Fox News Incites Race Riots: Creates Trayvon Martin Controversy From Unrelated Crime

Despite the seemingly constant stream of racist propaganda and rhetoric emanating from Fox News, they still manage to exceed their own repulsive standards with ever more dishonest and hateful distortions of the news. After publishing stories that blame Trayvon Martin’s demise on his clothing, and pictures that deliberately seek to put Trayvon in a negative light, Fox has rocketed to new heights of blatant prejudice and painfully perverse journalism.

In Mobile, Alabama, a white man was hospitalized from a beating by a group of African-Americans after a dispute over the use of the street for a game of basketball. The assault was inexcusably brutal and the police are searching for suspects who deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law. But that would not be a sufficiently sensational reaction for the twisted editors at Fox News. They published their stories on Fox News and Fox Nation this way:

Fox News Trayvon Mob

The facts of this crime are fairly clear. It was an extreme overreaction to a neighborhood argument that concerned only the parties involved. It had absolutely nothing to do with the incident in Florida last month where an unarmed teenager was shot to death while walking home from the market. The only connecting factor was the claim by the victim’s sister that she heard one person say “Now that’s justice for Trayvon.” There have been no other witnesses who have corroborated her account, but even if there were the only significance of it would be that one of the perpetrators was a jerk in addition to being a thug.

That’s not how Fox News sees it. Their headline at Fox Nation veritably declares that the hoodlums who committed the assault were a “Justice for Trayvon Mob,” as if it were a political statement emanating from the Florida incident. Nothing in the facts of this crime point to that in even the most remote sense. The headline on Fox News itself states matter-of-factly that the “mob invoked Trayvon.” However there is only one unconfirmed report that a single witness alleged that a single person brought Trayvon’s name into this. That hardly justifies associating the whole mob’s actions with Trayvon. Fox’s headline also implies that this should be designated a hate crime despite any evidence of that being the case.

The entire purpose of these overt distortions is to fuel racial animus directed at Trayvon Martin specifically, and to African-Americans generally. There is a stench of incitement in Fox’s words that suggest their desire to stir up other racially motivated crimes or even full-on race riots. It is horribly irresponsible for a so-called news enterprise to sink to these depths of cynicism and antagonism.

From the very beginning of the Trayvon Martin incident, Fox News has tried to advance the impression that African-Americans are animals on the verge of erupting into violence. Fox has suggested that riots would occur if George Zimmerman were not arrested, or if he were not convicted. The view at Fox is that African-Americans are incapable of respecting the progress of justice. And even when no riots ensue, Fox can sit back smugly and celebrate having created the impression that civil unrest was narrowly averted.

It’s a good thing that African-Americans (and most Americans in general) are far more civilized than the bigoted neanderthals at Fox. These brazen tactics are designed to manufacture potentially dangerous hostilities and are more at home in the quarters of Klans and racist militias. How Fox News gets away with this is unfathomable. Their audience should find it revolting and their peers in the press should speak out against this sort of noxious activism. Although it is unlikely to succeed, it certainly can’t help. This isn’t news, it’s hate speech.


21 thoughts on “Fox News Incites Race Riots: Creates Trayvon Martin Controversy From Unrelated Crime

  1. Oh yeah, Mark? What about that riot which erupted when Zimmerman was released on bail?


  2. How Fox News gets away with this is unfathomable. Their audience should find it revolting and their peers in the press should speak out against this sort of noxious activism.

    I believe that the audience would first be required to watch and listen to other news outlets or garner information about a subject from some outside source. They seem capable of only watching and firmly believing all that emanates from Fox as noted in the studies that show their viewership is consistently less informed. Why the more mainstream media doesn’t call out Fox~tracities, I can only speculate but something suggests to me that it has to do with money. I think they all secretly want to be like Fox and dominate the airwaves even if the ratings suggest otherwise.

    • years back, when I monitored Limbaugh, I heard him urge his listeners to get their news exclusively from him. He certainly knows how to play the dupes.

      • When you monitored a sad person daphne..I vote republican mainly, but I look at all candidates. Unfortunately there are zealots on the republican and democrat side. Both of them make me sick. Both of them are whats wrong with our political system. You Daphne & you Rob represent the ignorance in America. Unable to view a truth because it contradicts your small minded opinion. I read all sources then come up with my opinion. You totally dismiss the truth that Fox News shows. I dont agree with everything they throw out there or what CNN, CNBC, NBC throw out there either. That being said, you would never hear about a story like this from the others. Why? Why, do the things Fox reports never make the other news stations, yet every time a black man is assualted by a white person, its national news and outrage and there are always accusations of racism. Why not here? WHy are these types of stories not news worthy to NBC, CNBC, CNN?

        • The reason you don’t hear about stories like the one above anywhere but Fox is because THEY ARE NOT NEWS!

          The man above was victimized by some neighborhood thugs. The police responded to the incident and the legal system is taking its course. That’s the way these things are supposed to be handled. They happen hundreds of times every day and they are not generally national news. They can’t be given their frequency.

