Hunter Biden Follows Through with Threat to Sue Fox News for Disseminating ‘Revenge Porn’

Two months ago, Hunter Biden sent a “cease and desist” letter to Fox News demanding that they retract false stories that they have been disseminating for more than a year about President Biden’s son. Never mind that the network never had a shred of evidence to support their libelous “reporting.” Of course, lacking evidence has ever stopped Fox News from lying to smear their political opponents before.

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CNN reported at the time that “Lawyers for Hunter Biden are telling Fox News to correct the record on bribery allegations made by a discredited FBI informant or face a defamation lawsuit.” The letter also “accused Fox of profiting off of a fictionalized show streaming on Fox Nation called “The Trial of Hunter Biden,” and of violating revenge porn laws.”

SEE THIS: Hunter Biden Threatens Fox News with Lawsuit Alleging Defamation and Revenge Porn

On Monday Hunter Biden followed through on his threat to sue Fox News. The lawsuit charges that Fox News engaged in distribution of “revenge porn” and unjust enrichment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. As reported by NBC News

“Hunter Biden is accusing Fox News in a lawsuit of distributing ‘revenge porn’ by broadcasting nude images of him as part of a miniseries that was available on the conservative outlet’s streaming service, Fox Nation. […]

“In addition to the unlawful commercial exploitation of Mr. Biden’s image, name, and likeness, ‘The Trial of Hunter Biden’ unlawfully publishes numerous intimate images (both still and video) of Mr. Biden depicting him in the nude [and that] Fox published and disseminated these intimate images to its vast audience of millions as part of an entertainment program in order to humiliate, harass, annoy, and alarm Mr. Biden and to tarnish his reputation.”

NBC News reports that while Fox News removed the program from their website, they retained promotional reels and clips online, and failed remove the program from third-party streaming platforms.

This lawsuit will add to the legal troubles that Fox News has been facing. They have already agreed to a $787 million settlement for defamation as a result of a lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems. Without even going to trial, that suit revealed the myriad lies that Fox News hosts and guests told about Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged and stolen” from him. The revelations that emerged included emails that showed that Fox knew that what they were reporting were lies while they were telling them. Fox News is also facing a similar defamation lawsuit by the voting software firm, Smartmatic, for $2.7 billion.

MORE HERE: The Fox News 3/4 Billion Dollar Dominion Defamation Settlement is Also a Judgment Against Trump

Hunter Biden’s case against Fox News is pretty solid and, if the network doesn’t settle with him, Biden’s legal team could begin the discovery process. That’s the same process that allowed Dominion to get access to Fox’s internal communications and resulted in a great deal of humiliation for the network and its personnel, including hosts Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and more.

The mounting legal cases that Fox News is fighting will only bring them further financial and reputational costs. And their defense on First Amendment grounds is unlikely to succeed. The First Amendment does not shield them from engaging in defamation, publishing known falsehoods, or disseminating purposefully “fictionalized” stories that contain stolen, private images. Will Fox News cave and settle this suit as well? Stay tuned.


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3 thoughts on “Hunter Biden Follows Through with Threat to Sue Fox News for Disseminating ‘Revenge Porn’

  1. The Smartmatic suit’s been around a long time now and doesn’t seem to be progressing, at least not publicly. What’s the news? And has Fux actually paid the settlement to Dominion? I’m annoyed that these important legal moves against Murdoch’s disgraceful flagship network have disappeared from view, swept aside, I suspect, by the shitstorms generated by Trumpler.

  2. What a shame that we have to depend on multiple huge lawsuits to hopefully do what our gov’t will not ~ make/ enforce rules for what constitutes actual “news” reporting & rein-in Faux Spews & their copycats! Millions of people watch them & think they are getting “the news”, when they are not. It has done a huge amount of damage to our nation, yet those we pay to protect us do nothing about it. Well, at least some large corporate entities that were harmed may be able to take them down. Shame our gov’t allows such lies to pretend to be real news & continue fooling the vulnerable people – millions of them! This shit is out of control, but if Trump gets back in WH, it’s all over for us anyway! Bug everyone you know to get off their butts & VOTE! Or, we will all suffer & no chance to get democracy back once it’s been taken away.

  3. It would be appropriate if News Corpse would insure that all words are spelled correctly.

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