Fox News Anchor Wants Hunter Biden Arrested For Not Showing Up to the Hearing He Showed Up For

The 2024 election cycle may go down in history as the first Reality TV version of American democracy. That is due in no small part to the emergence of Donald Trump, the former Reality TV game show host who, by a fluke of the fatally flawed Electoral College, stumbled into the White House and has since refused to accept that he was emphatically evicted.

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Fox News, Bullshit Factory

The melodramas that have ensued in the aftermath of Trump’s MAGA movement are strikingly similar to the corny contrivances that were featured on many of the television farces that pretended to be “real.” And the most preposterous plots have been played out by Republicans in Congress who are so incompetent that they think that their flagrant fictionalizations of governing might actually pass for the real thing.

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In the latest episode of “The Real Louse Hives of Congress,” Republicans are seen staging a bitterly partisan hearing aimed at smearing President Biden and his family. House Oversight Committee Chairman, James Comer, presided over the panel as it considered whether to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for failing to comply with a subpoena.

For the record, Hunter did accept the Committee’s original request to appear for questioning in a public session. But then Comer reneged and insisted that a deposition be given behind closed doors. The only plausible reason for that change was so the GOP could spread lies about what occurred in the media before any transcripts were available.

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However, a funny thing happened on the way to the GOP’s circus. Hunter Biden sauntered into the hearing room and took a seat behind the witness table. His appearance created quite a stir among the Republican members, who weren’t particularly happy to see the target of their smear campaign confidently confront them as they conspired to slap a phony contempt charge on him.

Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz, challenged the nervous GOP members to take advantage of this opportunity and invite Hunter to take their questions right on the spot. They declined. Moskowitz also entered into the congressional record the subpoenas of several Republicans (Scott Perry, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs, & Kevin McCarthy) who all failed to comply with lawful subpoenas, but whom the GOP was not seeking to hold in contempt.

Naturally, The Republican’s Ministry of Disinformation, aka Fox News, stepped up to bolster the false narrative that Hunter was noncompliant. Fox News host, Harris Faulkner, interviewed a former assistant district attorney, Phil Holloway, and led with her suggestion that Hunter should be immediately placed under arrest. She did not get the response that she was likely hoping for.

Faulkner: Can they go arrest him at this point? As one of the congress-people called for, I believe it was Nancy Mace today?
Holloway: Yeah. I don’t know of any mechanism to do that. There’s no rush for…
Faulkner: For bucking the subpoena. They can’t go get him?
Holloway: Yeah. I mean, you gotta have, see the committee, it’s not like a court where if he shows – if you don’t show up for court, the judge can issue a warrant for failure to appear and send law enforcement to bring you in in handcuffs. Whether they have such a process, I don’t know, but, I think they’ve got to go through the subpoena process and excuse me, the the contempt process first.

Faulkner’s hunger for Hunter to be arrested was ludicrous. For one thing, he had not even been held in contempt at that point. Plus, why would they have to “go get him” when he was sitting right there, ready to be questioned?

The on-screen graphics that Fox News displayed were also notable. One said “Hunter Fled Contempt Hearing Amid GOP Questioning.” Of course, the news was that Hunter came at all. He stayed awhile to make his point, then calmly departed. The other chyron read “Hunter Crashes His Own Hearing in Shocking Stunt.” Which is especially ironic considering that the entire Republican hearing is what was actually the “shocking stunt.”

In the end, Republicans proved once again that they are hypocrites and cowards. They have no interest in having an honest inquiry. They are only interested in causing harm to their political foes. They have even admitted it publicly.


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