UH-OH: Even Fox News Rejects the GOP’s ‘Evidence’ to Impeach Biden as ‘Completely Unverified’

The Republican obsession with impeaching President Biden is reaching new heights of absurdity. While there remains precisely the same amount of evidence for such a move – ZERO – the GOP is accelerating their march toward an utterly unwarranted and unethical political charade.

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As the 2024 election season unfolds, Republicans are devoted to the issues foremost on the minds of the American people: boycotting Barbie, defending the twice impeached, twice indicted (so far), judicially confirmed rapist, Donald Trump, and impeaching Joe Biden. They have wholly abandoned the issues they ran on, such as anti-abortion laws, racist immigration policies, pandering to corporations and the wealthy, befouling the planet, and manufactured outrages against buzzwords like CRT, DEI, and “wokism.” So maybe the nation should be grateful that Republicans are too thickheaded to allow their minds to drift to matters that actually affect people’s lives.

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Republicans might not even be able pass an impeachment resolution against Biden. Some of their own members are reluctant to vote for it because they are in districts that Biden won. But GOP leadership has to appease their most ultra-MAGA faction. However, the GOP’s road to Biden’s impeachment has run into a bit of a sinkhole. The Republican Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) has altered the anti-Biden road map. On Wednesday’s episode of Fox and Friends, co-host Steve Doocy let some actual morsels of reality loose in the studio. During a segment about the prospect of the House impaneling a Biden impeachment inquiry, GOP House Squeaker Kevin McCarthy enumerated his feeble reasons for doing so…

“You’ve got IRS whistleblowers saying something when it comes to government treating the Bidens different. You’ve got an informant claiming that the Biden family had been bribed. Should you ignore that or should you investigate that? The only way you can investigate that is through an impeachment inquiry. So the committee would have the power to get all the documents that they would need.”

Never mind that everything McCarthy referred to is at best hearsay. Not a single bit of it has been verified. And even Doocy of Fox News recognized that, telling his “Curvy Couch” potato colleagues, and Fox’s viewers, that Republicans are pedaling disinformation…

“We’ve seen this movie a couple of times before. First step, impeachment inquiry. Almost always it leads to an impeachment. I’ve heard from members of Congress on the Republican side, they are going to, they’re going to do the ‘I’ word of Joe Biden … And they’re going to use the 1023 form as the basis for everything.

“Here’s the problem … The 1023 form makes a damning case against the Bidens, but it’s completely unverified. And in fact, there are certain critical parts of the story that have been refuted by the people in the story! So it’s problematic. So that’s why Kevin McCarthy says we need other stuff, more documents.”

Exactly! Doocy is virtually alone at Fox News in acknowledging the fact that Republicans – and everyone else at Fox News – are purposefully lying about their case against Biden. They are basing it entirely on an FBI form that is used to record raw, unverified data acquired from unnamed sources whose credibility may be suspect.

The FBI describes the FD-1023 as a document that “does not validate the information, establish its credibility, or weigh it against other information known or developed by the FBI [and that it] regularly receives information from sources with significant potential biases” In this case, the unnamed source referenced in the FD-1023 actually refutes the claims by made by Republican scandal mongers.

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What’s more, McCarthy is sorely uninformed about the role of Congress with regard to impeachment. It is not Congress’ job to investigate unfounded allegations. Their role is to consider whether facts brought out by qualified law enforcement investigations rise to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Not that Republicans care about any of that. They are focused solely on maligning Biden and other Democrats.

In fact, Shadow GOP House Speaker, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has already filed motions to impeach DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas, FBI Director Chris Wray, D.C. U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves, and Attorney General Merrick Garland. Before she’s through there will likely be similar resolutions for everyone from Vice-President Kamala Harris, to Commander, the White House dog. And after McCarthy pushes through the preposterous resolutions to “expunge” Trump’s impeachments, what makes them think Democrats won’t do the same for Biden when they take back the majority next year? Maybe they could even expunge Trump’s presidency.


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6 thoughts on “UH-OH: Even Fox News Rejects the GOP’s ‘Evidence’ to Impeach Biden as ‘Completely Unverified’

  1. Kevin McCarthy, and his lover and sex mate, Marjorie Traitor Goon are the damn piles of shit that really need to be impeached. This is nothing but a revenge pact by these traitorous misfits. Pres. Biden should just ignore this frivolous attempt of theirs. It’s a shame that these insane rabid animals are even allowed to even try this stunt. There should be a required test for anyone to run for office in our Federal Government. An IQ test, a psychiatric evaluation, and a social skills test to determine their qualification for Federal office. People like Marjorie Traitor Goon, Lauren Boebert, Kevin McCarthy, Matt Gaetz, Tommy Tuberville, Gym Jordan, Josh Hawley, and quite a few others wouldn’t be in our Congress and Senate if these test requirements were in place. These scumbags i named and the MAGAT extremists are obviously not fit to be in our Congress. AND, oh yes, TUMP would not have qualified to be anything, especially the office of President of the United States. Oh what a mess we make when we first practice to deceive.. That saying is the mantra of the Fascist GQP.

    • I keep reading things like, “Kevin McCarthy and his mistress Marjorie Taylor Greene…” By now I think there is enough evidence toward that conclusion.

      • I think there is evidence of that too. I have seen pictures of them with her head up next to his, and the loving remarks he has made about her. McCarthy said, a while back, ”I think so much of Marge, and i am going to take care of her.” Sounded pretty mushy to me. I would bet he is taking care of her alright, in more ways than one. YUK!!

        • I hope his wife (‘Mother’ I think he calls her) has heard all of this. From the “I’ll never leave this woman!” to the above ” I think too much of Marge. I am going to take care of her.” His homecoming might be a real reality shock for him. Maybe the fog will lift when he sees Empty is only in it for the $$ and the gavel.

          • This looney and vengeful person MTG isn’t qualified for anything except being a person that can sweep floors. She would probably not know how to do that. She is so dumb and stupid she couldn’t even qualify to be a clerk at and Dollarama store. She can’t even spell simple words. She is the most hateful and arrogant woman i have ever seen. She is a horrible insult to the great women in the world.

  2. Republicans have shown a willingness to weaponize government to gain a political edge, especially with groundless investigations in addition to a groundless impeachment. Democrats require actual evidence before either investigations or impeachments. Both parties are not the same.

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