          The difference with Trayvon Martin is that the legal system DID NOT respond appropriately. The victim was left out to dry. That’s what made that story newsworthy. It was the failure of justice, not the specific crime. If Zimmerman had been arrested and an investigation commenced, that story would never have gone national.

          Legitimate news organizations don’t try to shape the news. Fox raises these unrelated stories in order to twist the discussion into something that has no bearing on the real issue. It is a deliberate distraction and racist at its core.

          • i agree with you to an extent. But you never answered my questions! You are right that hundreds of things happen all the time. Do you agree that Black on white hate crimes are pushed under the rug by the media? or am i just making stuff up?

  3. Are you serious? I dont think black americans are animals and i dont believe most white americans believe that either, but there is a large majority that dont respect the laws and system and people are always being told that the white man held them down. Thats crap! We all make our own choices (go to school, get good grades, respect the law, etc) and why should I pay or care if Joe didnt put the work in to be somebody, that being said there is still racism and its getting worse for blacks and whites. Do you expect people to ignore facts? If Zimmerman wasnt arrested there is no doubt in my mind rioting would have taken place. Also if Zimmerman isnt convicted, THERE WILL BE RIOTS EVERYWHERE!Only a black man in america with tons of priors can be set free from assaulting and killing a white person duy to angry black man syndrome. Thats Pathetic!

    • “If Zimmerman wasnt arrested there is no doubt in my mind rioting would have taken place. Also if Zimmerman isnt convicted, THERE WILL BE RIOTS EVERYWHERE!”

      Gee August, could you please be a little more racist? I’m not sure the Klan gets such subtlety.

      • Mark…You prove another point i have. If you disagree your labeled a racist. Let me tell you Mark. I grew up on the east side of Flint in a vary diverse neighborhood. I have dated black woman and some of my oldest and best friends are black. I have also allowed my children (daughter) to date black men. Mark, if i was a racist, iwouldnt associate with black people and I sure as hell wouldnt have consider them my brothers, date them or let my children date them. You cant have an opposing opinion in todays society without being labeled a racist like you called me Mark. You sir are ignorant, and those with your limited capacity to understand what racism is should go read a book, better yet a dictionary.

      • Mark, do you know any black people? Have you ever met one? I would assume not. ALL of my black friends and there are many. Agree with me As$%^&*e!

        • If you come back and say you are black: you are either a liar or a sellout or both. Either way take your Alternative Ed High School Diploma (if you even have one) and go learn something about racism and being a racist. Any one that has an opinion has a prejudice, so if you said I was prejudice you would be correct. If you said I have a prejudice about blacks you would be correct. But a racist? Never! ALL people have prejudices…but i believe you are either ignorant (extremely) or a racist yourself.

          • Its ok Mark…Some guys (white & black)from my old neighborhood have called me a Sellout…it happens! And i am

      • I cant believe a douchebag like you has pissed me off…My wife is retard asswhole

        • Because i am married to a mexican woman, does this mean i have to support illegal immagrants? Hell no i dont…Does it mean i am racist? In your ignorance, i am sure it does…Mark: Stupid is as stupid does! You cant argue with ignorance (Mark)

  4. a parting thought. Fox News has taken upon itself the role of balancing the news. The news is riddled with whites doing various things to blacks. Yet you never and I mean NEVER hear about the black crimes against whites. There is an agenda here my friend and you are ignorant to it. A large group of black youths (over 100) attacked white people specifically in wisconsin after a fair. Did you or anyone else hear about it? It wasnt even mentioned on CNBC, NBC, CNN, etc..Why? Also when I first saw the online article it said black youths attack fair goers, and 2 hours latter, the same article had been re-edited and any referance to blacks attacking whites was removed. This happened on the only 2 articles on line about this. Why? Fox may go overboard a little, but at least they give the other side!

  5. If you commit a crime you should pay the price..White or Black..Color of ones skin has no place in this world or the legal system, but unfortunately that is not the case. The Truth is: We are all one people! made up of different colors and characteristics. Our colors and characteristics have changed based on our environment and our position on earth in relation to the equator over thousands of years. People need to grow the F%$# up!

  6. The Trayvon Martin case has been getting more nuanced as time goes by. More evidence has come out (like the ABC News photo of Zimmerman’s bloody head) that, in my opinion, indicates the following: This prosecutor has overcharged big-time. They might be able to get a conviction on manslaughter, but not 2nd-degree murder. No way.

    And in the meantime, Mark continues his lying about Fox News being a racist network. Once again, you have no credibility.

  7. I am OUTING your fake ass Mark! You, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the other RACIST bastards like you, can hide in the open in todays society, praying on peoples fears and ignorance.

  8. LEARNING 101

    Racist / Racism : This is defined as a person who HATES someone because of there race (skin color), or DENIES someone something (lets say a job) just because they are of a different (or even the same) color.

    • DENIES someone something based SOLELY on there race (color). I left out SOLELY, Sorry.

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