his bestie, Sean Hannity of Fox News. Hannity spent half of his time trying guide Trump through leading questions that Trump was too dense to pick up on. For instance, Hannity would pose questions like “You wouldn’t engage in retribution against your political enemies, would you?” To which Trump would equivocate saying that “It has to stop,” but adding that “I would have every right to go after them.”

Despite his hedging, Trump has every intention of persecuting Biden and other Democrats. He and his MAGA confederates have been explicitly calling for the arrest, incarceration, and even execution of Democrats and other critics.. It’s literally laid out in their horrifyingly totalitarian Project 2025 Agenda.

However, Trump’s latest affirmation of how he is showing “Signs of Slipping” is not even behind closed doors. It’s right out in the open, and broadcast on Fox News. During the segment with Hannity wherein Trump embraced his hostile and imaginary “right to go after” his foes, he unleashed the following stream of nonsensicality…

“Look, what I’ve gone through nobody’s ever gone through. I’m a very legitimate person. I built a great business. Everything’s been…I’ve been under siege. Nobody has ever seen anything like this in this country. Now in other countries, in other third world countries, or Banana Republics as they say, a Banana Republic. We’ve become a Banana Republic. At the border we’ve become a Banana Republic. With so many other elements of our country we’ve become a Banana Republic. You take a look at what’s happening with inflation. That’s a Banana Republic inflation what we have.”

Holy Shih Tzu! It appears that Trump learned a new phrase – Banana Republic – so he felt compelled to repeat it six times in less than twenty seconds. It’s behavior that is more commonly observed in proud toddlers who are eager to show off what new knowledge or skill they acquired. In toddlers, it’s kind of cute. In 77 year old malignant narcissists, with a weakening grasp on reality and aspirations of authoritarian power, it’s sad and somewhat frightening.

Trump’s remarks also display the severe anxiety and gnawing victimhood (“under siege”) that has become a hallmark of his perverse persona. In his mind there is no one that has ever lived who was ever more tormented by evil forces, despite the abundance of magnificence that he believes he is responsible for. He is, after all, a “legitimate person.” As opposed to what? A Looney Tunes cartoon character? (Okay, that example may be a little too on the nose).

Finally, Trump has proven that he has no idea what the phrase “Banana Republic” means. He just uses it as an all-purpose pejorative. He mistakenly believes that only small impoverished nations hold their former leaders accountable when they violate the law. And now he’s learning the hard way that even America has standards for legal conduct that do not permit him to get away with criminal acts, like he has for much of his business career. And unfortunately for him, his legal problems have only just begun.


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One thought on “POOR BABY: Trump Insists He’s a ‘Legitimate Person’ Who is ‘Under Siege’ in a ‘Banana Republic’

  1. Amazing how he whines so much in front of his followers, and yet they think he’s strong, can get things done (for him, not for you MAGA), that life was better under Trump than under Biden (you’ve got to be kidding me!!!!), that employment was up, prices were down, inflation was down under Trump, how nice things were under Trump — this is when I leave the misunderstanding people. I don’t want my blood pressure to go up too much.

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