Fox News Covers Up Mitt Romney’s Lies As Exposed By PolitiFact

Mitt Romney - Pathological LiarAnother example of the myriad means by which Fox News distorts reality on behalf of Republicans are the choices they make in what not to report as well as what to report dishonestly (which are the only two options considered by Fox reporters).

The truth detectors at PolitiFact are a favorite source of newsmaker evaluations to the folks at Fox Nation. In the past few months they have referenced the site repeatedly when seeking to defend the right and bash the left. After reading a few of the articles post by the Fox Nationalists, it would be fair to conclude that they hold PolitiFact in high regard:

  • Politifact Annihilates Harry Reid
  • Fact Check Destroys Pres. Obama’s Claim He Didn’t Raise Taxes
  • Fact Check Nails Maddow…Again
  • Pelosi Jobs Claim Skewered by Truth-o-Meter
  • PolitiFact Rates Jon Stewart’s Fox News Claims … False!
  • PolitiFact: Perry Did NOT Say Texas Wanted to Secede
  • Politifact: Perry Was NOT Al Gore’s TX Campaign Manager
  • Watchdog: Obama’s List of Kept Promises Is a Stretch
  • Politifact’s Lie of the Year 2011: ‘Republicans Voted to End Medicare’
  • Politifact Shreds MSNBC ‘Lean Forward’ Ad
  • PolitiFact: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is a Liar

Like many things in the political realm, the conclusions reached in some of those articles were debatable. PolitiFact has made its share of tortured appraisals that miss the mark. But, if nothing else, the list above proves that they are not the sort of knee-jerk leftists that conservatives think dominate the media.

Nevertheless, the Fox Nationalists are shamelessly selective in their use of material from PolitiFact. The day after the Supreme Court ruled that ObamaCare is constitutional, Mitt Romney spoke out against the decision in a litany of lies. PolitiFact posted reviews of a couple of points in Romney’s remarks and rated them both as false.

Romney's Lies

So despite a long track record of publishing PolitiFact’s findings, for some reason the Fox Nationalists declined to report on these obvious and deliberate falsehoods. It’s probably the same reason they have neglected to inform their audience of dimwits that Romney has been rated as untruthful 54 times by PolitiFact, and 13 of those were “Pants-on-Fire” lies. In fact, 40% of PolitiFact’s findings on statements by Romney are rated as untruthful.

If Fox actually had even a hint of aspiration to be fair and balanced, they would be reporting that Romney is as close to a pathological liar as anyone who has ever run for president. However, there is nothing stopping the rest of the media from reporting the truth about Romney’s compulsive dishonesty. But that’s another problem altogether (Liberal media my ass).


5 thoughts on “Fox News Covers Up Mitt Romney’s Lies As Exposed By PolitiFact

  1. I’m only surprised that more of those verbs didn’t contain elimination language.

  2. Well, the 2 comments made by Mitt Romney noted in this article are impossibly to confirm at this point because there is NO way to determine the impact of the new law. I’m not aware of any new entitlement that didn’t cost much more than promised – so all we have is historical data for unrelated legislation – not enough to confirm the accusation.
    He says what he says because he is fraud and he wants to scare conservatives into supporting him because he knows we may choose not to vote instead of voting for him – at least that is my take. I’m coming to terms with the fact that we may end up with another 4 horrible years of Barak Obama – but I’m done voting for the lesser of 2 evils candidate. I say we get what we deserve when we put someone in like Barak Obama or George W. Bush – we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  3. Romney’s greatest lie got rolling when he recruited helpers to cover up his responsibility for the death of Mrs. Leola Anderson in an automobile accident at Beaulac France.

    Romney’s lie asserts that a “drunk priest” named “Albert Marie, age 46” was speeding at “120 kph” on a “mountain road” and “swerved” out of lane hitting Romney’s Citroen.

    We have contacted the other driver, Bishop Jean-Felix-Albert-Marie Vilnet. He is familiar as a former president of the Council of Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church in France.

    Romney says N524 is a “2-lane” roadway. At the intersection with Rue de la Poste it is three lanes. (Concrete traffic separators were added after 1968 preventing repetition of Mr. Romney’s blunder.) He went head-on into the southbound Left Turn lane. That carelessness killed Mrs. Anderson, 57.

    Lying about this death with recruited assistance for 44 years and with faked press coverage and a spoofing biography (“The Real Romney”) is beyond the PolitiFacts pants-on-fire description — this is a soul on fire and not in a good way. No one in the history of American politics, with possible exception of Aaron Burr, has conjured such an in-depth self-serving and dishonest scheme.

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