Total Insanity: Trump Says the Supreme Court’s Immunity Decision is a ‘Total Exoneration’

This week the MAGA members of the Supreme Court released their decision on whether or not a president is entitled to immunity for any crimes he or she may have committed. On the surface it seems like a trick question because because how could anyone rationally argue that a president should have license to break the law?

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Donald Trump

And yet, that is precisely what the conservative majority on this Court has said. It is a brazen handout to their Dear Leader, Donald Trump, in order to provide him the absolution of autocrats to ignore any laws that they find inconvenient. And with regard to Trump, that’s a shitload of laws. The degree to which this ruling defiles American principles was spelled out by one of the dissenting justices…

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As for Trump, his notorious inability to comprehend simple subjects was on display in a comment he posted to his floundering social media scam, Truth Social. His celebration of the gift bestowed upon him by the unjust Justices demonstrated once again how pitifully ignorant and/or dishonest he is. He wrote that the ruling was…

“TOTAL EXONERATION! It is clear that the Supreme Court’s Brilliantly Written and Historic Decision ENDS all of Crooked Joe Biden’s Witch Hunts against me, including the WHITE HOUSE AND DOJ INSPIRED CIVIL HOAXES in New York. [and that] I was Totally and Completely Innocent from the beginning of this Giant and Highly Illegal Scam.”

What is “clear” is that Trump has no understanding whatsoever of the law or how to interpret a judicial ruling. There was nothing in the court’s decision that even approached a finding of “exoneration,” “total” or otherwise. Merriam-Webster defines exoneration as: “To clear from a charge of wrongdoing or from blame : declare innocent.”

However, the ruling does not confer innocence on the president/defendant. What it does is to declare that a he or she cannot be prosecuted for any acts that are deemed to have been “official,” a vague term that has no strict definition in the law.

So the decision merely shields a president who breaks the law from prosecution under certain circumstances. It does not declare that he or she is innocent. In fact, that president can admit to being guilty and still suffer no legal consequences. Which Trump has actually done…

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Consequently, Trump’s assertion that the ruling “ENDS all of Crooked Joe Biden’s Witch Hunts against me” is manifestly false. All of Trump’s pending indictments (none of which were instigated by President Biden) remain in effect, although some modifications might be necessary to weed out any tangential matters that might be construed as “official.” The vast majority of the charges involve private acts related to his election campaign or his businesses. And even regarding the allegedly “official” acts, they may still be crimes for which he is guilty, even if this preposterous ruling prevents him from being prosecuted.

Trump’s exclamation of exoneration and innocence is typical of his refusal to accept responsibility for his criminality. In his toxically narcissistic mind he is a perfect being incapable of wrongdoing. And, sadly, his cult followers feel the same way. Which emboldens him to commit more crimes that he will say he is innocent of. Yet somehow the media isn’t covering him as the dangerous and mentally deficient candidate.


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One thought on “Total Insanity: Trump Says the Supreme Court’s Immunity Decision is a ‘Total Exoneration’

  1. It’s NOT and certain members of the court must PAY for their bulls**t ruling.

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