From Hush Money to Flush Money: Trump’s Felony Convictions Trigger ~50% Truth Social Stock Flop

It has been nearly a month since Donald Trump was found guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in order to cover up his affair with adult film star, Stormy Daniels. Trump and his team have been frantically reacting to his being the first former president ever to be convicted of felonies by alternately whining that the system is “rigged” against him, and/or bragging that it’s all going to be a huge benefit for him. Which means that he doesn’t really believe either of those scenarios.

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Donald Trump, Stock Market

In the wake of his convictions, Trump has been shaken by the reality that he is facing potentially severe consequences when his sentencing is handed down next month. He’s behaving like a desperate reality TV show character who is scared witless and is grasping at any notion that will relieve his fears. He is even lashing out at supporters, including his Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News…

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However, Trump’s problems are not confined to his legal dilemmas. In the few short weeks since he was convicted, his financial fortunes have taken a significant hit. The stock for his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, has lost nearly 50% of its value, declining from about $52.00 on the day his verdict was announced, to about $27.00 now. The most recent drop came after early investors unloaded their shares on the first day they were allowed to by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

“The share price of Truth Social owner Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) slid by more than 17 percent in after-hours trading on Tuesday, showing that investors were wary of additional shares being approved for resale by the Securities and Exchange Commission and possibly diluting their holdings — and more generally that there’s just not a very strong business case for the outfit’s once-soaring share price.”

That decline is just what has occurred since Trump was convicted. The stock is down even more (66%) from its $80.00 high three months ago. All of this means that the value of the enterprise to Trump is shrinking by the day. And he is subject to a share lock-up that prohibits him from selling any stock until late September. By then it could – and should – be essentially worthless.

Trump’s Truth Social has never been a a good business or investment. It has been unable to attract or maintain a significant user base. It has failed to produce sufficient revenue to remain in business. It has been horribly mismanaged by incompetents and criminals. What follows are some of the reasons that anyone succumbing to the scam was foolish and destined for disaster…

Are Trump’s Nazi Videos and Hateful Posts Why Truth Social Lost $327 Million and 19% of Users?
In the just first quarter of 2024 TMTG lost $327 million on revenue of less than $1 million. Which makes its stock valuation of $6 billion something of a joke. What’s more, Truth Social lost nearly 20% of their active users in the past year.

Trump’s Truth Social is Revealed to Be Another Terribly Risky Trump Scam – By Its Own Prospectus
A quick look at the company’s prospectus should frighten off any astute investors. It is exposed as “a high-risk, speculative operation with few hard numbers behind it. It’s already the subject of subpoenas, from regulators and a grand jury, even though it’s barely off the ground.”

Trump’s Truth Social Reports Massive Losses and Warns that it Could Go Out of Business
A Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing by the company reveals its financial frailty. The report paints a pitiful picture of the enterprise’s prospects going forward and reveals that it has lost $31.5 million since it opened for business just two years ago.

Trump Crime Syndicate: Investors Arrested for Insider Trading in Failing Truth Social Scam
Trump’s associates in his truthless, anti-social media venture were arrested and charged with insider trading. Reports indicate that “the three individuals together made more than $22 million in illegal profits.”

Truth Social Disease: Ads on Trump’s Twitter Ripoff are Mostly Scams and Trump-Fluffing Merch
Advertisers are afraid of their ads being juxtaposed with hate speech and other noxious content. Consequently, the only advertisers who are willing to shell out are sketchy scammers, conspiracy theorists, and junk peddlers.

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