Obama Surging Ahead Of Romney In Fox News Poll That Fox News Ignores

For additional evidence that Fox News is the PR agency for the Republican Party, note the feverishly excited treatment that Fox News gives to polling when the results favor Mitt Romney:

Fox Nation Polls

In the past two months Fox Nation has posted at least seven articles on election polling and every single one of them reported the results of polls that put Romney in the lead over President Obama. There were, of course, polls that had Obama leading, but the “fair and balanced” Fox Nationalists didn’t bother to report on those. Here are a few of the headlines from just April and May of this year:

  • Rasmussen Poll: Romney 50%, Obama 42%
  • Poll: Romney Beating Obama Among Women Voters
  • Poll: Romney Up Double Digits With Swing State Independents
  • NBC-WSJ poll: On economy, Romney Opens Up Lead Over Obama
  • Rasmussen Poll: Romney 48%, Obama 44%
  • Fox News Poll: Romney Edges Obama as Approval of President Drops
  • Two National Polls Show Favor For Romney

What makes this particularly interesting is that Fox News just released its own poll that showed the President pulling away from Romney. Obama leads in the Fox poll by 46% to 39%. But there was no mention of it on Fox Nation, and barely a mention of it on Fox News. So even when the poll was commissioned and paid for by Fox they bury the results if it looks good for Obama.

And it looks pretty darn good for Obama. Other results include a widening gender gap with women supporting Obama 55% to Romney’s 33%. Obama voters are far more satisfied with their candidate (74%) than are the Romney voters (59%) with theirs. That disparity could be because Obama’s supporters are backing him due to his job performance and positions (38%). Only 11% say they support him because “he isn’t Romney.” On the other hand, 43% of Romney’s supporters say they back him because “he isn’t Obama.” That sort of negative incentive from the Republicans often translates into low voter turnout.

There can be only one reason that Fox would so blatantly suppress these poll results. They obviously don’t want the public to be informed of the broad-based positive impression of the President that exists in the country. They have no problem publishing negative information about Obama. In just the past two days Fox published two stories that portrayed the Obama camp as worried about their allegedly dismal prospects. One article said that “Alarm Grows Among Dems About Obama’s Chances.” The other declared that “Team Obama Panics, and It’s Only May.” Both of those articles were analyses of recent election polls. But now that Fox’s own poll paints an entirely different picture, there is no corresponding article about how the Obama team is celebrating or how the Romney camp is panicking.

This is the way a public relations firm behaves on behalf of their client. And that is the best description of the relationship between Fox News and the Republican Party. It is 24/7 spin for GOP interests. And they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. When Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends introduced a segment on the Fox poll, he comforted the Fox viewers, before giving them the news that Obama was out in front, by inserting this little ray of hope, “If the election were held today – don’t worry they aren’t going to be…” Wasn’t it thoughtful of Doocy to be so concerned about the worries of the Fox audience?


12 thoughts on “Obama Surging Ahead Of Romney In Fox News Poll That Fox News Ignores

  1. This very poll was discussed on O’Reilly this week.


  2. Such unbiased professional journalism can only be found on Fox. You’re right they don’t even try to hide it anymore. They never really have. I seldom watch Fox so I don’t even know if they still run their ‘fair and balanced’ claim in their promos. If they do, that claim alone should be just cause for pulling their FCC license to broadcast on the public airwaves but that would only happen in a just society.

    • Yes, we silence whoever we don’t like in a just society – thanks for proving my point from several previous posts accusing you libs of exactly that goal.

      • You completely missed the point of what he said. Selling themselves as a ‘fair and balanced’ news channel while actually running a 24/7 political operation for the right shouldn’t be legal. If they instead embraced their bias and advertised it as such, that would be just fine. And don’t bother purposely missing the point of this reply, I won’t respond.

    • Randy, if you think Fox Nation is about journalism, you need to rethink your ideas about the subject.

      • Fox Nation is officially affiliated with Fox NEWS. Fox NEWS claims to be a fair and balanced NEWS organization. Why would a FAIR and BALANCED news organization have a blog site that is ONE-sided? Why not have Fox Nation Left and Fox Nation Right? Or a point-counterpoint style?

  3. Mark (from NewsCorpse): A study shows that for every four coffee drinkers there are 2.5 tea drinkers.

    Steve from York’s response: Liar! Gasoline is NOT a better lubricant than gravel! What a liberal, spreading your lies again.

    Daphne or Desdinova or Randy: Um Steve, we weren’t talking about lubricants or gravel; we were discussing morning drinks, and neither of those are lubricants anyway.

    Steve: (chirp chirp)

    • Excellent analogy. And Steve from York is right; several posts ago he did say liberals were in favor of censorship. And in response to those comments just like today, he did in fact miss the point. What he fails to see is liberals aren’t in favor of censorship. We are in favor of fox saying something credible.

  4. This shifting-results polling business reminds me of the adage: when you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask the question.

  5. We Independents, switch to FOX, or MSNBC, for an occasional glance to the extreem right or left view. One is Republican and the other supports Democrats. Neither put out the straight skinny without a spin. I refuse to watch FOX with their far right Christian fanatics and the lunatic tea bagger support. They do not represent the majority of Americans. We will go to the polls as never before , and shut down this destruction of the middle class by the Republicans.

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