DISGUSTING! Fox News Web Site Thinks John Edwards’ Illness Is Funny

It’s bad enough that Fox News disseminates lies and propaganda while pretending to be a “news” enterprise. It’s just as bad that they routinely slander good people and projects with hyperbolic howls of treason and hate. But this is so far beyond the bounds of decency it is difficult to comprehend:

Fox Nation John Edwards

The Fox Nation republished an article from Politico that announced that former Senator John Edwards has been diagnosed with a heart condition that is life-threatening and requires immediate surgery. Upon reading this article the Fox Nationalists rated it as “Funny.” That is about as repulsive as it gets.

These are the same people who complain when they are criticized for being uncaring toward their less fortunate fellow citizens. They whine about being portrayed as insensitive when they advocate for eliminating Social Security and cutting everything from food stamps to salaries for teachers and firefighters.

Yet this is the best representation of what the Fox/Tea Party cult in America truly believes. They are expressing themselves in an open forum and letting their true feelings show. The depths of their nauseating hostility seems to have no bottom. In some respects this should not surprise anyone who has seen the Fox Nationalists relentlessly bashing President Obama, even calling for his assassination. And it isn’t just the puerile morons on their web site, it is also their on-air commentators like Liz Trotta who joked about “knocking off” the President.

It’s all very funny to these misanthropes. So long as the tragedy befalls someone with whom they disagree politically, anything goes. But just imagine their brain-melting hysteria if the situation was reversed and it was Sarah Palin who was ill. I would never wish this sort of hardship on anyone. But they not only wish it, they revel in their wishful depravity.

This really illustrates the dictionary definition of “Sick Fucks.” And if I wish anything, it is that they learn how hurtful and inhumane their despicable behavior is. And I also wish Sen. Edwards a speedy recovery.


9 thoughts on “DISGUSTING! Fox News Web Site Thinks John Edwards’ Illness Is Funny

      • My point is that lots of people write hateful things and it would be nice to see less of it – including what you write here. Yes, one of your older articles which I happened to respond to, which is why I remember it, made very hateful remarks about CEOs of the cigarette industry. Criticizing others for what you do too is silly…you’re not really any better than those who write the fox nation stuff.

        • You’re going to have to provide evidence that I ever said anything like this. And examples of my saying things that you disagree with are not sufficient. What you may regard as hateful are merely my observations of despicable behavior that outrages me. But that’s not the same as an entire community of FoxPods voting that somebody having a life-threatening illness is FUNNY.

          I don’t believe I have ever rejoiced in the suffering of others and I challenge you to prove that I did – or STFU!

  1. I’m sure they thought Ted Kennedy’s cancer was funny too! This shows just how completely and totally hateful this bunch is. When Reagan got altzheimer’s disease I didn’t hear any progressives laughing or thinking it was funny. It was sad, and just because Reagan was one of the worst presidents we’ve ever had and a buffoon did not in anyway make his horrible disease funny!

  2. I have been an admirer of yours for a couple of years. Your writing is excellent and your points right on.
    The national Corporate Media needs to heed words like yours, and I have and will continue to do MY best to spread your message as truth.

  3. “Murdoch in favour of SOPA and corporate control of the internet? Then I am not.
    By the way, Murdoch. Your whole “voter fraud” scam thing, in order to support the whole voter ID thing, to suppress the Democratic vote? EVIDENCE is required. Propaganda will not do in a court of law. You have no EVIDENCE. And you can not manufactur­e EVIDENCE. You right wingers do not understand LAW. Which is democracies saving grace, this massive ignorance of the right wing about the concept of the rule of law. At least you get this:

    Regarding the O’Keefe “sting” on deceased people voting. So we have a “legitimat­e case” of voter fraud in which the perpetrato­r is still on probation for the stunt at Senator Landrieu’s office. Some voting officials want him arrested while some high-ranki­ng elected officials praise his actions and have used them to push a voter ID bill. Where’s Fox News in all this?

    Nowhere. Nada.”

  4. Mark, I would recommend you subscribe to Disquis(sic) commenting system, if you can afford it.
    This site has a lot to say, and it would and should get better exposure.

  5. i take exception to calling the people at fox misanthropes. i am a misanthrope, and hate everyone at fox. oh wait… nevermind…

    but we do love the pretty blond foxettes with their fine well lit gams and $2000 heels…. makes you forget what the bimbos are saying..

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