Fox Nation In Feverish Panic To Digest News That Obamacare Is Constitutional

For the past several months, Fox News has been been struggling mightily to dismiss the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) as a blatant overreach of congressional and executive power. They have characterized it as a job-killing, deficit-raising, breach of constitutional law. They attempted to belittle President Obama, whose background as a professor of constitutional law was mocked by the hosts and guests on Fox.

Today was a nightmare come true for the right. Obama’s constitutional expertise was affirmed by the Supreme Court with a deciding vote provided by the conservative Chief Justice, John Roberts. Consequently, the weasels at Fox shifted into overdrive to fight back against this utterly devastating rebuke. By midday Fox Nation posted eighteen separate articles, all with negative appraisals of Obama and the Court’s decision.

Fox Nation on Obamacare Ruling

Some of the standouts include, “A Dark Day For Freedom,” “Obama Taunts Romney After Ruling,” “Palin: ‘Obama Lies, Freedom Dies” But without a doubt my personal favorite was the report of a tweet by the DNC’s Patrick Gaspard that said “It’s Constitutional, Bitches.” And then there was the story that Fox Nation posted with great alarm that the “Stock Market Drops After Obamacare Upheld.”

It should be noted that this story was published well before the markets had closed. At the time it was posted the market was indeed down about 160 points. The Fox Nationalists may not have considered that the drop might have something to do with economic news, including a report that the losses incurred by JPMorgan, previously said to be about $2 billion, were probably closer to $9 billion. They failed to make that observation even though the biggest losers on the DOW were banking stocks. But more importantly, by the time the markets closed they had rebounded to a trivial loss of only 24 points – a 140 point reversal.

By the logic that Fox was using, if a drop in stock prices was evidence that the business community was opposed to the Court’s decision, then the recovery minutes later is evidence that the market approves of the decision. But don’t expect to see that story on Fox. They are now fully engaged in their primary mission to destroy this presidency on behalf of the GOP and their wealthy, corporate constituency. It’s all downhill from here. Expect Fox to dial up the crazy as they encounter additional defeats, like the one today, on the road to November.


10 thoughts on “Fox Nation In Feverish Panic To Digest News That Obamacare Is Constitutional

  1. One of the unintended joys of the Court’s decision was watching/listening to heads explode at Fox News.

    • I would worry more about the “intended” consequence of reduced freedom. This isn’t a match between 2 sports teams – the only winners and/or losers are us in the end – and we (all of us) come out on the losing end this time.

      I’m not sure of the difference between Barak Obama and George W. Bush – they both seem to have no problem taking away our freedom and liberty “for our greater good”

      I wouldn’t be too happy if I was you.

      • And I wouldn’t worry about my happiness if i were you.

        • No surprise considering your obvious indifference to general freedom and liberty. You would probably have fit well into soviet society.

          • Yes, we’re crippled. Fewer people using emergency rooms for routine medical services that we all pay for anyway with increased premiums and higher taxes is a huge loss of freedom.

      • Steve, Congress passed the bill, the President signed the bill into law, and the Supreme Court upheld the bill as law. A conservative court, at that.

        Why do you hate the Constitution?

      • I think the difference is that under Bush, my taxes increased because I’m in a domestic partnership, people lost the right to passports, etc…

        …And under Obama, the reverse has happened.

        So I’m fairly certain Obama is much, much better on civil rights than Bush was or Romney will be.

      • I would love it if you would be specific.

  2. One of the funniest things I saw was a teabagger dumming up support to defeat Chief Justice Roberts when he stood for reelection in Nov. Second was Rand Paul saying just because the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional does not make it so.

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