Trump’s Fear and Desperation Show as He Says Biden is Both ‘The Worst’ and ‘A Worthy’ Debater

As the first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle approaches, the candidates are preparing for their epic battle in strikingly different ways. President Biden is studying policies and holding mock debates with experienced colleagues. While Donald Trump is cramming on his cult rally rants and scrambling for defenses of his felony convictions.

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Donald Trump, Joe Biden

One of the problems that Trump is going to face is that he has been maligning Biden for years as a senile commie who “can’t put two sentences together.” As a result, he has set a very low bar for Biden, who now only has to show up and express him himself without drooling in order to claim victory. Knowledgeable debaters know not to lower expectations for an opponent. But Trump doesn’t just lower expectations, he demolishes them…

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So according to Trump, “Crooked Joe Biden is the WORST debater I have ever faced.” Which is a curious way to brag about the guy who beat you the last two times you debated him (debate one poll – – debate two poll), as well as in the general election that followed.

However, it appears that somebody on Trump’s team was able to cut through his ego and convince him that disparaging a debate opponent is a terrible strategy. So Trump has reversed course in his typically clumsy way. He now says that

“I assume he’s going to be somebody that will be a worthy debater. I don’t want to underestimate him.”

That’s right! Trump doesn’t want to underestimate Biden, who he regularly slanders as so cognitively impaired that he doesn’t even know where he is. And if Biden happens to present himself as a vigorous, articulate leader, Trump and his MAGA media minions attribute it to pharmaceutical enhancements. Never mind that there are no drugs that can transform a dementia patient into an eloquent and effective communicator. If there were, everyone would be using them.

Trump’s flip-flop on Biden’s mental acuity is evidence that he is scared witless about the upcoming debate. He knows that he was crushed in the past. And he knows that Biden, despite a lifelong problem with stuttering, can deliver passionate oratories that most people find compelling and relatable. Consequently, Trump now needs to frantically restructure his whole approach to attacking Biden. He can no longer deride him as “Sleepy Joe.” Especially after Trump was repeatedly caught falling asleep at his own criminal trial.

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In addition to this backhanded acknowledgement of Biden’s debating skills, Trump is testing out other feeble themes to put a more positive spin on losing the debate next week. In one post to his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, Trump demonstrated his infamous false bravado saying that that “I look forward to seeing him at the Fake Debate on Thursday.” So now it’s a “fake” debate? That’s likely the first step to it officially becoming a “rigged” debate. Followed shortly by it being tagged a “stolen” debate.

Rest assured that Trump and his propaganda purveyors at Fox News and elsewhere will declare the he won the debate, no matter what happens. But in the preceding days they will try to make excuses for a pitiful defeat. They will accuse Biden of being on drugs. Sean Hannity has already been throwing around the name “Jacked Up Joe,” which actually sounds kind of awesome. And that’s not the worst of it…

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“If he does debate, we will see jacked up Joe 2.0. Whatever Red bull that he drank, or caffeine pills that he took, or whatever he might have taken, I promise you they’ll give it to him again.”

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“It will probably be a Nancy Kerrigan situation too, where right as Trump is walking out…I’m sure it will be something…sabotage.”

All of these allegations are, of course, the sort of projection that Trump and the MAGA cult routinely engage in. They accuse Biden of what they are doing, or what they wish they could do. And they all illustrate Trump’s fear of actually getting on a stage with the formidable “Dark Brandon.” Which, in the end, may result in Trump chickening out altogether. Which is also something that is being spoken about out loud in Trump Land.

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One thought on “Trump’s Fear and Desperation Show as He Says Biden is Both ‘The Worst’ and ‘A Worthy’ Debater

  1. His chickening out of the Presidential Debate — different from the Candidate Debates — will be rich given his long-time derision of Joe Biden as “can’t put two words together”. Joe will be there and he doesn’t need drugs to pretend vitality. Trump, on the other hand……

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